• Blog: 'Braves' in the News, and Not for the Usual Reason

    by Andrew Cohen December 2011

    This one is so goofy - I do not mean that as a reference to the beloved Walt Disney character - that I barely know where to start. Okay, the news, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution by way of unofficial Disney media outlet Stitch Kingdom: The Atlanta Braves are currently in negotiations with Walt Disney Company to clear up a dispute over what the MLB team says is a misuse of its trademark - which it doesn't own.

  • Blog: Sometimes, the Other Team Wins

    by Andrew Cohen July 2011

    Leave it to Bryant Gumbel to clearly articulate what is wrong with women's sports, men's sports and the sports media that covers mostly the latter.

  • Remembering the Voice of Summer

    by Nicholas Brown May 2010

    During home games, when a player would hit a foul ball into the Tiger Stadium stands, Detroit Tigers radio broadcaster Ernie Harwell would, in his characteristic light Southern drawl and easygoing delivery, say "a man from Livonia with the catch," or "that ball was caught by a young lady from Saginaw."

  • Spectacular, If Not Miraculous

    by Paul Steinbach February 2010

    The Americans were handily out shot. They relied on spectacular goaltending. They got some bounces. And, facing intense pressure late, they held on to pull off the upset. I'm not recounting the Miracle on Ice, the U.S. Olympic hockey team's improbable 4-3 victory over the vaunted Soviets in Lake Placid 30 years ago today. I'm talking about Team USA's win over Canada last night in Vancouver. The score of the two games would have been identical, too, if not for a late empty-net goal by the current Americans.

  • A Decade of Excellence: Andrews Air Force Base Youth Sports

    by Adam Shilling November 2009

    Two types of coaches, traditional and "honorary," help make these programs successful.

  • Money Has Always - Always - Bought Championships

    by Andrew Cohen November 2009

    I'm about to make myself sick.

  • Chicago Goes First, Is Out First

    by Andrew Cohen October 2009

    It's definitely better to give the last presentation, isn't it? The Chicago Olympic bid committee went first today in Denmark, fielding questions from 106 IOC delegates, including a particularly pointed one from a Pakistani delegate about foreign athletes' ability to enter the United States freely. But even the star power of the President and First Lady were unable to sway the 97 eligible first-round voters, as the Windy City was eliminated in the first round.

  • You Haven't Come as Long a Way as We All Thought...Baby

    by Andrew Cohen September 2009

    The beach volleyball doesn't go by the name, "Beachwear Volleyball."

  • High School Officials Debating the Merits of Instant Replay

    by Michael Popke April 2008

    Two close calls have high school officials debating the merits of instant replay -- again.

  • Dispute Over State Tourney Photos Affects Newspaper Coverage of Prep Events in Illinois

    by Michael Popke April 2008

    A dispute over photographs taken at state tournaments is affecting how Illinois newspapers cover interscholastic athletics.