• Blogger Hired to Defend 'Redskins' Quits After Two Weeks

    by The Capital (Annapolis, MD) July 2014

    A blogger hired by the Washington Redskins to defend the team's name has quit after two weeks citing personal attacks directed toward him.

  • U.S. Could Host '22 World Cup if Qatar Guilty of Bribery

    by Times Record News July 2014

    The findings from FIFA’s internal investigation regarding how Qatar was awarded the host rights for the 2022 World Cup should be released later this month. New allegations prompted soccer’s governing body to finally take action. With all the evidence that has been reported by news outlets, it’s probable some form of bribery occurred.

  • Introducing Endurance Sports Events to Digital Media

    by Diane Mastrull; Inquirer Columnist July 2014

    As triathletes, one professionally in the past and the other because she's clearly a glutton for torture in her free time, Holden Comeau and Jayme Anne Goldberg have an informed perspective on endurance sports. And not just that they are brutal. The two noticed a costly deficiency: Events managers were not using online video advertising. That meant they were seriously limiting outreach to potential participants and sponsorship revenue, Comeau and Goldberg said.

  • College Presidents' Organization Against Athlete Unions

    by The Associated Press July 2014

    At its core, the players'union said,"this case involves the same questions that arise in every representation case: Do the players perform services for the university? Do they work under the university's supervision and direction? Do they receive compensation for their work? "

  • Atlantic 10 Unveils New Logo, Welcomes Davidson

    by Andrew Brandt July 2014

    Not to be outdone by the Big 12 Conference's rebranding, which AB reported on Monday, the Atlantic 10 Conference also unveiled an updated look.

  • Columnist: Let's Not Read Too Much into Soccer Surge

    by Christine Brennan,, USA TODAY Sports July 2014

    The wonderful run by the U.S. men's national soccer team in the World Cup is over, which means it's time for some people who love soccer to try just a bit too hard to make it mean more than it does. To be sure, Tim Howard was spectacular. People who say they don't care about soccer cared passionately about this. In a country driven by winning, Americans by the millions realized that there can be both joy and dignity in missing the quarterfinals.

  • Editorial: IU Makes Athletes Students in a Fuller Sense

    by The Journal-Gazette July 2014

    Indiana University officials are justly proud of their newly unveiled plan to guarantee their athletes four-year scholarships and the ability to come back and finish their degree later in life. Scholarship athletes at IU will no longer have to fear that if their performance in their sport is deemed inadequate, their college career is over. That may be a first for a major institution. The lifetime guarantee of eligibility to earn a degree almost certainly is, Emmett Gill, the national director for the Student Athlete Human Rights Project, told The Journal Gazette's Chris Goff. "Not only have they looked beyond one year," Gill said, "they've looked beyond four years. For student athletes, that's just tremendous."

  • With Comcast, SEC Network Would Reach 50M Homes

    by Andy Johnston; For the AJC July 2014

    You might want to hold out for a couple of weeks if you're a Comcast subscriber who's worried that you won't have the SEC Network.

  • Big 12 Conference Launches New Logo, Identity

    by Andrew Brandt July 2014

    The Big 12 Conference unveiled a number of new identity and branding standards Tuesday, including — most visibly — the official launch of its new logo.

  • Opinion: Soccer Growing at Its Own Pace in U.S.

    by By Bob Ford July 2014

    Asking whether the United States is now a "soccer nation," which has become a timely if peculiar fascination during the excitement of the World Cup, is like asking if the U.S. is a "broccoli nation." Soccer is consumed here regularly; fervidly by some, occasionally by others, and not at all by those who simply don't care for it. For the most part in this country - with the notable exception of the NFL - that's no different than any other sport.