• NHL GMs Discuss Video Review, Concussion Protocol

    by Stephen Whyno March 2017

    The playoffs are still a month away, and teams are already not reacting well to concussion protocol for goalies, which is why it's one of the topics that general managers are expected to discuss at their annual March meeting beginning Monday in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • Opinion: MLB Free Pass Walk Rule Won't Solve Anything

    by M. Whicker March 2017

    The Guys In Charge have decided that baseball games are too slow and, this time, they're really going to do something. By shaving the 45 seconds or so that it takes to put a guy on first, they're starting a revolution that will wean everyone off the video games and cellphones.

  • HS Won't Appeal Denial of Ineligible Player Waiver

    by Jodie Wagner March 2017

    Pahokee will not appeal a Florida High School Athletic Association panel's denial of a waiver that would have led to the reinstatement of the Class 1A state football championship it won in December.

  • NFL Competition Committee Discusses Revised Replay

    by Bob Glauber March 2017

    A revised NFL replay system would delegate decisions about reviewable calls directly to the league's headquarters in New York.

  • Opinion: Basketball Should Drop Foul-Out Rule

    by Dick Jerardi March 2017

    I have advocated for years that basketball at all levels should get rid of the foul-out rule, as it is the only sport with such a penalty. If stars sometimes have to watch games from the bench, something is inherently wrong.

  • MLB Commish Seeks Player Input on Pace of Play

    by Bob Nightengale March 2017

    Commissioner Rob Manfred certainly understands this sudden discord and unrest among players. Baseball is built on tradition and has always been resistant to change.

  • NC Bill Would Let Parents Clear Kids for Play

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    A bill supported by lawmakers in North Carolina would give parents the power to determine when a child who has suffered a concussion is fit to return to play, without the input of a qualified medical professional.

  • Coaches Suspended Under Alleged Visa Violations

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    On Friday, the Paterson (N.J.) School District announced the suspension of athletic supervisor Gregory Cooper along with girls’ basketball coach Ray Lyde Jr., and track coach Natalie Jordan from Eastside High School.

  • Hockey Coach Suspended After Player-Punch Video

    by Maki Becker February 2017

    Former Buffalo Sabres forward Andrew Peters was suspended indefinitely from coaching the Junior Sabres after a brawl between 15-year-old players broke out on the ice Saturday and a video appears to show a coach punching an opposing player when the fight spills into his team's bench.

  • Opinion: Baseball Should Get Serious About Game Pace

    by Paul Newberry February 2017

    There are all sorts of ways to give baseball a much-needed boost of speed. Unfortunately, those in charge of the game are going about it all the wrong way.