• CBS Sports to Launch Show with All-Female Roundtable

    by Nina Mandell, @ninamandell, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    In the 1990s in New York City, Lesley Visser, Billie Jean King, CBS Sports director Suzanne Smith and Mary Carillo would be at a party, and the same refrain inevitably came up: The four of them should have a television show together.

  • Tampa Bay Rowdies Video Hopes to Inspire P.E. Students

    by Anastasia Dawson August 2014

    Pinellas County physical education teachers are hoping a workout video made with the Tampa Bay Rowdies will encourage their students to be a bit rowdier in and out of their classes. A few Lakewood High School football players and Osceola Middle School students this summer teamed up with the Rowdies on an education video to show in every physical education class in the county. Local Rowdies players Anthony Wallace, Kyle Clinton, Brian Shriver, JP Rodrigues and Blake Wagner trade off demonstrations with the students of how to properly perform exercises for class. The video is paid for by the Carol M. White Physical Education Program, a three-year federal grant to improve students' health by disguising it as fun, elementary physical education teacher Angela Carapella said. When the school district won the grant last fall, it found middle schoolers' scores on their yearly fitness tests were at an all-time low. Pinellas was one of 60 school districts awarded the grant by the U.S. Department of Education, which doles out about $775,000 for each year.

  • Don't Expect College Playoff to Eliminate Controversy

    by Todd Jones, The Columbus Dispatch August 2014

    The voice rose up from the state of Florida eight years ago and cut deep into Big Ten country, where there existed a clamor for a historic rematch. The voice rang with outrage against the idea that Ohio State and Michigan should play again in the Bowl Championship Series title game after the No. 1 Buckeyes had defeated the No. 2 Wolverines 42-39 in the regular-season finale in 2006.

  • Columnist: Has College Football Lost the Millennials?

    by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    From all obvious angles, college football looks healthier than ever. But lurking behind the boom that has seen college football grow into America's second-favorite sport is a trend that could very well be a warning 10, 15 or 20 years down the line.

  • Sabres Owners Bid $890M on Bills During First Round

    by Jerry Zremski, News Washington Bureau Chief August 2014

    None of the three bidders for the Buffalo Bills offered more than $900 million, Forbes magazine reported Thursday, a day after the magazine pegged the team's value at $930 million and said that it was unlikely to leave town. The $890 million bid by Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula and his wife, Kim, was the leader in the nonbinding first round, the magazine reported. A Toronto group fronted by rocker Jon Bon Jovi was second, at $820 million, while Manhattan developer Donald J. Trump offered $809 million.

  • Signed Little League Memorabilia? 'That's Absurd'

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer August 2014

    YOU GOTTA love Mo'ne Davis. Told yesterday that a baseball she had signed was going for $500 on eBay, the Taney Little League star said, "Really? I've gotta get that."

  • ND Scandal: Media Disrupts Practice at Daniels' School

    by Tim Froehlig. For Sun-Times Media August 2014

    The tail end of Bill Bellecomo's varsity football practice at Vernon Hills High School turned to chaos briefly last Friday. Just shy of 5 p.m., several Chicago news stations showed up at the field unannounced to ask questions about the school's former star wide receiver, DaVaris Daniels

  • Notre Dame Unveils New Under Armour Uniforms

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    First Notre Dame installs synthetic turf at its football stadium and now this? Is nothing sacred?

  • SEC Network Schools Spending on Studios, Control Rooms

    by Nick Cole, The Tennessean August 2014

    Changes that will impact the way Tennessee and Vanderbilt athletics are consumed for years to come are about to take place on campus. The much anticipated launch of the SEC Network, which will air SEC content 24 hours per day, took place Thursday. Tennessee is constructing a $10 million studio in the first floor of its Brenda Lawson Athletic Center. Athletic department spokesman Jimmy Stanton said the studio is privately funded and will have other university uses beyond the SEC Network, such as training students in television production.

  • SEC Network Debuts Today, Impact Could Be Huge

    by Brad Senkiw August 2014

    When the Big Ten became the first conference to create an entire television network to itself in 2007, programming reached 16 million viewers in its inaugural season. The SEC Network, which made its historical launch Thursday, is set to be in nearly 90 million homes — which matches where the Big Ten is seven years later. The SEC also joins the Pac-12 and Texas’ more-criticized-than-viewed Longhorn Network, even though the SEC, which prides itself on being ahead of the curve, waited a while before going out on its own.