From the "You Never Thought This Rule Would be Enforced" file, a violation by a member of the Broadneck (Md.) High School girls' swim team retroactively cost the team its county title and prevented the coach from watching the squad sweep regional titles last weekend. The infraction? Shaving at the meet.

The National Federation of State High School Associations prohibits participants in aquatic sports from shaving at the location of a meet. Many swimmers shave prior to a meet to gain a competitive edge in the water, but the NFHS's rule is meant as a health and safety precaution, limiting the likelihood of blood transmission or of team members sharing razors.

After it was discovered that one of Broadneck's swimmers had shaved at the meet, she was retroactively disqualified and all of her points redistributed to other competitors, a punishment many in the swimming world think was over the top, despite what the NFHS rules prescribe. "I'm not sure I've seen much of this type of punishment within the sport," commented Swimming World Magazine's Jason Marsteller in an e-mail to Yahoo's Prep Rally. "About the only place retroactive punishments happen is in the case of positive doping tests."

Broadneck's coach was also suspended as a result of the violation and forced to miss the regional championship meet, where her team - all properly shaved - persevered and won the title. "The coach violated a rule in the 2011-2012 AACPS Athletics Handbook that addresses a coach's responsibility to abide by the rules of the game and promote ethical relationships among coaches and players," explained a statement released by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. "Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the coach."

Emily Attwood is Managing Editor of Athletic Business.
A warning would have sufficed , the infraction did not confer any competitive advantage for the team and athlete, as long as the publicity remained the same to provide notice ,
Where is it going to stop?

My question is how did anyone find out?

This is way off the chart of common sense.
As stated in the article. The rules were violated. Now what do the officials do. Ignore it??? They followed through to enforce their rules. Everyone else obyed them. So what's the problem?
Another death kneal for sport. How did someone find out? By the 'Sportsmanship' of a swimmer and coach of an opposing team. We have removed the handshake after a game because 'athletes' and coaches cannot control themselves enough to demondtrate the sportsmanship skills they learned and displayed in the game/event. We have teams leaving changerooms and facilities under guard by different doors. We have referees needing tunnels and protection before and after a game. And these are examples at minor sports and recreational events. Pierre de Cubertin is likely mortified to see what his vision of the modern Olympic Games and sport haves become. We have taught our children to win at all costs. And if you can't win on field athletically, at all cost, make sure your opponant can win either.
wow is this over the top
stupid stupid stupid
this is high school.
please remove this type of meaningless rule
swimmers never get to recognition they deserve
With bloodborn pathogens and MYRSA on the rise, any extra risk of blood and open wounds around kids is considered serious, these days.
What exactly was she shaving? Her arms, legs, back, etc? If she was on the pool deck that is one thing but are we invading her privacy in the shower in creating this rule?
She did of course violate the rule but how did they retroactively discover this and what was there evidence? The severity of the punishment does not fit the crime.
Sadly, this is an unintended consequence of trying to protect student athletes. In this case it should be no harm no foul. The razor wasn't shared with others and no transmission occurred. This is similar to the runner who lost because her sports bra didn't match her running singlet (not too many kelly green sports bras) or a pair of compression shorts had a nike logo.
Bravo to the team to win the regionals.
As the coach of a high school girls swim team this rule is in place for the stated reasons and also if you allowed shaving at a meet all the girls would be in the locker room at the same time..opens a can of worms.
Coaches know the rules. I tell my swimmers to shave their legs that morning before they get to the pool. Shaving does give one a small advantage. It's like if a football coach saw kid popping an illegal strength or stamina pill in a locker room. He should report him.
The girl knew better and if the coach knew and did nothing about it then he was rightfully disciplined.
It's not over the top it's the rules. What is over the top is a team complaining because they didn't like the other teams Star Wars theme at a championship meet (Evil Empire, get it). That's over the top.
Rules are rules. Not being a swimmer I do not know why this rule is in effect, but until it is changed, don't complain when it is enfoced!
I was at a local college when their swimming championships were taking place & I was digusted by all of the hair on the floors & in the sinks of the locker room after the swimmers had shaved before that event.