• NCAA Endorses Changes, Autonomy for 'Power Five' Conferences

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    The NCAA took a major step toward restructuring its governing system for the "Power Five" conferences on Thursday.

    The NCAA Board of Directors endorsed a restructuring process that would grant autonomy for the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC. The NCAA believes these changes would make it "more agile to adapt to changes in the division, give student-athletes a greater voice in decision-making and provide more autonomy to the five major conferences," according to this release.

    Today's endorsements does not mean immediate change. "Some aspects of the model remain under discussion, and we hope the membership will provide us further input," says Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch, chair of the board and the steering committee.

    According to the release: "Under the proposal, the division would still be led by a Board of Directors composed primarily of university presidents. However, new voices would be added: the chair of the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; the chair of a new group tentatively called the Council; and the most senior Division I member of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association’s executive committee. The council chair would always be an athletics director, giving that constituency an automatic spot on the board."

    A transition into a new model would begin by fall 2014, with a revamped council and board in place by the ’15 NCAA Convention in January.

    The NCAA's announcement comes just a day before Northwestern University's football team will cast ballots to determine whether they will form a workers union and begin demanding more rights. According to CNN and others, there is doubt whether the required majority of players will vote in favor of unionization.

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  • Exploring New Ways to Improve Fan Engagement

    by Emily Attwood April 2014

    With myriad media options available for fans to experience their favorite sporting events, the competition for viewers' attention is starting to rival the competition on the field. From online social media campaigns driving awareness to facility enhancements aimed at luring fans back into the seats, athletic organizations are focusing more attention and resources on what's happening off the court to help them gain a greater understanding of their audience.

  • Opinion: NCAA Needs to Fix or Nix College Football

    by Rodney K. Smith April 2014

    Last month, a 19-year old player at the Naval Academy who had suffered a serious head injury as a high school player collapsed during football practice. He was rushed to the Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland and was found to have swelling and bleeding within the brain. He died three days later. The player's death -- tragic and avoidable -- punctuates a string of woes that are threatening college football.

  • Meyer's Dream of OSU NIght Games Becoming Reality

    by Ari Wasserman April 2014

    Coach Urban Meyer is a fan of home night games because they enhance the Buckeyes' ability to recruit. COLUMBUS - Urban Meyer has spoken repeatedly about how home night games can enhance Ohio State's ability to recruit, and he was in favor of having as many on the schedule as possible.

  • Bills Reach $3M Settlement in Text-Message Lawsuit

    by Stephen T. Watson News Business Reporter April 2014

    A Bills fan's October 2012 lawsuit contended that the team violated the terms of its text service by sending him 13 messages over two weeks when it promised to send no more than five per week.

  • Mavs' PA Announcer Blasts Refs on Twitter, Gets Benched

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    Dallas Mavericks public address announcer Sean Heath has been suspended for two games by the NBA after a series of tweets criticizing the league.

  • American Athletic Conference Enjoying Early Success

    by Paul Myerberg, USA TODAY Sports April 2014

    Excuse American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco for wanting to bask in the moment. Long after Connecticut's 60-54 win against Kentucky, Aresco was among two dozen people still hovering on the court at AT&T Stadium, reveling in the Huskies' fourth national championship -- and the AAC's first.

  • UGA Woos Football Recruits with Hand-Drawn Portraits

    by Michael Carvell; Staff April 2014

    Georgia's recruiting efforts made national news after coach Mark Richt sent hand-drawn portraits with autographed messages to some of the state's top football prospects. It's proving to be a way for UGA to separate itself from competitors when sending recruiting mail to elite high school juniors who routinely get hundreds of letters every week. "I'd say my UGA portrait is the most creative thing I've gotten in the mail (from a college) so far," McEachern High offensive lineman Chuma Edoga said. "I thought it was pretty cool that they took the time to do (the drawing).

  • Rutgers AD Back in Headlines with Headline Comment

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann is not making any friends with the local media.

  • College Players Rep Talks Policy Change, Not Paychecks

    by SETH GRUEN, Staff Reporter April 2014

    The question about whether college athletes are employees long predated the College Athletes Players Association. That question was answered when the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board last week granted Northwestern's scholarship football players the right to unionize. Though NU is appealing the ruling, the recognition of CAPA as a union has raised even more questions.