• NFL Teams Irked By Poor Officiating

    by Jarrett Bell November 2016

    It's open season on the NFL. Again. "Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous," Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan said Monday night after an ugly sequence that ended the first half of his team's loss to the Seattle Seahawks. He was actually being rather nice with his remarks, having already exploded on the sideline after referee Walt Anderson and his crew failed to flag Seattle's Richard Sherman with unnecessary roughness for plowing into Buffalo kicker Dan Carpenter -- and then compounded the matter with shabby game administration that led to a delay-of-game penalty and an ensuing missed field goal.

  • NCAA Tweaks Basketball Timeout Rules

    by Associated Press November 2016

    LAS VEGAS - The NCAA altered its timeout rules before the 2015-16 season, making it so coaches could no longer call one in live-ball situations. The rule was designed to help speed up play and shift the emphasis of the game to the players.

  • HS Team Sanctioned for Academically Ineligible Player

    by Molly Bloom November 2016

    Grady High School's championship boys basketball program is on "severe warning status" this season after allowing an academically ineligible student to play for the team last year.

  • College, HS Coaches Split on Early Signing Day Proposal

    by Jodie Wagner November 2016

    Last month, the NCAA's Division I Council submitted a proposal that would create two early signing periods for football recruits.

  • Y Diabetes Prevention Program OK'd, Despite Objections

    by Jayne O'Donnell November 2016

    Federal regulators will move ahead with a national test of Medicare coverage for a YMCA diabetes prevention program over the objections of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Death Brings New Scrutiny to HS Sideline Restrictions

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    Recent events and a history of near-misses has high schools taking a hard look at their sideline regulations and who really needs to be standing there. During a game last month between Scranton (Ohio) Prep and Valley View, coach and statistician Anthony Cantafio of Scranton Prep fell and hit his head on an asphalt track circling the field when a Valley View football player was run out of bounds. He was rendered unconscious and later died from the injury.

  • Move to Have Forfeits Overturned Could Impact Playoffs

    by Marc Pendleton November 2016

    Dunbar High School is pursuing an injunction in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court to overturn the Ohio High School Athletic Association's ruling that two of its games be forfeited.

  • Opinion: Sometimes, Ties Are Appropriate Outcome

    by Martin Rogers October 2016

    The NFL universe is ready to get uptight again -- just like it did a week ago -- and for the very same reason. Something terrible happened Sunday: There was a tie! The Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals, just like the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals before them, got locked together on 27 points and couldn't free themselves before the clock ran out. Shock, horror and a quick rush to the rule book. Get that thing changed. This is an American sport (even if the game occurred in London). Ties, unless it is that bolo tie that Philip Rivers sports on occasion, have no place.

  • Female Athlete Refuses Testing, Denied Membership

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    Allison Rogers, 13, of Ethical Culture Fieldstone School in New York, has been denied a second season on her middle school football team because she refuses to retake a series of fitness tests required by New York state for participation in mixed-gender sports — required for girls, that is.

  • LHSAA Suspends Coaches, Vacates Wins for HS Team

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    After receiving an anonymous tip concerning the eligibility of several student-athletes on the Belaire High School football team, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association conducted an investigation which resulted in both disciplinary and administrative probation. The consequences include a $2,000 fine, suspensions for two coaches and five retroactive forfeits for the Belaire Bengals.