• NHL Fighting Down 40 Percent From Six Seasons Ago

    by Shawn Mitchell, The Columbus Dispatch November 2014

    The sight of Blue Jackets right wing Jared Boll dropping his gloves and exchanging haymakers with Philadelphia forward Zac Rinaldo on Saturday was familiar, yet increasingly rare.

  • Lions Add Personal Touch When Hosting Displaced Bills

    by Tim Graham; News Sports Reporter November 2014

    How's this for hospitality? Dislodged by last week's snowstorm, Buffalo Bills President Russ Brandon, in a ballcap and with a three-day scruff, set up shop Friday night in Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand's office. As Brandon worked away, Lewand arrived in a black tuxedo. A white cloth was draped over Lewand's forearm, elegant waiter-style.

  • UNC Apologizes for Damage to Duke Football Facilities

    by Steve Wiseman, November 2014

    Celebrating a 25-point win over arch rival Duke will cost North Carolina around $25,000 to clean up the damage at its rival's football facilities.

  • Fight Breaks Out Between Manziel Entourage, Browns Fan

    by Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    A 33-year-old Ohio man said he was attacked by members of Johnny Manziel's entourage in a hotel lobby early Saturday after he tried to approach the Cleveland Browns backup quarterback.

  • Columnist: In OSU Band, Success Trumps Behavior

    by Joe Blundo, The Columbus Dispatch November 2014

    If I had to pick one sentence as most telling in the latest Ohio State University marching-band report, I'd pick this one: "It appears that the university did not assert proper oversight because of the band's continued successful performance on the field."

  • HS Post-Game Handshakes Give Way to Skirmish

    by Adam Jardy, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH November 2014

    Moments after Steubenville had ended top-seeded Beechcroft's season with a 29-21 victory in a Division IV regional final, the teams came to blows during the postgame handshake line in a brawl that spread nearly the length of the field at John D. Sulsberger Memorial Stadium.

  • Player, Parents: Pattern of Hazing at Central Bucks West

    by Mike Sielski November 2014

    On Oct. 28, five days after the Central Bucks School District canceled C.B. West's football season and suspended the program's coaching staff in the wake of hazing allegations, head coach Brian Hensel released a public statement that was at once apologetic and defiant. "The notion that my coaching staff fostered a culture whereby lack of supervision and hazing was an ongoing norm is not just unfair, but patently false," Hensel wrote. He later added: "It is also my sincere hope that the investigation will reveal that this alleged hazing was a one-time, isolated incident." But even before the school district removed Hensel as C.B. West's coach on Tuesday, people who are or were affiliated with the West program had contradicted both his assertion and his hope. In a series of interviews over the last three weeks, their accounts make it clear that the hazing at an Aug. 16 team picnic - which led to the season's cancellation, the district's investigation, and Hensel's firing, even though he didn't attend the picnic - was not a one-time, isolated incident at all.

  • Central Bucks West Head Coach Fired in Wake of Hazing

    by Aaron Carter November 2014

    DECISIONS IN the aftermath of the Central Bucks West High football hazing ordeal finally have come to pass. On its website, the Central Bucks School District revealed that Brian Hensel was out as head coach, and a "comprehensive search" for a replacement will commence shortly.

  • Questions of Religion, Patriotism Collide on NBA Sideline

    by Mark A. Kellner November 2014

    The pregame actions of Dion Waiters, a guard with the Cleveland Cavaliers in Wednesday's game in Salt Lake City, have focused attention on whether or not Islam allows adherents to participate in patriotic rituals - and why initial media reports didn't ask that question.

  • High School's 'Athletes Against Bullying' Club a Model

    by Rita Giordano; Inquirer Staff Writer November 2014

    Athletes Against Bullyingl teaches athletes to be positive role models and help raise awareness about bullying.