• Opinion: NFL Needed Wakeup Call of Declining Ratings

    by Greg Cote November 2016

    NFL television ratings are down significantly. Good! No other sports league needs a slap in the face more. Roger Goodell's preening conglomerate sails along imperviously, thinking it is bulletproof. It isn't. So here is the lesson for the NFL in the declining numbers: Work harder.

  • Nielsen: Plummeting Subscriber Numbers for ESPN

    by Claire Atkinson November 2016

    Wall Street is watching ESPN's subscriber declines like a hawk. October looked like the scariest month in some time for the sports network, with Nielsen reporting a loss of 621,000 subscribers - a doubling from the typical loss of around 300,000 a month.

  • Opinion: Newton's Complaints About Pocket Hits Valid

    by Lorenzo Reyes November 2016

    The NFL is at the midseason point for most teams, and Sunday's action sparked even more story lines. But don't jump to conclusions just yet. Here are five overreactions we're pushing back on after Week8's games. Cam Newton is just spouting off

  • Blue Jays Incident Revives Call for Beer Can Ban

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    Almost a year after fans’ behavior led to a beer can ban in the upper decks of Toronto Blue Jays’ Rogers Centre for the remainder of the AL Championship Series, a new incident threatens to revive the ban.

  • Pac-12 to Run and Broadcast e-Sports Competition

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    In recent years, e-Sports have made major strides toward legitimacy. Broadcast television has turned e-Sports into a commercial product, some schools have begun giving e-Sports scholarships, and now a major collegiate conference is poised to take the e-Sports movement even further.

  • Athletic Business’ Top 10 (Plus One) Stories of 2015

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    As we close the book on another year, let’s look back on some of 2015’s most popular stories. From new stadiums to athlete safety, 2015 provided a wide range of stories from across the athletics, fitness and recreation industry.

  • Beijing Catches '22: First to Host Summer, Winter Games

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    Beijing was selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee announced this morning. This decision makes Beijing the first city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics. The city played host for the Summer Olympics in 2008.

  • The AB Extra: July 17

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    In this week's AB Extra, you'll find news about Nike's response to a ban by CrossFit, a rebranding of a Canadian town to welcome a new hockey arena and the United States' top swimming city.

  • Judge Upholds Cancellation of Redskins Trademarks

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A federal judge in Northern Virginia has ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins’ federal trademark registrations, marking a huge loss for the team in their legal battle over the mascot’s name.

  • e-Sports Athletes Looking for Recognition

    by Emily Attwood April 2015

    At first glance, one might scoff at any comparison between the athletic feats of an athlete on the field and a gamer online, but for e-Sports competitors, there may be more similarities than differences.