• MLS All-Stars to Play Real Madrid

    by Foster Mike April 2017

    The All-Star Game, which since 2005 has featured European clubs against MLS All-Stars, will be played at Soldier Field. It is the first time a La Liga team has played in the All-Star Game.

  • Female Athlete Earns Division II Football Scholarship

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    Graduating senior Becca Longo just became the first female student-athlete from Basha high school in Chandler, Ariz., to sign a college football letter of intent for NCAA Division I or II.

  • USA Partners with Canada, Mexico for World Cup Bid

    by Martin Rogers April 2017

    The bid to host the FIFA World Cup in nine years is a fight that could be won quickly and decisively, even if the ultimate decision will not be revealed until May 2020.

  • Soccer Popularity Surges in Cuba

    by Tim Wendel April 2017

    Aerial photographs of soccer fields in Cuba were once enough to sound the alarm. "Cubans play baseball," warned a CIA consultant in 1970 after studying U.S. satellite images. "Russians play soccer."

  • Carolina's Academic Scandal Clouds Basketball Success

    by Nancy Armour April 2017

    For three years, an academic fraud scandal has hung over North Carolina like an angry thundercloud. Coach Roy Williams said he's saddened by it, of course, but he's also angry.

  • NHL Sending Teams to China for Exhibitions

    by Elliott Teaford March 2017

    When the Kings and Vancouver Canucks hit the ice for two exhibition games in China in September, it will mark the NHL's first determined strides into the world's most populous country.

  • NFL Pitches Broadcast, Other Changes to Please Fans

    by Tom Pelissero March 2017

    In the coming days, the NFL will roll out its plans for not only revamping the commercial structure within TV broadcasts but also tweaking in-game timing, replay reviews and more.

  • Opinion: Shorter Games Growing Trend in Pro Leagues

    by The Charleston Gazette March 2017

    The barons of sports have finally decided that their sporting spectacles are too lengthy for our modern-day sporting tastes.

  • Opinion: Kaepernick's Protests Made Lasting Impact

    by Nancy Armour March 2017

    No matter what you thought of Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem, a protest that quickly spread across the NFL, he got the country talking. And hopefully thinking about the issues that more than ever divide us.

  • MSG Silent Treatment Irks Warriors

    by Roger Rubin March 2017

    The Knicks tried something new for the first half of Sunday's game against the Warriors at the Garden: They played no music, showed no videos and had no on-floor entertainment at breaks.