• Opinion: Sprinter's Defeat Shows Need for Doping Enforcement

    by Deseret Morning News July 2016

    With less than 120 meters to go to cross the finish line of the 800-meter final at the 2016 Olympic trials, Alysia Montano tripped on another athlete, who flailed after being clipped by a third runner, and Montano tumbled to the ground. After the fall, she cried out and then repeatedly struggled to get to her feet. She wailed and then collected herself enough to run a few more feet before the reality of what she'd lost pushed her back to her knees.

  • Youth League Struggles After Parent Threatens Ref

    by Rich Cholodofsky July 2016

    Organizers of the Mt. Pleasant Area Junior Football League are struggling to fill rosters nearly a year after its season was canceled following threats against a referee and organization officials by a disgruntled parent who admitted his guilt Wednesday in Westmoreland County court.

  • NYPD-FDNY Charity Football Game Ends in Violence

    by Larry Celona, Frank Rosario and Bruce Golding May 2016

    This year's NYPD-FDNY charity football game turned into a bloody brawl when a cop viciously tackled a firefighter during the meaningless final minutes. The violent hit near the cops' sideline touched off two fights on the field at MCU Park on Coney Island, site of the 44th annual Fun City Bowl on Sunday.

  • Parents' Ire at Coaches Shifts to Posts, Tweets

    by David La Vaque; STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) May 2016

    Two longtime coaches who resigned last month both blamed, in part, parents using social media to amplify their vitriol.

  • One School Rescues Another After Track Bus Breakdown

    by Staff report May 2016

    Burnet Consolidated Independent School District came to Water Valley’s rescue Sunday when the bus carrying the high school track team home from the UIL State Track and Field Championships in Austin broke down outside of Burnet.

  • Opinion: Punch Off-Base, But Emotion Good for Game

    by Bob Nightengale May 2016

    Just when we thought baseball might be going soft, along comes Sunday's old-fashioned brawl between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers, sending a right cross that jolts our senses. Well, maybe with not quite the same impact as Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor's fist delivered to Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista's jaw, thank goodness, as it makes us woozy just watching replays of the punch heard 'round the baseball world. Yes, and it comes seven months after that bat flip, with the Rangers letting us know they certainly haven't forgotten about Bautista's demonstrative celebration in their emotional American League Division Series in October. The Rangers, who have played seven games against the Blue Jays this year, waited until Bautista's final at-bat against them this season to send that purpose pitch.

  • Scandals Tarnish Glory of Olympic Games

    by Chris McGaughey May 2016

    Doping scandals. Bribery allegations. Fears about Zika. Political, economic and corruption crises. What else could go wrong? The past few days have unleashed a wave of grim news for the Olympics, battering four host cities — past, present and future — on three continents, and further eroding public trust in the credibility of the global sports movement. Just when the sports world thought it had pulled away from the darkest days of the FIFA and IAAF scandals, a confluence of turmoil this week brought the clouds back and threatened the image and prestige of the Olympics, less than three months before the Aug. 5 opening ceremony in Brazil. Richard Ings, former chief executive of Australia s anti-doping agency, said sports leaders must work quickly or sink further into this quicksand.

  • After Fight, High School Teams Seasons Canceled

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Following a nasty fighting incident during a game on Saturday involving fans and players from the Pike and Ben Davis girls basketball teams, the Indiana High School Athletic Association brought the hammer down by canceling the remainder of both teams’ seasons.

  • Students Protest Against WIAA’s Anti-Chant Rule

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Activities Association made headlines for an email message it sent to schools in late December reminding them about a long-standing rule about sportsmanship.

  • Student-Athlete Given Five-Game Suspension for Tweet

    by Takara Scott-Johnston January 2016

    Hilbert (Wis.) High School basketball player April Gehl has been suspended for five basketball games for a tweet, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent.