• Utah Board Approves New Rule for Prep Transfers

    by Amy Donaldson December 2016

    The Utah State Board of Education's new rule requires a yearly audit of the Utah High School Activities Association and creates a new type of appeal process that will review decisions made by the association's hearing panels.

  • Could Less-Sure PATs Alter Strategy for NFL Teams?

    by Khadrice Rollins December 2016

    When the NFL moved the line of scrimmage for extra point attempts back to the 15-yard line in May 2015, making PAT kicks 33-yards, Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant said it was just part of the job and that he had to make sure he approached those tries like he did all his others.

  • Spreadsheet Earns Harvard Cross Country 'Athletic Probation'

    by Jason Scott December 2016

    The Harvard men’s cross country team was placed on “athletic probation” after an internal review found that members of the 2014 team had made “crude and sexualized statements” about that year’s women’s team on an online spreadsheet, according to the Boston Globe.

  • College Basketball Rule Changes Boosted Scoring

    by Nicole Auerbach December 2016

    Considering that last season's changes resulted in a higher-scoring, faster-tempo game on average, many involved in college men's basketball think these rules and officiating changes are worth the growing pains.

  • MLB Debates International Draft, Other Issues

    by Ronald Blum November 2016

    Negotiators for baseball players and owners are meeting this week in Irving, Texas, in an attempt to reach agreement on a collective bargaining agreement to replace the five-year contract that expires Thursday.

  • Should State Set Rules on HS Athlete Transfers?

    by Amy Donaldson November 2016

    The debate about changing the way student athletes are allowed to transfer between high schools took a complicated turn last week. The Utah State School Board wants to know if the 140 schools that make up the Utah High School Activities Association support a rule proposed by the board that would significantly change eligibility rules associated with the transfer of student athletes from one high school to another. But now many in the association are pushing back and questioning whether the State School Board should even be involved in making rules governing athletics. It might not be considered a mutiny, but there are heated discussions among those inside the group that's governed high school athletics for nearly 90 years.

  • Parent-Volunteers Take AYSO to Court Over DQ

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    Earlier this month, parent-volunteers for the Ventura (Calif.) Fighting Yams, a U-10 boys' soccer team, testified in the Ventura County Superior Court against the American Youth Soccer Organization in protest of the team’s disqualification from the 2016 season playoffs for failing to meet the minimum requirement for weekly referee points.

  • NHL Goalie Suspicious of League's 'Concussion Spotter'

    by Brett Cyrgalis November 2016

    The league put the rule in place this summer in hopes of protecting the players from themselves. As has so often been the case, a player with a concussion will convince himself he is fine, and then convince the trainer he is fine. It is difficult for a trainer to pull someone out and possibly affect the outcome of the game dramatically.

  • HS Postseason Ban Overturned After Eligibility Hearing

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    On Tuesday, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association called for a hearing to investigate the eligibility of Wayne Hills varsity football players Hunter and Tyler Hayek. Claims of ineligibility were based on the assertion that the brothers transferred to the Wayne Hills school district in October of last year without registering a suitable change of residence. Evidence to these claims was provided by driver’s licenses showing a previous address in Woodland park, and a voter registration for the boys’ father under the same outdated address.

  • Colorado FB Coaches Call for Playoff Ranking Reform

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    After a new ranking system produced an unlikely playoffs roster, high school coaches across the state of Colorado are looking to the Colorado High School Activities Association for revision in 2017.