• Couple Jailed in Student-Athlete Transfer Case

    by Danielle Battaglia May 2016

    The investigation into the fraudulent documents also led the North Carolina High School Athletic Association to strip Eastern Alamance High School of 28 victories and forced the school to repay $19,000 in playoff gate receipts.

  • Complications Likely if Undrafted Players Return to School

    by Jay Clemons May 2016

    What's the downside of letting undrafted juniors or draft-eligible sophomores return to school — assuming they never signed with an agent, accepted money from prospective agents and were in good standing with a university before declaring?

  • Transfer Trend Concerns College Coaches

    by Andrew Miller May 2016

    It's a growing trend in college basketball; 2,000-plus college basketball players have changed schools over the last three years. Nearly 850 players made the move last year.

  • Ole Miss: Tunsil Texts Likely Real, Probe Continues

    by Daniel Paulling May 2016

    Ole Miss believes the alleged text message conversations between former offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and director of football operations John Miller are real, but the school is still investigating whether screenshots of those messages were altered before being posted online, ESPN reported Thursday.

  • MLB Investigating Red Sox Over Foreign Players

    by Brian MacPherson May 2016

    Major League Baseball is investigating the procedure by which the Red Sox signed multiple players from Venezuela in the most recent international signing period, Baseball America reported Wednesday. A Major League Baseball source did not confirm or deny the investigation other than to say that such investigations are routine to ensure rules are being followed. The Red Sox declined comment through a team spokesperson. Penalties if a violation is found could include fines, suspensions and further spending restrictions. According to the Baseball America report, Major League Baseball is investigating whether the Red Sox tried to circumvent strict limitations on their international spending through so-called “package deals” — signing multiple players out of the same training program in order to funnel more bonus money than permitted to a specific target. Such arrangements, according to a league source, are expressly prohibited.

  • Schools Want Way to Welcome Back Undrafted Athletes

    by Tom D'Angelo May 2016

    Of the 107 underclassmen who forfeited their final year of college football eligibility to enter last month's NFL draft, 30 were not selected. That number will be even greater following next month's NBA draft. The league received 117 letters from players wishing to enter the draft before their college eligibility expired. Yet, the draft consists of two rounds -- 60 selections -- of which many will be seniors and international players.

  • State Pitch-Count Rule's Impact on Prep Baseball

    by Brent W. New May 2016

    The theory behind Colorado's first-year high school pitching limitations rule is simple: High pitch counts have been put on ice, so fewer young arms have to be.

  • Virginia Approves 30-Point HS Basketball Mercy Rule

    by Lee Tolliver May 2016

    The Princess ANNE girls basketball team crushed opponents with alarming regularity last season, winning 21 games by more than 30 points. Next season, such games likely won’t last quite as long.

  • HS Softball Team Forfeits Wins, Still Top Tournament Seed

    by Ward Gossett May 2016

    Polk County's softball team was informed by the TSSAA that it played an ineligible player all season. However, after having to forfeit all 29 games this year, the District 5-AA regular-season champion will remain as the top-seeded team for the district tournament. Junior Kallie Hawkins, primarily Polk's starting catcher this season, is a transfer from Bradley Central. The TSSAA was recently alerted that she had no change of residence or custody. Then after an investigation, Hawkins was ruled to be ineligible.

  • Florida State Group Proposes Ban on Headdresses

    by Tom D'Angelo May 2016

    Florida State's student government passed a resolution that would discourage Seminoles fans from wearing Native American headdresses at sporting events and is asking the university administration to consider wearing headdresses be viewed as a violation of the student code of conduct.