• Are Participation Trophies Worthwhile?

    by Frank Fitzpatrick March 2017

    The childhood sports trophy, as innocent and ubiquitous a memento of American youth as yearbooks and baby photos, recently has become the focus of a battle as nasty and intense as any NFL rivalry.

  • College Apologizes for Hockey Player's Hit on Ref

    by The Buffalo News February 2017

    An Erie Community College hockey player who decked a referee during the National Junior College Athletic Association championship game on Sunday will be prosecuted on a criminal charge.

  • Youth Hockey Coach Addresses On-Ice Altercation

    by T.J. Pignataro February 2017

    Andrew Peters, who coaches the 15-and-under Buffalo Junior Sabres hockey team, talked briefly about an altercation that broke out during a game Saturday at HarborCenter. "Fighting in 'youth sports' is unacceptable ... in all sports, not just hockey."

  • Hockey Coach Suspended After Player-Punch Video

    by Maki Becker February 2017

    Former Buffalo Sabres forward Andrew Peters was suspended indefinitely from coaching the Junior Sabres after a brawl between 15-year-old players broke out on the ice Saturday and a video appears to show a coach punching an opposing player when the fight spills into his team's bench.

  • NSGA to Collaborate with Positive Coaching Alliance

    by the Chicago Daily Herald February 2017

    The National Sporting Goods Association will collaborate with Positive Coaching Alliance, a national nonprofit developing Better Athletes, Better People through youth and high school sports.

  • School Seeks to Build ‘Better Athletes, Better People’

    by Jason Scott February 2017

    On Tuesday, officials at the La Cañada Unified School District in California supported a program called the Positive Coaching Alliance that they hope will change the culture surrounding athletics for the better.

  • Local Groups Struggle to Recruit Youth Sports Officials

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    In the last year, finding qualified officials to work youth sports tournament games has become increasingly more difficult, according to the Sports Commission in Rochester, Minn. This makes it harder to host local tournaments, which results in fewer competition opportunities for youths.

  • MWC Institutes Zero Tolerance Sportsmanship Policy

    by Geoff Grammer January 2017

    A Jan. 15 memo written by MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson highlighted the league's concern that the perception of the conference had become "nothing short of embarrassing" this season

  • College Hoops Brawl Leads to Suspensions, Fines

    by Clay Bailey January 2017

    The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference suspended 15 players involved in last Saturday's fight at Bruce Hall between the LeMoyne-Owen and Lane College basketball teams, plus handed down fines against the schools and coaches, the conference announced Friday. Additionally, the conference said any spectator identified as an active participant in the fight will receive a lifetime ban to all SIAC events, regardless of the sport.

  • Eligibility Hearing Reinstates Ref-Hitting Rojas

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    On Tuesday, Victor Rojas, suspended from John Jay (San Antonio) in 2015 for attacking a game official on-field, was reinstated as an eligible participant in competitive sports for the 2017-18 school year by the University Interscholastic League.