• The Purists' Plunge

    by Paul Steinbach September 2009

    When U.S. Olympic swimming legend Mark Spitz spoke at the 2008 Athletic Business Conference, he told a decades-old story about how coaches from the Soviet Union had once asked Spitz why he wore a mustache in competition. At the time, he knowingly relayed the falsehood that the facial hair reduced drag in the water. By the next international competition, every Russian swimmer sported a 'stache. Such was the level of gamesmanship in 1970s aquatics.

  • Meanwhile, Over at the State-Run Lottery…

    by Andrew Cohen August 2009

    As a side note on the whole Delaware sports betting issue…I lost a little more than $2,000 betting on sports online (back when it was legal to do so) over a four-year period. The money went to Jamaica - most, probably, to a scumbag casino owner who wasn't even Jamaican, but some portion of it went to the people who answered the phones, the people who set the odds, the people who cleaned their modest offices. If it were an option to wager on sports here in the U.S., I'm sure I would take advantage of the opportunity. My money would stay here, and the sports book would be taxed and licensed, and if I were ever lucky enough to win (fat chance), I'd pay taxes on the winnings.

  • Study: Recycled Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf Poses No Health Threat

    by Michael Popke August 2009

    A New York study claims recycled crumb rubber in synthetic turf poses no threat, but the EPA has yet to weigh in.

  • Bet You're Wondering What the Big Deal Is

    by Andrew Cohen August 2009

    If you make a bet on an NFL contest - let's say you're in Las Vegas on a business trip, and you visit the casino's sports book and put $110 on the New England Patriots to cover the 10 and a half points against the Bills in their season opener - do you think your actions could somehow compromise the result of the game? If enough of you and your drinking buddies put money on the Patriots, will the bookmaker make a quick call to the referee, asking for a phantom holding call or two to keep the Bills in it? Or to a Patriots running back, asking him to fumble at a key moment, allowing the Bills to escape with a mere nine-point loss?

  • New Regulations, Formulations Change Gym Floor Coating Game

    by Nicholas Brown August 2009

    New environmental regulations and more sophisticated polymer formulations have combined to change the gym floor coating game.

  • Legislation Stemming from High School Football Player's Death Affects Kentucky Coaches

    by Michael Popke May 2009

    Legislation stemming from a high school football player's death has coaches in Kentucky heading to summer school.

  • Winning with Asthma Coach's Clipboard Program Available

    by Paul Steinbach May 2009

    The "Winning with Asthma" Coach's Clipboard Program is a free online educational tool that not only explains asthma's causes and symptoms, but lays out strategies for dealing with the disease.

  • Title IX Cases Warn Administrators to Address Facilities Disparities

    by John T. Wolohan April 2009

    Recent Title IX cases demonstrate that administrators must take a close look at their facilities and immediately begin to correct any disparities.

  • Court Determines that Interscholastic Sports Participation Is Privilege, Not Right

    by John T. Wolohan April 2009

    Another court determines that participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right.

  • Bill Would Mandate Title IX Surveys in All New Mexico Schools

    by Andrew Cohen March 2009

    Alleged gender inequity in four New Mexico school districts has spurred state lawmakers to consider surveying all districts to uncover any Title IX issues.