• In Georgia, Satellite Camps a Touchy Topic for Coaches

    by Michael Carvell; Staff June 2014

    Georgia State football coach Trent Miles sought out Georgia's Mark Richt and Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson to discuss the hot topic of satellite camps at Tuesday's Peach State Pigskin Preview media event. And it's still a touchy subject.

  • Lacrosse Coach's Stall Strategy Endorsed by NHIAA

    by Greg Fennell Valley News Staff Writer June 2014

    The stall heard 'round New Hampshire took a relative blink of an eye to be resolved in Hanover High girls lacrosse coach Chris Seibel's favor. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association on Monday verified Seibel's belief that officials erred in warning the Marauders against holding the ball for lengthy periods of time during Saturday's 18-11 loss to Windham at Merriman-Branch Field.

  • Use of Satellite Camps as Recruiting Tool on the Rise

    by Dick Harmon Deseret News June 2014

    What of these satellite college football camps? It's a strategic recruiting move by Notre Dame and Penn State that's stuck in the craw of SEC schools. It's also a novel idea that schools like BYU hope to take advantage of through brand exposure and personal evaluation of players without having them on campus. At the SEC's spring meetings, the topic of satellite camps popped up because the big daddy league prohibits member schools like Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee from participating in camps more than 50 miles from their campuses.

  • College Football Playoff Could Regionalize Officiating

    by Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    National college football officiating coordinator Rogers Redding told USA TODAY Sports on Monday that he'll select officiating crews for College Football Playoff games using a similar process as he did for games under the Bowl Championship Series banner.

  • Senator: Open Sexual Predator Files to Kids Groups

    by Amber Sutherland June 2014

    Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing legislation to allow children's organizations such as the Boy Scouts to access the federal criminal histories of prospective staffers.

  • American Indians Disagree on Embattled 'Redskins' Name

    by Zac Boyer, THE WASHINGTON TIMES June 2014

    Part of the reason the adaptation of American Indian imagery in athletics, especially the Redskins, has remained contentious is that there is no consensus among those who seemingly should be honored or offended.

  • College Football Coaches Seek Early Signing Period

    by By Lya Wodraska The Salt Lake Tribune June 2014

    The challenge of recruiting college football players has become as much about holding onto athletes who have committed to a program early in the recruiting period as it is about swaying those who remain undecided late in the process.

  • Cobb: Rules Followed During Braves Stadium Hearings

    by Dan Klepal, Katie Leslie, Brad Schrade; Staff June 2014

    Cobb Commission chairman Tim Lee said he had heard enough debate on the county's plan to build the Atlanta Braves a new stadium --- so much that he didn't feel obligated to prolong the decision any longer when it came time to cement nearly $400 million in public financing Tuesday night.

  • UC Irvine May Again Open Baseball Facility to 'Superfan'

    by Kim Pierceall STAFF writer, The Orange County Register June 2014

    The tale of UC Irvine's "Superfan" has gone national with the Wall Street Journal weighing in on its front page, turning the long-haired fanatic with a "No. 1" finger pointed to the sky into one of its famous dotted images.

  • Group Advocates for UNC Academic Whistleblower

    by Wes Platt; 919-419-6684 May 2014

    The leader of a national whistleblower advocacy group has asked Tom Ross, president of the University of North Carolina System, to delve into allegations of mistreatment by learning specialist Mary Willingham.