• Riding Lacrosse Wave, Association Waives Youth Fees

    by Ashby, David March 2014

    The fastest-growing sport in the United States right now is also its oldest: lacrosse.

  • Rigor of AAU Basketball's Player Development Questioned

    by Bob Cooney February 2014

    Is the way of AAU youth basketball part of the reason why professional talent seems a bit thin right now? Could the AAU game be doing more harm than good in the development of players?

  • Little League Reaps $80K from MLB Star's 2012 Pledge

    by ELIZABETH BEHRMAN; Tribune staff February 2014

    Evan Longoria's successful 2012 season is bringing much-needed upgrades to the Belmont Heights Little League fields.

  • City Council Wary of 'Penny for Parks' Funding Plan

    by Ray Gronberg, February 2014

    DURHAM - Advocates for a "penny for parks" tax earmark will have trouble assembling a City Council majority for it this year, judging from the reactions of some key members on Thursday. Critically, Councilwoman Diane Catotti voiced skepticism, saying she has other priorities at the moment for city funding. Even if she comes around to supporting a parks earmark, "it wouldn't be at the full penny," she said. She spoke after Mayor Bill Bell, reiterating comments he made last summer, said he's not particularly inclined to spend money on new park projects.

  • Volleyball Tournament to Occupy 67 Courts in Two Cities

    by Marc Pendleton February 2014

    The 14th annual Presidents' Cup girls volleyball tournament will be held throughout the area on Saturday and Sunday. Tournament director Howard Garcia said AAU teams from seven states and Canada will converge on the Dayton metro area.

  • Cardio Tennis: Fun, Fast-Paced Fitness Set to Music

    by Debbie Juniewicz February 2014

    A Cardio Tennis class at Quail Run Racquet Club in Sugarcreek Twp. In Cardio Tennis, it's not about winning the game, set or match - it's about raising your heart rate, breaking a sweat and having a good time. "It's high energy tennis with music," said Dave Phillips, director of tennis at KTC Quail Tennis Club. "Lots of energy and lots of fun."

  • Effort to Bring Little League Closer to Black Community

    by Tommy Braswell; February 2014

    Willie Powell is on a crusade to bring youth baseball back to his hometown. Powell, who grew up in Moncks Corner and still lives there, wants to establish a Little League Baseball program in the black community.

  • Fundraising Trend Features Actual Miles in Virtual Races

    by Samantha Melamed; Inquirer Staff Writer February 2014

    A couple of years and 130 pounds ago, Andy Aubin had reached his tipping point. The 36-year-old Hatboro resident, known to friends as "Big Andy" for his 330-pound heft, knew he had to make a drastic lifestyle change. He decided to document his progress in that most public of venues: the Internet. He picked up two hobbies - running and blogging - and found a new, virtual fitness community along the way.

  • Only 37 Percent of Teens Combat Stress with Exercise

    by Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY February 2014

    U.S. teens feel high levels of stress that they say negatively affects every aspect of their lives, a new national survey suggests. More than a quarter (27%) say they experience "extreme stress" during the school year, 13% in the summer. And 34% expect stress to increase in the coming year.

  • Park District Begins Offering CrossFit Instruction

    by Karen Stoychoff Inman February 2014

    Arlington Heights area residents need to look no further than the Arlington Heights Park District to experience the top fitness trend of 2014.