• Kentucky School Latest to Offer Scholarships to Gamers

    by The Associated Press January 2015

    A private liberal arts college in Kentucky says it will make video games an official sport and start offering scholarships to gamers in the fall.

  • From Uniforms to Slogans, Oregon a Proud Trendsetter

    by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    The first thing Oregon players and administrators noticed when they arrived in Seattle for a 2012 game against Washington State was that they had been ripped off.

  • Recruiting Impact of U. Miami's Adidas Deal?

    by Matt Porter, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer January 2015

    The University of Miami will announce a multi-year, multimillion-dollar branding deal with Adidas on Thursday, the latest marquee move in the arms race between shoe companies.

  • Bettman Credits Social Media for Driving NHL's Growth

    by Hemal Jhaveri, @hemjhaveri, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    Let's get this out of the way: The ratings for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic were not what anyone wanted.

  • Columnist: Athlete Stances Deserve Nuanced Response

    by Chris Spatola Guest columnist December 2014

    The First Amendment is just as much about the right to speak as it about the right to listen.

  • Brady Outburst Triggers Talk About Obscenity in Sports

    by MIKE LOWE Staff Writer December 2014

    Tom Brady's sideline swearing has people complaining, wondering about profanity in sports. The New England Patriots trailed the Green Bay Packers, 26-21, in the final minutes of their game three weeks ago.

  • Meet Ray Watts, the Most Unpopular Man in Birmingham

    by Las Vegas Sun December 2014

    The most unpopular man in Birmingham, Ala., these days is Dr. Ray Watts, the president of the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

  • Pelini Rips Nebraska AD in Leaked Recording

    by Laken Litman, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    Wednesday morning Bo Pelini had his introductory news conference as Youngstown State's football coach. Wednesday afternoon a recording of his farewell words to Nebraska players after he was fired was leaked -- and it wasn't pretty.

  • 500 NFL Employees Turned in Phones for Rice Probe

    by Associated Press December 2014

    Two people familiar with the situation tell The Associated Press nearly 500 employees at NFL headquarters in New York turned over phone and email records to investigators looking into how Commissioner Roger Goodell and staff pursued the Ray Rice case.

  • Opinion: Medal of Honor Bowl Flap About More than Race

    by Brian Hicks December 2014

    If a ref had seen Charleston County Council turn down the Medal of Honor Bowl s request for $25,000 last week, he might have called unnecessary roughness. But the play stands. Last week Charleston s own bowl game a charity to raise money for the Medal of Honor Museum asked council for money to help get the game broadcast on NBC. Seems our bowl isn t big enough to sell its TV rights. We have to pay them. Councilman Henry Darby took the opportunity to criticize The Citadel again for displaying a Confederate battle flag in Summerall Chapel. He also pointed out some rather unflattering, and patently racist, comments attributed to former governor and Confederate Brig. Gen. Johnson Hagood.