• Virtual Reality Still Lags Behind TV Olympics Coverage

    by Telegram & Gazette August 2016

    If you want to glimpse the future of sports broadcasting, you can check out the Rio Olympics in virtual reality. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the competition, just turn on the TV. NBC, BBC and other Olympic networks around the world are offering the opening and closing ceremonies and selected events in VR, giving viewers a 360-degree perspective — that is, the ability to look up, down and all around — when they wear special headsets. It’s a first in Olympics broadcasting, and NBC itself admits that its more than 100 hours of VR coverage is experimental. It’s good that television networks are getting a head start on figuring out what works with the new technology. Watching the Olympics in VR can occasionally transport you, giving you the sense of actually being there in Rio. But those moments are still too few and far between.

  • Aerial Camera Collapse Causes Injuries at Olympics

    by Alan Gomez August 2016

    Seven people suffered minor injuries Monday when an aerial camera and its cables fell 65 feet at Olympic Park. Flavio Oliveira was getting out of a handball match with his nephew when he heard the wires come crashing to the ground. He said the cable whipped against two girls, hitting one in the neck.

  • Olympics Can Inspire People to Be More Active

    by Jennifer Graham August 2016

    An analysis of sports participation after the 2008 Games showed an increase in people taking up popular Olympic sports such as swimming, running and gymnastics the next year. And in one recent survey, nearly 70 percent of parents said they are inspired to become more active after watching athletic competitions.

  • HS Conference to Stream Sports Via Internet

    by Dave Kane August 2016

    It might not be up there with the Big Ten or SEC networks, at least not yet. But Sangamo Conference athletics will have a lot more visibility on the Internet during the upcoming school year. Adam Eucker, athletic director at Williamsville High School, said almost all Sangamo Conference football, volleyball and boys and girls basketball games can be seen live for a fee during the 2016-17 school year through the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Network. Eucker said the Sangamo is the first high school conference in the country to offer an across-the-board viewing package on the NFHS Network.

  • U.S. Handball Hopes Games Bring New Athletes to Sport

    by Martin Rogers August 2016

    This is a public service announcement aimed at any college basketball player, soccer goalkeeper, lacrosse player, football recruit (skill positions preferred), water polo junkie, wrestler or women's softball exponent. If you're watching the Rio Olympics and wish you were taking part but your current career path makes that unlikely, there might be an answer for you. There is only one sport in the program that doesn't have any U.S. representation at these Games, and it might just offer the best opportunity for would-be Olympians riding their couches and watching the action.

  • Are TV Partners Manipulating Conference Realignment?

    by Scott D. Pierce August 2016

    Maybe no one at ESPN or Fox has issued -- or is issuing -- direct orders to anyone at the ACC, Big Ten or Big 12. But ESPN and Fox are certainly making their wishes known. Making it clear that they would prefer School A to School B. Two schools to four sc

  • North Dakota State Rescinds Restrictive Media Policy

    by Tu-Uyen Tran August 2016

    North Dakota State University athletics' controversial rules that would have limited access for media outlets that didn't have a deal with the university will be rescinded, the university said Tuesday.

  • Big 12 Expansion Plans Irk League's TV Partners

    by Jeff Call August 2016

    The Sports Business Journal reported that ESPN and Fox Sports, the league's television partners, aren't happy with the Big 12's potential expansion plans.

  • Pac-12 to Run and Broadcast e-Sports Competition

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    In recent years, e-Sports have made major strides toward legitimacy. Broadcast television has turned e-Sports into a commercial product, some schools have begun giving e-Sports scholarships, and now a major collegiate conference is poised to take the e-Sports movement even further.

  • Athletic Business’ Top 10 (Plus One) Stories of 2015

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    As we close the book on another year, let’s look back on some of 2015’s most popular stories. From new stadiums to athlete safety, 2015 provided a wide range of stories from across the athletics, fitness and recreation industry.