• Meet the Man Behind 3-D Playing Surface Projection

    by Michael Gaio June 2014

    Hardwood ripples. Free-throw lanes rise. Game footage rolls and championship banners unfurl in an unexpected space — the playing surface. Welcome to the next generation of in-arena entertainment. Through the use of high-powered projectors, Scott Williams and his team at Quince Imaging can turn almost any surface into a high-definition, 3-D video display. With the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers among Quince Imaging’s clients, AB eMedia editor Michael Gaio caught up with Williams to learn more about the technology that gives "state of the art" new meaning.

  • Minor League Club's 'Star Wars Night' a Perennial Sellout

    by Amy Moritz; News Sports Reporter June 2014

    Little girls had their hair pulled back into a pair of buns, in the style of Princess Leia, while little boys wore brown robes in the style of the Jedi fighter. You could even buy cotton candy from a Darth Vader vendor roaming the stands. It was the seventh annual Star Wars Night at Coca-Cola Field, an event which has grown into a sellout game for the Buffalo Bisons every year.

  • Photo: Purdue to Put Fan Photos on Football Helmets

    by Michael Gaio June 2014

    Trying to market a college football team coming off a 1-11 season can be a difficult challenge. But sometimes tough times can inspire the most creative solutions. Take this latest idea from the Purdue Boilermakers for example: The football team is running a promotion that will give fans the opportunity to have their mug plastered on the team's football helmet.

  • Sports Science Credited for Fast-Paced Eagles Camp

    by Rich Hofmann; Daily News Columnist June 2014

    The general feeling, after watching a couple of days of the Eagles' offense at the OTAs, is that the tempo might be even faster than it was last season. Watching them practice, it seems to run the fastest with Nick Foles at quarterback, and then with Matt Barkley, and then with Mark Sanchez - which only makes sense.

  • Sterling Surrenders Fight to Keep Clippers, Drops Suit

    by Brent Schrotenboer, @Schrotenboer, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    Donald Sterling has called off the fight. He will not challenge the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, his attorney confirmed Wednesday to USA TODAY Sports. He also will drop the lawsuit he filed against the NBA on Friday.

  • Maloof: Good Sports Fanchises are Good Investments

    by MARK SMITH Of the Journal June 2014

    Donald Sterling paid the price. He is, after all, the most hated man in America according to a recent poll by E-Score®, a leading consumer research service that provides information to media and entertainment companies. Now, however, Sterling can name his price.

  • Use of Satellite Camps as Recruiting Tool on the Rise

    by Dick Harmon Deseret News June 2014

    What of these satellite college football camps? It's a strategic recruiting move by Notre Dame and Penn State that's stuck in the craw of SEC schools. It's also a novel idea that schools like BYU hope to take advantage of through brand exposure and personal evaluation of players without having them on campus. At the SEC's spring meetings, the topic of satellite camps popped up because the big daddy league prohibits member schools like Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee from participating in camps more than 50 miles from their campuses.

  • Columnist: Outside Influences Remain a Concern in Sports

    by Deron Snyder, THE WASHINGTON TIMES June 2014

    The term "suspension of disbelief" usually refers to works of fiction. We're expected to shelve any concerns about the plausibility of novels, movies and plays, in order to engage with the art form and enjoy the experience.

  • Northern Illinois Coaches Hit Road for 'Summer Circuit'

    by Submitted by Paul Palian June 2014

    Northern Illinois University Athletics is loading up its bus with prizes and is hitting the road in June to see Huskie alumni and fans.

  • College Players Offered $40M in EA Sports Settlement

    by Tim Dahlberg June 2014

    The payouts could go to more than 100,000 athletes, including some current players, who were either on college rosters or had their images used in video games made by Electronic Arts featuring college teams. Lawyers for the plaintiffs said it would be the first time college athletes will be paid for the commercial use of their images.