• Opinion: College Athletes Deserve More Time

    by Gordon Monson July 2016

    A smart, gifted athlete at a local university once whispered that he wished he could have properly prepared for medical school during his undergraduate years while playing football, but he had found it difficult to coordinate rigorous, conflicting time commitments in both athletics and academics. He said he felt as though his coaches "owned" him, and that his playing time was dependent on dutiful, required, rigid compliance to the wishes of others that often went unspoken, but were definitely implied. He went on to have a terrific football career at the school ccc and wound up with a degree in communications. He had no time to become a doctor. Time, at last, might be on a college athlete's side, or at least be edging in that direction.

  • Opinion: Sprinter's Defeat Shows Need for Doping Enforcement

    by Deseret Morning News July 2016

    With less than 120 meters to go to cross the finish line of the 800-meter final at the 2016 Olympic trials, Alysia Montano tripped on another athlete, who flailed after being clipped by a third runner, and Montano tumbled to the ground. After the fall, she cried out and then repeatedly struggled to get to her feet. She wailed and then collected herself enough to run a few more feet before the reality of what she'd lost pushed her back to her knees.

  • College Hockey Coaches Oppose Overtime Proposal

    by Chip Malafronte July 2016

    When the NCAA ice hockey rules committee last month recommended that overtime games during the regular season be played with four skaters to each side, it went against the overwhelming opinion of its coaching body. At the annual convention in April, the 60 Division I hockey coaches were nearly unanimous in voting against a proposal to change the current regular season overtime format: 5-on-5 for five minutes. The rules committee ignored that vote and moved forward with its proposal anyway. It's now up to the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which could make the change official on July 20. If passed, the new rule would be implemented for the coming season.

  • Columnist: UT Defends Culture With a Payout

    by John Adams July 2016

    Tennessee officials have said all along there’s nothing wrong with the culture surrounding their athletic program. And they’re willing to spend almost $2.5 million not to prove it.

  • Prep Coach Fired Amid Ineligible-Players Probe

    by Sonja Isger Palm Beach Post Staff Writer July 2016

    While the public awaits the Florida High School Athletic Association's findings on allegations that Lake Worth High's baseball team was brimming with ineligible players from Puerto Rico, the school has axed its baseball coach and four of his volunteer assistants.

  • Rule-Breaking HS Pleads Case to Conference ADs

    by Jason Scott May 2016

    Bellevue (Wash.) High School made headlines earlier this year after an outside investigation revealed widespread problems within its football program, ranging from boosters providing subsidized tuition at an alternative school and players using fake addresses for eligibility.

  • HS Girls' Swim Club Hires Stripper for Team Banquet

    by Jason Scott April 2016

    The synchronized swimming club at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa, made waves last week when it hired a male stripper to perform at an off-campus facility during a team banquet.

  • Incorrect Court Impacts HS Basketball Championships

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    The Macon Coliseum hosted the Georgia High School Association’s basketball championships last Thursday through Saturday on a court that wasn’t set up according to regulations.

  • IOC Announces New Policies for Transgender Athletes

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Transgender athletes no longer need to undergo sex reassignment surgery in order to be eligible for competition in the Olympics.

  • Leaked Files Expose Possible Match-Fixing in Tennis

    by Takara Scott-Johnston January 2016

    A group of anonymous whistle blowers recently passed documents on to the BBC and Buzzfeed News that are exposing match-fixing at the top level of world tennis.