• Ex-Coach Cleared of Allegation of Playing Injured Athlete

    by Chris Thomas, Knoxvielle News-Sentinel December 2014

    Former Powell football coach John Allen was placed on administrative suspension from coaching with pay on Oct. 17 amid allegations that he "unnecessarily" placed students at risk of injury.

  • UGA Avoids Probation for NCAA Rule Violation

    by Ken Sugiura; Staff December 2014

    Georgia's swift and decisive reaction to initial reports that swim coach Jack Bauerle may have violated NCAA rules resulted in a relatively favorable outcome when the infractions committee issued its final ruling Tuesday.

  • Committee Responds to Skewed Voting Accusations

    by AB Staff December 2014

    After an exhaustive investigation, Athletic Business’ Committee on Voter Compliance has discovered proof that more than 100,000 votes cast on behalf of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field were done so using an automated voting script. Therefore, AB has deemed Kyle Field ineligible from the 2014 College Facility Playoff effective immediately.

  • Football Realignment Set for Four Years, Barring Appeal

    by Anthony Chiang Palm Beach Post Staff Writers December 2014

    Doug Socha spent most of Monday anxiously waiting for the Florida High School Athletic Association to release its tentative new football districts.

  • PIAA Heat Acclimation Rules Go to District Review

    by Chris Harlan and Bill West December 2014

    The state-mandated heat acclimation period for football teams would increase from three days to five under a proposal the PIAA Board of Directors reviewed at this week's meeting in Mechanicsburg.

  • THSCA Cancels All-Star Games to Satisfy NCAA Rule

    by Times Record News December 2014

    An 80-year tradition has come to an end, as the Texas High School Coaches Association will eliminate its annual all-star football and basketball games. A recently passed NCAA Bylaw ( is the cause of the action.

  • U. of Tennessee Protected by Terms of Tyndall Deal

    by Ben Frederickson December 2014

    Tennessee basketball coach Donnie Tyndall could be fired for cause if he misrepresented to UT what he knew about potential NCAA wrongdoing in his former program.

  • Citadel's Confederate Flag Jeopardizes Bowl Game Funds

    by December 2014

    Charleston County Council split on the issue of whether to approve funding for the Medal of Honor Bowl after comments from a councilman who pointed out that The Citadel has a Confederate flag at Summerall Chapel.

  • TSSAA Approves $500 Fine for Criticizing Game Officials

    by Chris Thomas Chris Thomas covers high school sports. Follow him at December 2014

    The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association legislative council approved a proposal on Wednesday that could fine a school $500 if one of its coaches or administrators publicly criticize game officials.

  • Michigan Takes Step to Ban College Athlete Unions

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    In April, football players at Northwestern cast a historic vote to determine if they would unionize. Student-athletes in Michigan may never get that chance.