• Opinion: Birth Certificate Changes for Trans Athletes Wrong

    by San Angelo Standard-Times March 2016

    Here’s a conversation we wish weren’t necessary. But there is value in plain speaking when it comes to complex realities. Some human beings are born with a boy’s genitalia, and yet in every other way come to understand themselves as female — and vice versa. As reports in The Dallas Morning News about young transgender children considering surgery made clear last June, this process of self-awareness, this coming to terms with one’s true gender, does not happen quickly. And it rarely happens easily.

  • Chicago May Ban Chew from Major League Ballparks

    by Fran Spielman March 2016

    Cubs and White Sox players who love to chew and spit tobacco may soon be forced to go cold-turkey during ballgames at Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Fields to become healthier role models for Chicago kids. Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th), the City Council's most powerful alderman and leading anti-smoking crusader, wants Chicago to become the nation's fourth big league city to ban smokeless tobacco at baseball stadiums and other "professional and amateur" sporting events.

  • New College Football Rules Empower Replay Officials

    by George Schroeder March 2016

    The use of technology in college football games has been significantly expanded after the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved several proposals Tuesday. Replay officials will have the authority to make targeting calls from the booth and to determine whether there was intent to target. Collaboration by replay officials with a centralized conference command center also will be allowed. In addition, the technology including tablets, laptops and video will be allowed in coaches' boxes and in locker rooms, though not on the sidelines.

  • Incorrect Court Impacts HS Basketball Championships

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    The Macon Coliseum hosted the Georgia High School Association’s basketball championships last Thursday through Saturday on a court that wasn’t set up according to regulations.

  • IOC Announces New Policies for Transgender Athletes

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Transgender athletes no longer need to undergo sex reassignment surgery in order to be eligible for competition in the Olympics.

  • Leaked Files Expose Possible Match-Fixing in Tennis

    by Takara Scott-Johnston January 2016

    A group of anonymous whistle blowers recently passed documents on to the BBC and Buzzfeed News that are exposing match-fixing at the top level of world tennis.

  • Deaf Athlete Sues Michigan HS Athletic Association

    by Takara Scott-Johnston December 2015

    In a suit filed in federal court, Ellis Kempf, a deaf wrestler for Royal Oak High School is suing the Michigan High School Athletic Association for refusing to allow an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter mat-side during MHSAA-sanctioned matches.

    The case is being handled by Nyman Turkish PC, a law firm that specializes in litigation and disability. Jason Turkish, the firm’s managing partner, said the firm is taking the case pro bono.

  • Iowa HS Hoops Coaches Freed From 'Seat Belt' Rule

    by Jason Scott November 2015

    A rule requiring high school basketball coaches in Iowa to remain in their seats during games has been lifted.

  • U.S. Soccer Announces Ban on Heading for U-11 Players

    by Jason Scott November 2015

    In response to a class-action lawsuit that sought rules changes and a reduction in concussions, U.S. Soccer announced guidelines on Monday that will prohibit young players from heading the ball.

  • NJ Legislation Seeks to End High School "Redshirting"

    by Jason Scott October 2015

    New Jersey State Sen. Richard Codey plans to introduce a bill that would penalize athletes who repeat a grade in middle school in order to get an athletic advantage in high school.