• Rutgers Officially Joins Big Ten, Starts Playing Catch-Up

    by Joe Juliano; Inquirer Staff Writer July 2014

    With Rutgers celebrating its official entry Tuesday into the Big Ten Conference, coach Kyle Flood saw nothing wrong with his players looking at the big picture, which includes eight new league opponents.

  • SEC Coaches Favor NBA Minimum-Age Increase

    by David Paschall July 2014

    If NBA commissioner Adam Silver attains his goal of raising the NBA draft minimum from 19 to 20 years and from one to two years out of high school, he would be greatly endearing himself to Southeastern Conference coaches.

  • AD: Rule 'A Death Sentence' for Freshmen Who 'Bomb'

    by Bonnie Washuk, Staff Writer July 2014

    LEWISTON - Saying the athletic eligibility policy doesn't allow students to recover from "bombing" their freshman year, Lewiston High School Athletic Director Jason Fuller is asking for change. The School Committee heard the request for sophomores, juniors and seniors Monday night, but took no action. The policy says athletes are eligible to play if they're on track to graduate, achieving the necessary 24 credits.

  • Utah's Compliance System Considered Unique by AD Hill

    by Dirk Facer, Deseret News June 2014

    By Dirk Facer Deseret News SALT LAKE CITY - When it comes to NCAA compliance, the University of Utah has a plan in place. Actually, it's more of a system - and one that Athletics Director Chris Hill considers unique. It's set up for outside checks and balances by the school's legal department. Utah compliance has a dotted line to Robert Payne of the office of general counsel, who reports quarterly to university president David W. Pershing. Both Hill and Payne receive compliance notifications. "So when I speak to the coaches, how many times do you think I want Robert Payne to talk to the president and then have the president call me?" Hill said. "Zero."

  • Coaches Fear 7-on-7 Football Could Lead to Recruiting

    by Anthony Chiang, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    When his players wanted to join spring's version of 7-on-7 football in past years, Palm Beach Central assistant coach Dennis Abbate took them to Plantation. The South Florida Blur was the primary independent 7-on-7 team based in Palm Beach County, but because it accepted stars from Miami-Dade and Broward counties, there weren't many roster spots left for local players. So they had to travel to Broward -- or even farther. "Every Sunday, we would have to drive them down to Plantation and it was a pain in the neck," Abbate said. The Blur now is gone, replaced by a team Abbate created. The BallerNation Football Club is made up exclusively of Palm Beach County players.

  • UT Files New Motion to Keep Lawsuit Docs Out of Media

    by Dan Fleser June 2014

    The University of Tennessee filed another protective order Friday in district court, seeking to prohibit “extrajudicial use or disclosure” of documents and information developed in discovery pertaining to Debby Jennings’ lawsuit against the university and athletic director Dave Hart.

  • Boy’s Drowning Sparks Call for Age Restriction Changes

    by Emily Attwood June 2014

    How young is too young to be swimming alone at a public pool? That is the question being asked in Cincinnati following the drowning of a 10-year-old boy last week. The boy was unresponsive when lifeguards pulled him from the pool at Bush Recreation Center and began emergency response procedures. He was transported to a local hospital, where he died over the weekend. 

  • Cooperation in UNC Probe May Spare Prof Fraud Charges

    by KEITH UPCHURCH June 2014

    HILLSBOROUGH - District Attorney Jim Woodall said Tuesday he's considering dropping a fraud charge against Julius Nyang'oro, the embattled former head of the UNC Department of African and Afro-American Studies.

  • WIAA, Football Coaches Ponder Less Practice Hitting

    by MARK STEWART, June 2014

    Prep Football The WIAA and Wisconsin Football Coaches Association are closing in on enacting a plan that would limit player-on-player contact during practice, and the rules could be in place in time for the start of the upcoming season.

  • Inside the Tricky Business of NCAA Secondary Violations

    by Jacob Thorpe June 2014

    'Secondary' violations cast large shadow within NCAA Self reporting NCAA violations very tricky Story by Jacob Thorpe, Illustration by Molly Quinn The Spokesman-Review If only the East Germans had known Kelli Kamura's doping methods, they could have built the Berlin Wall with Olympic medals. The Washington State women's golf coach's transformation into a peddler of performance enhancers happened last February during a competition, when she, undoubtedly spurred by society's enormous pressure to win, gave her athletes an Ensure supplement. Sure, Ensure is on the WSU list of approved supplements and foods, along with championship staples like Hershey's chocolate milk, Fig Newtons and Rice Krispy Treats.