• Turner Field Fatality Returns Focus to Railing Heights

    by Charles Odum September 2015

    The death of a longtime Braves season-ticket holder has raised questions about the planned height of guard rails at their new stadium scheduled to open in 2017.

  • Ballparks Slow to React to Danger in Stands

    by Dan Klepal, Leon Stafford; Staff September 2015

    A 13-year-old girl hit by a hockey puck in Columbus, Ohio. A firefighter who tumbled over a knee-high railing at a baseball game in Arlington, Texas. A Tennessee man who fell over a 33-inch railing during a college football game inside the Georgia Dome. And now, Greg "Ace" Murrey, a 60-year-old insurance agent who became the latest casualty inside America's sporting arenas Saturday night, after he plummeted nearly 50 feet onto concrete steps at Turner Field. The incomplete list of fan deaths doesn't begin to address the number of people who have left ballparks, football stadiums, hockey arenas or NASCAR race tracks bloodied and bruised --- or worse --- after being struck by objects catapulted into the stands.

  • Bill Seeks to Exempt Parks, Sports Venues from Gun Law

    by Richard Locker 6152554923 September 2015

    Two Democratic lawmakers filed a bill Monday to exempt events held in public parks and major sports venues from the “guns-in-parks” law, passed by the Tennessee legislature this year to block cities and counties from banning handgun-carry permit holders from going armed in locally owned parks.

  • Fatal Fall the Third at Turner Field Since 2008

    by Alexis Stevens August 2015

    A longtime Atlanta Braves season ticket-holder was seen passionately rooting against a Yankees slugger when the fan toppled over the upper-level railing at Turner Field on Saturday night, falling to his death on the concrete at least 40 feet below.

  • Atlanta Death: It's Past Time for MLB Safety Changes

    by Bob Nightengale, USA TODAY Sports August 2015

    We've seen enough. We've heard enough. Oh, and how we've mourned enough. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred might hear resistance from team owners and objections from valued season ticketholders, but he no longer has a choice. It's time for a drastic change to ballpark safety.

  • MLB's Manfred: Fan Safety a 'Serious Concern'

    by Ryan Lawrence; Daily News Staff Writer August 2015

    One of the issues commissioner Rob Manfred brought up was the individual design of each ballpark and how that complicates what the sport would surely like to be a uniform set of netting dimensions.

  • Opinion: Extended Safety Nets at MLB Parks a Must

    by Michael Arace, The Columbus Dispatch August 2015

    Major League Baseball can avoid killing a fan. It can. Just hang the nets. Baseball players can stop cringing every time a foul ball whistles above one of the dugouts, or a chunk of a shattered bat rockets into the crowd. There is no need to have blood on anyone's hands.

  • Opinion: Put Up Netting Before an MLB Fan Gets Killed

    by Rick Morrissey August 2015

    Baseballs traveling into the stands at 100 m.p.h. don't care if you're paying attention to the action on the field. They don't care if you have the concentration powers of a stalking lion.

  • Foul Ball Injury Revives Spectator-Safety Concerns

    by Wire service reports August 2015

    A day after hitting a foul ball that injured a fan behind the Detroit dugout, Anthony Gose said there's nothing a spectator in that situation can do.

  • Water-Safety Program a Hit in Drowning Hot Spot

    by Mike Salinero, Tribune staff August 2015

    Florida, the nation's third most-populous state, ranks No. 1 on one of the sadder lists of statistics - the rate of accidental drownings among kids age 4 and younger.