• Mavs' PA Announcer Blasts Refs on Twitter, Gets Benched

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    Dallas Mavericks public address announcer Sean Heath has been suspended for two games by the NBA after a series of tweets criticizing the league.

    The story began when Dallas, currently clinging to the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoff race, lost an overtime game to the Golden State Warriors on April 1. The day after the 122-120 Mavericks loss, league officials acknowledged that Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal should have been called for goaltending when he blocked a Dallas shot attempt that would have put the Mavs ahead with 16 seconds left in overtime.

    After the game, Heath turned to Twitter to publicly accuse the the NBA of being rigged. Danny Crawford, who is mentioned in the tweets, is one of the officials who worked the Dallas Golden State game.

    On Thursday the league announced Heath would be suspended for two games, but according to ESPN granted a request from the Mavs to postpone the suspension for one game to give the team time to find a suitable replacement. According to ESPN, Heath is known for his "high volume and passion."

    With the season winding down, Heath will miss the team's final regular season game and then either the first playoff game or the team's home opener next year should Dallas fail to make the playoffs.

  • American Athletic Conference Enjoying Early Success

    by Paul Myerberg, USA TODAY Sports April 2014

    Excuse American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco for wanting to bask in the moment. Long after Connecticut's 60-54 win against Kentucky, Aresco was among two dozen people still hovering on the court at AT&T Stadium, reveling in the Huskies' fourth national championship -- and the AAC's first.

  • UGA Woos Football Recruits with Hand-Drawn Portraits

    by Michael Carvell; Staff April 2014

    Georgia's recruiting efforts made national news after coach Mark Richt sent hand-drawn portraits with autographed messages to some of the state's top football prospects. It's proving to be a way for UGA to separate itself from competitors when sending recruiting mail to elite high school juniors who routinely get hundreds of letters every week. "I'd say my UGA portrait is the most creative thing I've gotten in the mail (from a college) so far," McEachern High offensive lineman Chuma Edoga said. "I thought it was pretty cool that they took the time to do (the drawing).

  • Rutgers AD Back in Headlines with Headline Comment

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann is not making any friends with the local media.

  • College Players Rep Talks Policy Change, Not Paychecks

    by SETH GRUEN, Staff Reporter April 2014

    The question about whether college athletes are employees long predated the College Athletes Players Association. That question was answered when the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board last week granted Northwestern's scholarship football players the right to unionize. Though NU is appealing the ruling, the recognition of CAPA as a union has raised even more questions.

  • Unionization Effort Brings Hard-to-Answer Questions

    by Kevin Trahan, Special for USA TODAY Sports March 2014

    Ever since the National Labor Relations Board announcement last week that Northwestern's football players had been deemed employees by the regional director of the board's Chicago office, the phrase "unintended consequences" has been cited by many who question what might lie ahead for college athletics. What about taxes? What about Title IX? Won't this cost the players more money than it's worth?

  • Sweet Deals: Coaches Cash In on NCAA Tournament Runs

    by Mitch White, THE WASHINGTON TIMES March 2014

    Winning is at a premium in college basketball this time of year, and for Virginia coach Tony Bennett, the stakes have never been higher. Bennett already has collected $100,000 in bonuses by helping the Cavaliers reach the Sweet 16, according to a Forbes report. With money still on the table, Bennett has the potential to earn a total of $1 million in bonuses in this year's tournament. If the Cavaliers are able to defeat Michigan State on Friday and reach the Elite Eight, Bennett would get a bonus of $250,000. Another win would push the Cavaliers to the Final Four, netting another $250,000 in bonus money for Bennett.

  • MLB Unveils High-Tech Room as Hub of Replay System

    by Joe Lemire, @LemireJoe March 2014

    Baseball's newly constructed Replay Operations Center, a 900-square-foot enclave within Major League Baseball Advanced Media's offices in Chelsea, is a space barely larger than the average one-bedroom rental in Manhattan, yet it contains 37 high-definition televisions, each of which can be subdivided into a dozen or more smaller displays. Wednesday, MLB offered a glimpse into a room that will change the way baseball is officiated, and it's not hard to imagine a whirl of activity on game nights.

  • Athletes' Unionization Attempt Scores Major Victory

    by Michael Gaio March 2014

    In their attempt to unionize college athletes, the Northwestern football players and the recently formed College Athletes Players Association scored a major victory on Wednesday.

  • Showtime: Turn Playing Surfaces into 3-D Video Boards

    by Michael Gaio March 2014

    Hardwood ripples. Free-throw lanes rise. Game footage rolls and championship banners unfurl in an unexpected space — the playing surface. Welcome to the next generation of in-arena entertainment.