• Opinion: NCAA Should Enforce Student-Athlete Rules

    by Mike Jensen; Inquirer Columnist March 2014

    No more two-a-days. That's one suggestion to help put the student in student-athlete. The NCAA has legislation on the books calling for no more than 20 hours a week involved in any "athletically-related activities." How about enforcing it?

  • No Fun League: Rare Crossbar Dunk Celebrations Banned

    by Bart Hubbuch March 2014

    OWNERS MEETINGS ORLANDO, Fla. - The No Fun League strikes again. Much to the dismay of players and fans alike, the owners sprung a surprise Tuesday by voting to ban dunking the ball over the crossbar as a post-touchdown celebration.

  • In Connecticut, Public vs. Private School Debate Rages On

    by Chris Hunn March 2014

    In all, magnet and parochial schools won five of the 11 state titles on the line in basketball and hockey this past weekend. That leads back to the never-ending argument: should these schools be in a league of their own?

  • Background Check Stops USF from Hiring Hoops Coach

    by JOEY JOHNSTON; Tribune staff March 2014

    USF was forced to kill the deal with Manhattan College coach Steve Masiello due to a previously undetected discrepancy in his background check, a source close to the coaching search told The Tampa Tribune.

  • Tuesday Takedown: Judgmental Gym Sends Wrong Message

    by Dennis Van Milligen March 2014

    It has been quite a week for the "Judgment Free Zone" national gym chain known as Planet Fitness, which made national headlines for being the exact opposite. Both Tarainia McDaniel and Tiffany Austin managed to wander outside that aforementioned judgment free zone recently, being told by their respective Planet Fitness gyms how they should dress.

  • Woman Who Repaid $90K Youth Hockey Theft Gets Jail

    by James Staas News Staff Reporter March 2014

    A Depew woman who repaid the $90,000 she embezzled from a youth hockey club and its donors to support her gambling addiction was sentenced Monday to weekends in jail for four months followed by five years' probation and 500 hours of community service.

  • Texting Scandal: Panel to Monitor Coatesville Schools

    by Michaelle Bond; Inquirer Staff Writer March 2014

    The state's civil rights commission will be monitoring the Coatesville Area School District to make sure it keeps its promises to be more transparent and equitable in the wake of the texting scandal that showed the district needs help being both, the commission said in a report Monday.

  • High School Gives Coach 'Second Chance' After DUI

    by Jesse Smithey March 2014

    Sweetwater High School reinstated Craig Moser as football coach last week. Rex Rhodes, the school’s athletic director, confirmed the decision to the News Sentinel by phone Thursday. Moser missed the 2013 season after he stepped down in late July following a July 26 arrest for driving under the influence.

  • Fallout Expansive in Grady HS Football Eligibility Fraud

    by Mark Niesse; Staff March 2014

    The use of ineligible players on Grady High School's football team has resulted in several school employee resignations, suspensions and reassignments, Atlanta Public Schools said Friday. No employees were fired.

  • Planet Fitness Clarifies Corporate Policy on Head Scarves

    by Scott Sandlin, Journal Staff Report March 2014

    The corporate office of Planet Fitness in New York issued a statement Thursday saying that while it cannot comment on pending ligation regarding one of its franchise gyms, the company policy accommodates head coverings worn for religious purposes.