• NCAA Accepts Mizzou Sanctions, Adds Probation Year

    by Topeka Capital-Journal August 2016

    The NCAA infractions committee panel's findings over what it said were roughly $11,400 in improper inducements and benefits given to players and a recruit by two boosters was released Tuesday, nearly seven months after Missouri admitted NCAA violations dating to 2011.

  • Olympics an Opportunity for NCAA Athletes to Cash In

    by Steve Berkowitz August 2016

    Kyle Snyder couldn't get much more than an athletic scholarship from Ohio State this past school year, when he won an NCAA wrestling title for the Buckeyes as a sophomore. But he did get paid by somebody else to wrestle. In addition to $50,000 for winning a world championship in September, USA Wrestling has been giving Snyder $1,000 a month to cover training expenses -- both without running afoul of NCAA rules. "We dot the I's and cross the T's," said USA Wrestling national teams high performance manager Cody Bickley, who added that his organization discussed Snyder's situation with members of Ohio State's athletics compliance office and a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee staff. "You don't just write an NCAA athlete a check. They have questions on how it works. We made sure that Ohio State understands what the NCAA and the U.S. Olympic Committee has offered up." What they've offered is an opportunity for world-class athletes in Olympic sports to keep playing for colleges even as they receive outside benefits worth hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Did Youth Soccer Teams Tank to Advance in Tourney?

    by Jason Scott August 2016

    Two soccer teams raised eyebrows as they competed in the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships last week, when it appeared that they played to a scoreless draw on purpose in order to advance.

  • Payton: Kickoff Rule Will Bring More Returns, Not Fewer

    by The Buffalo News August 2016

    New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is skeptical of the new touchback rule working the way the NFL intended in an attempt to cut down on injuries during kickoffs.

  • Texas A&M Assistants Supended for Crude Chalk Talk

    by Daniel Uthman August 2016

    In the past two weeks one college football player apprehended a peeping tom pedophile, another nabbed a rapist, and numerous others have staked out positions on social issues. Meanwhile two people whose job it is to coach and educate college football players spent part of Wednesday making sexual innuendos to a gathering of women on their campus.

  • Opinion: Russia Getting Away with Doping

    by Christine Brennan July 2016

    It's so darn confusing being Russian sports fan Vladimir Putin these days. He whines when he should celebrate. He complains when he should be happy. He screams about discrimination when he instead should say, "Thanks for the gift, Thomas Bach." Instead of having zero percent of his Olympic team in Rio, it's looking like he'll have about 75% of it there, which is about 75% more than should be there.

  • Coaches Differ on Idea of Eliminating Kickoffs

    by Scott Keepfer July 2016

    The Ivy League announced last week that it will move kickoffs from the 35-yard line to the 40-yard line in conference games this season in an effort to enhance player safety. A study conducted by the league revealed that kickoff returns account for 23.4 percent of concussions in games, despite representing only 5.8 percent of overall plays.

  • Opinion: NFL Should Update Medical Marijuana Stance

    by Jerry Sullivan July 2016

    Half of the states have legalized medical marijuana. Some players are using a cannabis extract that experts say aids in physical recovery and might counteract the effects of concussions.

  • Josh Gordon Reinstated by NFL

    by Spokesman Review July 2016

    Josh Gordon's curious and complicated career has taken a new turn. He's getting yet another chance. The talented but troubled wide receiver has been reinstated on a conditional basis by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who met face to face with Gordon last week and said he believes the 25-year-old can "make the right choices" going forward. Gordon has been banned since February 2015 for multiple violations of the league's drug policies. He will be suspended for the first four games of the 2016-17 season, but he's allowed to join the team in its upcoming training camp and can participate in meetings and conditioning work. The league said once Gordon meets clinical requirements, he can take part in preseason activities, including practices and games.

  • White Sox Suspend Sale for Cutting Uniforms

    by Dayton Daily News July 2016

    The Chicago White Sox suspended ace Chris Sale five days without pay for destroying collared throwback uniforms the team was scheduled to wear.