• Pac-12 Presidents Lobby Peers, Push for More Autonomy

    by Bruce Pascoe Arizona Daily Star May 2014

    With major college conferences hoping to gain autonomy to make changes to the NCAA model in August, Pac-12 presidents have proactively sent a letter of proposals to their peers in the other four major conferences.

  • Voters Block Health Club Owner's Purchase of School

    by Thomas J. Prohaska; News Niagara Reporter May 2014

    The owner of Ultimate Physique said Wednesday he was "flabbergasted" that Lockport City School District voters rejected his planned purchase of Washington Hunt Elementary School.

  • Prep Coach Accused of Recruiting Can Return to Team

    by Tony Baranek May 2014

    Tony Smith will return as the girls basketball coach as well as a health and driver's education teacher at Homewood-Flossmoor, it was confirmed Wednesday by Jodi Bryant, the director of human resources and public relations at the school.

  • Columnist: At Florida State, Glory But No Guts

    by Christine Brennan,, USA TODAY Sports May 2014

    Were Jameis Winston a fourth-string punter rather than a first-string quarterback, he almost certainly would have long since been kicked off the Florida State football team, probably for good. Instead, the Heisman Trophy-winning problem child is being protected by his university and athletics department for the worst reason possible. He is being coddled because of what he can do for them. He brought the school the Heisman and a national title last year, and who knows what goodies he can tack on this coming season. The school's leaders are unabashedly using him, hoping he stays one step ahead of the law long enough to win them more games this coming season. Sounds harsh? You bet it does. But we all know it's true. How else do we explain a university almost completely abdicating its duties under the law involving the handling of a sexual assault case, much less the care and education of a young man who just turned 20 in January?

  • Minnesota's Strict Hockey Rules Now National Standard


    Minnesota high school hockey's tougher rules to make the game safer will now be a national standard. The changes, which begin with the 2014-15 season, govern play in 17 states that offer hockey.

  • New Rules Hold Celebrating Dayton Students Accountable

    by Jessica Heffner Staff Writer May 2014

    The University of Dayton is implementing new rules in the wake of the chaotic and sometimes violent celebrations there in March that resulted in 32 arrests and nine police officers being injured.

  • Girls' Basketball Schedule Shift Rankles Some Coaches

    by Greg Jones May 2014

    The IHSAA's decision to move the girls basketball schedule back a week has produced a ripple effect of complaints, mainly from smaller schools and girls basketball coaches around the state who see the move as the first step in possibly forcing multisport athletes to choose one sport - in particular volleyball or girls basketball.

  • Wisconsin HS Cross Country Girls to Run 5K, As Boys Do

    by MARK STEWART, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) May 2014

    It's official. The WIAA will move its girls cross country races to 5, 000 meters beginning next season.

  • Smoking Ban to Start with Parks Used Mostly for Athletics

    by Patrick O'Grady, Valley News Correspondent May 2014

    Claremont - Rather than ban smoking at all city recreational facilities, including Arrowhead and the surrounding trail system and forest, Moody Park and the Sugar River Recreation Trail, the City Council agreed with the recommendation of Police Chief Alex Scott to focus on the parks used mostly for athletic activities.

  • Northwestern AD: Athletes Deserve Vote on Own Welfare

    by Super User May 2014

    Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips says college athletes need more than just a voice when it comes to issues that affect them. They need a vote.