• Duke Accused of Mishandling Sexual Assault Allegations

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    In 35 years as Duke’s head basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski has dismissed exactly one player from his program. That dismissal came on January 29, 2015, when Coach K booted guard Rasheed Sulaimon from the team after Krzyzewski said Sulaimon “repeatedly struggled to meet the necessary obligations.”

  • Opinion: Blame System, Not Prep Teams That Tanked

    by Bob Ford; Inquirer Columnist March 2015

    For most basketball players who play the game on an organized level, the high school team represents the loftiest level of competition they will achieve, the place where they gather the memories of teammates and games and experiences that will have to last a lifetime.

  • Vandy Coach Won't Be Suspended Over 'Kill' Comment

    by Adam Sparks The Tennessean March 2015

    Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings’ situation will “be handled internally” after yelling, “I’ll (expletive) kill you!” at one of his players on national TV following a win at Tennessee on Thursday night.

  • Alleged Thefts from Nonprofit Football Group Probed

    by Nancy Bowman March 2015

    Representatives of the Bethel Wee Stingers football and cheer organization said they continue to move forward as the Miami County Sheriff's Department looks into the alleged theft of money from the nonprofit group.

  • Court Rules Toronto YMCA Must Pay Property Taxes

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern February 2015

    On Wednesday, the Appeal Court in Toronto, Ont., ruled that the YMCA will have to pay property taxes on four buildings it leases in Toronto.

  • Opinion: Frosh Ineligibility Could Aid 'Student-Athlete'

    by The Philadelphia Daily News February 2015

    Making freshman athletes ineligible would not be about punishing or controlling the player. It would be about making the player decide whether he is serious about college or going only because the NBA won't let him enter the draft right out of high school.

  • Nacita: Disregarding Baylor Guidance a Mistake

    by The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) February 2015

    Baylor announced Tuesday that Silas Nacita, whose story of overcoming an unstable family situation to play major college football made him a fan favorite, was no longer part of the program.

  • Opinion: Lawmaker's Concussion Bill a Fumble

    by Doug McKain February 2015

    Senate Bill 7 is major overkill on what is needed for a concussion protocol, involving major expenses to schools to have this many highly skilled medical personnel on an oversight team when it would not require this many medical team members to establish a protocol that already has been studied and guidelines established.

  • Poll: Handling Sexual Assault Incidents

    by Dennis Van Milligen February 2015

    In the wake of numerous stories on sexual assaults by athletes at all levels AB is investigating the topic for a story in an upcoming issue. We'd like your opinion. Please weigh in below.

  • Coaches of 'Tanking' Girls Basketball Teams Suspended

    by Tom Kreager Daily News Journal February 2015

    Riverdale coach Cory Barrett and Smyrna coach Shawn Middleton were removed as coaches through the end of the 2015-16 school year, along having their basketball coaching supplements withheld.