• First Amendment Lawyers Criticize Athlete Gag Orders

    by Celia Llopis-Jepsen December 2014

    Kansas State University athletes are instructed in writing not to speak to media independently of the athletics department, a policy that First Amendment lawyers and government transparency advocates criticize, but that is similar to practice at other universities in Kansas and around the country.

  • Lawmakers, Small-Market Fans Target NFL Blackout Rule

    by Jerry Zremski News Washington Bureau Chief December 2014

    A key senator and the Sports Fans Coalition on Thursday cited Buffalo as proof that the National Football League should abandon its practice of blacking out local television broadcasts of games that are not sold out.

  • Opinion: More Schools Should Just Say No to Bowls

    by Pedro Moura, The Orange County Register December 2014

    This year, 76 of the 126 Football Bowl Subdivision universities - 60 percent - will take part in 38 bowl games (39 with the College Football Playoff championship game). You can win five games, lose seven and still play in the postseason, somehow. Many of the participants will gain little from the experience and actually lose a lot from it, at least financially.

  • Pelini Farewell Meeting Costs HS Staffer Room Rental Fee

    by Andrew Brandt December 2014

    When Nebraska's athletic department let head football coach Bo Pelini go on Sunday, his players were — to say the least — upset. 

  • More Bad News: UAB's Bowl Hopes Now 'Nonexistent'

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    If it's true that "when it rains, it pours," consider UAB's football program drenched in a torrential monsoon.

  • First Male Active Big League Sports Official Comes Out

    by Jorge L. Ortiz December 2014

    As a major league umpire for 29 years, the last thing Dale Scott ever wants is attention. That's usually a sign he has missed a call. This kind of attention is different, though. Scott said Tuesday he has received an overwhelmingly supportive response to his decision to publicly come out, becoming the first active male referee or umpire in major American pro sports to openly declare he's gay. NBA referee Violet Palmer announced in late July that she's a lesbian. Scott, a crew chief for 12 seasons, said his colleagues and Major League Baseball officials have known of his sexual orientation for years. He revealed it to the rest of the world Tuesday in a story on

  • Police Not Fans of Rams' Ferguson Protest Gesture

    by Naples Daily News (Florida) December 2014

    The St. Louis Police Officers Association released a statement of righteous indignation after five Rams — Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Kenny Britt, Jared Cook and Chris Givens — walked onto the field with a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose before the game.

  • College's eSports Program Gives Scholarships to Gamers

    by Michael Sanserino Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (TNS) December 2014

    Robert Morris University Illinois has become the first U.S. university to offer scholarships for video gaming when it launched its eSports program this fall. The school gave out 35 scholarships to gamers from around the country.

  • Role of 'Big Shoe' Affects Athletes from Youth to College

    by Steve Hummer; Staff November 2014

    What is the ultimate sign of success in basketball? The embarrassingly large shoe contract, and maybe even getting your name on one of the overpriced sneakers, like a Jimmy Choo with ups.

  • Opinion: Peterson's Return to NFL Could Be Learning Tool

    by Nancy Armour,, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    Imagine the difference Peterson can make if he's allowed to bring the bright spotlight of the NFL to an issue that, for too long, has been hidden away as a dirty family secret. Or excused because of cultural or regional differences.