• Eye Gouging HS Football Player Faces Sanctions

    by Paul Walsh November 2015

    A Minneapolis North High School football player will be disciplined for gouging an eye of a rival player Saturday late in his team's loss in the Class 1A Prep Bowl title game, an official with the Minnesota State High School League said Tuesday.

  • HS Football Eye Gouging Incident Under Review

    by Paul Walsh November 2015

    The Minnesota State High School League will consult with Minneapolis North officials about an incident that occurred during North's loss in the Class 1A Prep Bowl game Saturday, an MSHSL official said Sunday.

  • France-England Exhibition Game A Sign of Solidarity

    by Martin Rogers November 2015

    Friendlies, as exhibition matches in international soccer are globally known, are often dismissed as exercises in futility. All too often the finest players skip such games on the pretense of some make-believe injury, only to appear for their club teams at full speed days later. There are too many substitutions, not enough commitment and generally a sense of boredom that is overwhelmingly, er, underwhelming.

  • Football League Cancellation Offers Tough Lessons

    by Renatta Signorini October 2015

    Parents are using the abrupt cancellation of the Mt. Pleasant Area Junior Football League's season as an example for their children -- a lesson in how sports should not be played.

  • Michigan AD Chastises Fans' Behavior in Open Letter

    by Wire services October 2015

    AD Jim Hackett urged fans to avoid "thoughtless comments" after a punting mistake cost the Wolverines Saturday night's game against Michigan State.

  • Light Punishment, Lingering Questions at Ref-Hit Hearing

    by Paul Steinbach October 2015

    Football players and coaches representing San Antonio’s John Jay High School who were involved in the blindside hit on a referee during a game Sept. 4 were handed their punishment Thursday during a third hearing held regarding the incident. reports that head coach Gary Gutierrez received two years probation and a reprimand. Senior defensive back Michael Moreno was given a one-year suspension. Sophomore linebacker Victor Rojas, received an indefinite suspension. Video of the Rojas knocking referee Robert Watts to the ground and Moreno spearing him has been viewed 11 million times on YouTube. The players have been assigned to an alternative school for 75 days.

    Questions remain regarding what motivated the attack. The players have claimed on national television that Jay defensive backs coach Mack Breed ordered the hit. Breed took responsibility after the game, but later claimed he wrongly took the blame to protect the players. Faced with a possible three-year suspension, he was suspended for the remainder of the year and handed two years probation. He resigned in September.

    At Thursday’s hearing, Breed denied the players’ allegations that he ordered the hit out of frustration over officials’ calls, player ejections and alleged racist remarks made by Watts. However, Breed did admit to saying “to no one in particular” and away from players, “That mother------ needs to pay the price.”

    The Texas Association of Sports Officials announced that a private investigator found no evidence that Watts uttered any racial remarks, despite multiple Jay players claiming the opposite.

    Results of an investigation by police in Marble Falls, where the game took place, are expected next week. Prosecutors will then decide whether to pursue criminal charges.

  • Pac-12 Makes Efforts to Improve Transparency in Officiating

    by Jacob Thorpe, October 2015

    Having coached in the Pac-12 for more than three years, Mike Leach has seen plenty of calls go against his team and he's not shy about mentioning the ones with which he disagrees. There was blatant pass interference by Oregon at a critical juncture last year that wasn't called. Leach also mentions last year's loss to California to note that he believes Gerard Wicks scored a touchdown but wasn't given credit prior to the missed field goal that would have won the game.

  • Brawl After HS Football Game May Lead to Criminal Charges

    by Earle Kimel October 2015

    Ninety seconds. That's how long a brawl between football players from North Port and Braden River high schools lasted Friday night, according to a Sarasota County School District spokesman. It will take far longer to sort out basic facts of what took place, whether the fight will lead to criminal charges and if it will change the way athletes leave locker rooms after games. A North Port city spokesman said the Police Department is investigating the brawl at North Port High School that left one Braden River player with injuries that required a trip to the hospital.

  • Flag Footballer Accused of Stomping on Head in Melee

    by Jorge Milian October 2015

    An adult flag football game in Royal Palm Beach turned violent last week, sending one man to a hospital trauma unit and another man to the Palm Beach County Jail.

  • HS Football Players Reportedly Injured in Postgame Brawl

    by Doug Fernandes October 2015

    For the North Port Bobcats, the final outcome, a 42-7 loss to visiting Braden River on Friday night, was ugly enough. But what transpired afterward was unseemly for both teams. A fight erupted among players on the two squads. It apparently started as Pirate players walked back to their team bus. At The Preserve in North Port, the two locker rooms are separated only by a walkway. Details are sketchy, but one report had as many as 30 to 40 players participating in the brawl. Braden River running back Raymond Thomas was said to have been hit on the side of his face with a helmet, the force knocking out two teeth. Thomas went afterward to a hospital ER, where an exam ruled out a jaw fracture. Police were not called to the incident, and adult supervision was said to be lacking.