• Understanding Crowds Key to Controlling Fan Violence

    by Tamara D. Madensen October 2014

    Managing crowd behavior is an inherently complex task, but understanding the basic principles that underlie individual decision-making gives us a significant advantage when designing and executing fan violence prevention efforts.

  • No Motive Apparent in Angel Stadium Parking Lot Beating

    by Alejandra Molina STAFF writer, The Orange County Register October 2014

    A 43-year-old Huntington Beach man was in critical condition Sunday after he was attacked Friday night by three men in the Angel Stadium parking lot.

  • Gripes, Bio Spills Keep Ohio State Gameday Staff Hopping

    by Jim Siegel, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH September 2014

    Sure, you can get a high-octane atmosphere sitting inside Ohio Stadium. But the only place to hear "the blood at Gate 9 is still there" is to hang out in a booth with Mike Penner at the southern end of the press box on a football Saturday.

  • Man Injured in Fall from AT&T Stadium Stands

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    Unfortunately, we're writing about this topic once again.

  • Parks Dept. Posts Warning Signs at Mass Drowning Site

    by The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado) September 2014

    The Washington County parks department posted temporary signs Monday at Henry Hagg Lake, two days after a local activist was given a $5,000 ticket for criminal mischief because he ignored orders not to bolt his own warning signs into posts and trees.

  • Incident Management Systems Protect Facility and Spectator

    by Scott Meyers August 2014

    Responding in a timely manner before an incident escalates or has a significant impact on the safety and security of spectators is a key concern for all athletic facility managers. Common incidents at sporting events that require swift action include fights, medical and maintenance issues, and spectator complaints. During a typical major college football game, there can be as many as 200 incidents reported — anything from toilets overflowing to fan ejections.

  • Woman Shoved by Police at UA Melee Files $375K Claim

    by Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily Star August 2014

    The University of Arizona student knocked over a bench by a Tucson police officer after the Wildcats lost in the NCAA basketball tournament has filed a $375,000 claim against the city.

  • Security Increased After Woman Claims Ballpark Assault

    by Rusty Marks, Staff writer August 2014

    Charleston police are stepping up patrols around Appalachian Power Park, after a woman told police she was sexually assaulted after she left the ballpark late Tuesday.

  • Poll: Security Screening at Prep and College Games

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    More and more schools are following the lead of professional sports teams and investing in entrance screening technology. We want your opinion on the subject for an upcoming feature in Athletic Business.

  • Athletic Facility Evacuation And Emergency Planning Tips

    by Kevin Bryant July 2014

    Editor's note: This story originally appeared in Sports Venue Safety, a new supplement to Athletic Business. View the entire Sports Venue Safety digital issue here.

    The potential of a major incident at your facility can keep you up late at night. While it may seem futile and fruitless to work through incident scenarios in your mind, it is often the first step toward preparation, training and gaining the support necessary to handle any issue. In my career as a facility manager and athletic administrator, I have encountered a variety of real-life emergency scenarios, including: