• Boeheim to Use Brown Example During NCAA Appeal

    by The Buffalo News October 2015

    Syracuse University men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim will meet with the NCAA's Infractions Appeals Committee on Monday in Indianapolis, according to a report by ESPN's Andy Katz that surfaced on Wednesday night.

  • Georgia Football's Title Drought Tied to 'Tighter Ship'

    by Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, USA TODAY Sports October 2015

    Draw a 350-mile circle around this idyllic college town, and within it you'll find seven college football programs that have won a combined 14 national titles since the last time the Georgia Bulldogs reached the pinnacle in 1980. Florida and Florida State have done it with two different head coaches. Clemson and Auburn have had turns at the top, the latter winning with a quarterback who grew up in Georgia's backyard. Tennessee's championship in 1998 was the culmination of a decade-long domination over Georgia, and Alabama has become college football's pre-eminent program over the last decade, directly denying the Bulldogs a chance at the 2012 Bowl Championship Series title game. Even Georgia Tech, with far fewer resources and a significantly smaller fan base, has a shared title as recently as 1990.

  • TSSAA to Consider Background Checks for Refs

    by Sam Brown The Tennessean September 2015

    Following the suspension of football official Kyle Gill by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association on Wednesday, the TSSAA announced that it will add background checks for referees to the agenda for its Nov. 12 board meeting.

  • Tennessee: No Guns at School Events, Even Private Property

    by Dave Boucher The Tennessean September 2015

    People can’t bring guns to a church, religious entity or private school if that property is being used for a school event, according to a new opinion from Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery.

  • Briles 'Embarrassed' by Baylor Assistant's Rule Violation

    by Spokane Spokesman-Review September 2015

    Baylor football coach Art Briles said Monday he was embarrassed to find out that one of his assistant coaches was on the sideline during an Oklahoma home game, the second potential NCAA rules violation by his staff to be disclosed in as many weeks. Briles (pictured) said he wasn't aware beforehand that passing game coordinator Jeff Lebby, who is also his son-in-law, was going to be at the Sooners' game against Tulsa. "If I had been aware, that situation would have never happened," Briles said. "It's embarrassing to me, quite honestly." When he found out, Briles said he called Oklahoma coach Bob Stoopsand apologized. Stoops alluded to an NCAA rule that prohibits off-campus, in-person scouting of future opponents. "That seems to be ... a pretty fundamental rule. That's not allowed, so I don't know what he was doing here," Stoops said. - AP

  • Former NCAA Player Profiting from Emmert's Likeness

    by Andrew Carter September 2015

    Caleb Pressley found himself this week in Gatlinburg, where he was “chilling,” he said, and spending at least a small part of his time wondering whether Mark Emmert might sue him at some point in the relatively near future.

  • District to Review How Gymnasium Use Is Allocated

    by Julie Becker,, Germantown-Menomonee Falls Now September 2015

    After reviewing facility use waiver requests from two basketball groups, the Germantown school board expressed concern about whether the groups' requests for frequent use of multiple gymnasiums in the district would prevent other groups from utilizing the spaces.

  • K-State Announces Sanctions, Will Pay Fine to Big 12

    by Luke Ranker. September 2015

    The sanctions follow notification from the Big 12 Conference that the halftime show during Saturday's game against South Dakota may have violated the organization's sportsmanship and ethics policies, the school announced Tuesday.

  • TSSAA Tightens Student-Athlete Transfer Rules

    by John Varlas September 2015

    The TSSAA ’s legislative council voted to approve an amendment designed to tighten up existing transfer rules for high school athletes during a session Sept. 1 in Murfreesboro. The addition states, “If a student with an athletic record transfers into a new school where an ‘athletic coaching link’ existed in the past 12 months, that student is ineligible for 12 months at all levels in the specific sports where the link was present.”

  • Football Baptisms Revive Religion-in-Schools Debate

    by Eric Stirgus, Ty Tagami; Staff September 2015

    An ongoing investigation into a recent baptism by some high school football players on their field has reignited an ongoing debate about the role of religion in youth sports and in schools.