• Opinion: Moving Teams Reveal NFL Instability

    by Jim Carlisle January 2017

    Just a few short years ago, the NFL was not only the biggest and most successful sports league in the world, it was one of the most successful businesses as well.

  • NFL's Chargers Announce Relocation

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Chargers owner Dean Spanos announced the long-awaited decision this morning: the team will relocate from San Diego to Los Angeles for the 2017 season. 

  • Study: Coverage of Women's Sports Reduced Since 1989

    by Barbara Barker January 2017

    While Odell Beckham Jr. has been partying in Miami and Derrick Rose has been leaving his team in the lurch at Madison Square Garden, the Connecticut women's basketball team has been on the world's quietest historic run.

  • Opinion: In 2016, Sports Provided Needed Escape

    by Christine Brennan December 2016

    In this year of all years, when sports escapism seems most necessary, the sports world came through.

  • Coaches Association Awards Show Big Deal for Nashville

    by Joe Rexrode December 2016

    In Nashville on Jan. 10, the Grand Ole Opry House will be filled with every program leader in football, including the two who played for the national title the night before.

  • TV Executives Discuss Lagging NFL Ratings

    by Georg Szalai December 2016

    The NFL's weaker TV ratings early this season were in focus at the 44th annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference this week. Some suggest that the added exposure from Thursday Night Football may be hurting ratings.

  • Amazon May Look Into Live Sports Streaming

    by Mike Snider November 2016

    Amazon is talking with professional and college sports leagues in an attempt to put together a live sports streaming offering. The NFL, MLB, NBA and MLS are among pro leagues Amazon has met with to talk about broadcast rights.

  • Opinion: Cuban Misses Mark with Credential Revocation

    by Aaron Falk November 2016

    The war against the machines has begun, and you might have missed the first cries of battle. Forget our national schism, the protests on the streets in cities across the country, these remorseless, robotic monsters are the ones coming to destroy your way of life right down to the very newsprint upon which these words live. But fear not. There will be no waiting for the savior foretold in the prophecies. We have our hero. We know his name. It is he, Mark Cuban, of Dallas, Texas, USA.

  • New Mexico Gets TV Windfall from Mountain West

    by Rick Wright November 2016

    Since the Mountain West Conference's National Exposure TV Bonus System was instituted in 2013, the New Mexico Lobos have been an also-ran. Until now. The Lobos' sudden financial windfall and increased television exposure from the bonus system, Paul Krebs and Bob Davie believe, are no coincidence. "I think people enjoy watching us, I really do," Davie, UNM's fifth-year head coach, said after Wednesday's practice. "I've heard that time in and time out, that we have an identity, we play with a certain style."

  • Election No Longer Excuse for Lagging NFL Ratings

    by Nancy Armour November 2016

    More bad officiating isn't the NFL's only headache this week. It's about to lose its cover. Barring a recount or something else wacky, Americans will wake up Wednesday needing to find something else to occupy their minds and their free time. After months of being transfixed by an election that often resembled a bad reality TV show, the country is free to return to its previous distractions of choice. And no one should be more nervous about that referendum than the NFL.