• Doctor: Unsafe Ballparks Can and Should Be Fixed

    by Dr. Adam O. Goldstein, Guest Columnist June 2015

    At almost every Major and Minor League Baseball game, one person sustains an injury from a flying object. While this may seem like an accident (like the Fenway fan almost killed), serious injuries happen frequently, pose major threats to spectators and are preventable.

  • Op-Ed: Ban Maple Baseball Bats

    by Martin Schram, Times Record News June 2015

    Memo to: Rob Manfred, commissioner, Major League Baseball CC: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; America’s baseball fans; parents and grandparents of America’s youngest baseball fans Mr. Commissioner, you have an urgent decision to make.

  • 'Baseball Rule' Shields Red Sox in Broken Bat Injury Case

    by Maureen Mullen, @MaureenaMullen, Special for USA TODAY Sports June 2015

    As Tonya Carpenter continues recovering from injuries suffered at Fenway Park, a legal expert in venue safety said a century-old legal principle would make it difficult for her to hold the Boston Red Sox or Major League Baseball liable.

  • Should MLB Extend Netting from Dugout to Dugout?

    by Maureen Mullen, USA TODAY Sports June 2015

    As a fan injured by a broken bat continues her recovery, Brett Lawrie -- whose shattered lumber flew into the Fenway Park stands Friday -- and others continued the routine of playing games while pondering changes that might be necessary to prevent further incidents and injuries.

  • The AB Extra: June 5

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    This week's AB Extra features a mishap at the French Open, information on how to get a one-of-a-kind urinal autographed by Barry Sanders, and a unique park that opens in Chicago this weekend. 

  • Fans Stuck at Toyota Center After Flooding in Houston

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    Approximately 500 Houston Rockets fans were stuck in the Toyota Center after Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals due to heavy rain and flooding around the Houston area.

  • Two Boys Hospitalized After Tree Collapse at Park

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    Two young boys in Chelsea, Mass., were hospitalized Monday night after a tree collapsed onto the playground where they had been playing.

  • Displaced Texas A&M Bats Seeking New Home

    by Emily Attwood April 2015

    The recreation center natatorium at Texas A&M University has been closed since April 6 while crews work to remove hundreds of migratory bats that have taken up residence after being displaced by renovations at Kyle Field. 

  • Excessive Drinking at Baseball Game Concerns Fans

    by Laura Godlewski April 2015

    The home opener for any baseball team and their fans is an exciting game to kick off the new season. However, for the Toronto Blue Jays, excitement has given way to excessive drinking and an aggressive atmosphere that has many Jays fans thinking twice before purchasing tickets.

  • How to Protect Against Rioting at Your College

    by April 2015

    Joe Monroe, chief of police at the University of Kentucky, has gotten used to protecting the streets of Lexington from rioting fans. He's had to do so frequently over the past few years as the school's men's basketball team, led by head coach John Calipari, has made four Final Four appearances the past five years. Last Saturday night, after the previously undefeated Wildcats were eliminated from the NCAA tournament by Wisconsin, fans took to the streets of Lexington (yet again). Monroe and his campus police team (yet again) had to protect the community and keep the peace in collaboration with city police. Monroe, who teaches special-event planning for NCS4 and Texas A&M, shares his experiences while providing advice to other campus safety professionals in this Gameday Security exclusive interview: