• KU's Self: NBA Draft Gives College Players 'False Hope'

    by Matt Galloway July 2016

    Bill Self isn't quite sure what the solution should be, but the Kansas basketball coach is at least convinced there is a problem. In the wake of former KU juniors Wayne Selden and Brannen Greene going unselected in last week's NBA Draft, Self took time Wednesday to opine on what he called an imperfect system during the Big 12's annual summer coaches' teleconference. "I think there's been some positive strides made," Self said. "I don't think it's perfect - I think everybody would agree with that. There's so much false hope with the draft."

  • Can FCS Schools Benefit from a 12-Game Schedule?

    by John O'Connor June 2016

    NCAA football's top tier, FBS, and Division I's FCS branch differ in the number of allowable regular-season games. FBS teams play 12, and have since 2006. In FCS, 11 are permitted, with a dozen acceptable in occasional years, depending on how the calendar falls. Two FCS leagues, the Ohio Valley and Southland, are behind legislation that would give FCS members the option of playing 12 regular-season games every year. The so-called "permissive proposal" is scheduled for submission into the 2016-17 NCAA Division I legislative cycle.

  • In-Helmet Communication Coming to College Football?

    by Paul Myerberg June 2016

    Coaches and administrators might have found common ground with the idea that their sport would benefit from the implementation of headset technology, which would allow communication between a coach and an individual offensive and defensive player during the course of a game.

  • County's Concussion Law Would Mandate Safety Courses

    by Sandra Tan; News Staff Reporter June 2016

    The Erie County Legislature is poised to approve a new law that would fine youth sports organizations $100 to $200 if they cannot produce records showing that all of their coaches have taken concussion safety courses either in person,

  • Is the NFL Looking to Make Kickoffs Safer?

    by Tom Pelissero June 2016

    The NFL is assessing the viability of further rules changes on kickoffs with unprecedented input from the league's special-teams coordinators, who want to save the exciting play from extinction. Dean Blandino, the NFL's vice president of officiating, recently held a conference call with special-teams coordinators from all 32 teams to discuss the kickoff and ways to make it safer, two people with knowledge of the call told USA TODAY Sports. No rules changes would take effect this fall. But the coaches were told to be ready in the unlikely event that the NFL conducted an experiment during part of the 2016 preseason, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the call.

  • Holtz: Eight-Team College Football Playoff Only Fair

    by Greg Logan June 2016

    Lou Holtz retired last season from his college football gig on ESPN, but if he ever were to take part in another mock trial arguing his case opposite "lawyer" Mark May in front of "judge" Chris Fowler, the former Notre Dame coach would advocate for an expansion of the two-year-old College Football Playoff system from four teams to eight.

  • New HS Playoff Rules Ignore Enrollment, Leagues

    by Loren Ledin June 2016

    A revamped postseason system was approved by CIF-SS membership earlier this year. Playoff brackets no longer automatically include entire leagues in the same division. Nor is school enrollment a factor.

  • Superintendent Faces Tough Call in Wake of Turf Fight

    by Times Record News June 2016

    This is not an easy situation we’ve got here in Wichita Falls. It’s ugly. Wichita Falls Independent School District Athletic Director Scot Hafley has been accused of losing self-control with a public tirade. I'm not sure it was as bad as it was portrayed on social media, but the pile-on is pretty easy.

  • History of the Major Sports Drafts

    by Max Rettig June 2016

    The draft is a relatively recent addition to most major sports, allowing teams to choose from the best up-and-coming players in the hopes that the worst teams will have the greatest chance to improve. These are the histories and experiences of the four major professional leagues: NFL Football's draft dates to 1936, after then-Eagles owner Bert Bell argued within the sport for an alternative to the waiver system created in 1934. Bell contended that the league needed a way to ensure competitive balance - that the worst team in the league would have the best chance to improve by selecting the best available college talent. The waiver system favored those teams that could afford to pay top money for players, leaving teams like Bell's Eagles at a disadvantage.

  • Navigating Olympic Penalty for Russian Doping Tricky

    by Brent Schrotenboer June 2016

    The largest country on the planet has been accused of conducting the biggest sports doping scandal in decades, including rampant cheating at the most expensive Olympics ever. At least three insiders who blew the whistle on it fled the country in fear. Two of its former anti-doping officials ended up dead in February, adding to the dread. Now the stakes have been raised to unprecedented proportions, all centered on one big question: Should Russia be banned from the Olympics? Many think it should be after witnesses and reports detailed systematic cheating by the Russians with the help of Russian state security agents. The latest came Wednesday, when a new report from the World Anti-Doping Agency said armed Russian agents threatened doping control officers with expulsion from the country.