• Opinion: Punishment for HS Chants Missed the Mark

    by Steve Buckley March 2016

    We're supposed to be surprised that a local high school banned its students from attending a championship basketball game last night in the aftermath of a nasty, immature, offensive name-calling episode?

  • Opinion: Poor Spectator Behavior Ruining Prep Sports

    by Jay Hutchinson March 2016

    This past week, I attended the UHSAA 4A and 5A basketball championships at the University of Utah along with hundreds of other fellow prep sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I am concerned that many spectators' behavior ran contrary to this important value.

  • HS Denies Alleged Racist Remarks at Hoops Tournament

    by Trevor Phibbs March 2016

    Emery High School has rejected claims of racism made against the school and its fans by Summit Academy players and coaches who said they endured racially-loaded insults and physical threats during and after a Class 2A semifinal game between the two schools last month in Richfield. Emery principal Larry Davis said in a statement released late last week that an internal investigation conducted by the school confirmed one instance of"inappropriate" behavior, and he acknowledged there may have been other possible isolated incidents. But he denied claims by Summit Academy coaches Evric Gray and Hector Marquez, and three of their players, who said they were the victims of multiple racially-motivated attacks by Emery team members or fans on Feb. 26.

  • Opinion: Hostile Chants Hurt High School Hoops

    by Marlen Garcia March 2016

    In the aftermath of a high school basketball game between Catholic schools in northwest Indiana that became racially charged, officials tried to say the right things. Administrators from Andrean High School in Merrillville and Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond issued statements about sportsmanship and teachable moments.

  • After Fight, High School Teams Seasons Canceled

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Following a nasty fighting incident during a game on Saturday involving fans and players from the Pike and Ben Davis girls basketball teams, the Indiana High School Athletic Association brought the hammer down by canceling the remainder of both teams’ seasons.

  • Students Protest Against WIAA’s Anti-Chant Rule

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Activities Association made headlines for an email message it sent to schools in late December reminding them about a long-standing rule about sportsmanship.

  • Student-Athlete Given Five-Game Suspension for Tweet

    by Takara Scott-Johnston January 2016

    Hilbert (Wis.) High School basketball player April Gehl has been suspended for five basketball games for a tweet, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent.

  • High School Basketball Coach Hits Referee

    by Jason Scott January 2016

    A Pennsylvania high school basketball coach was placed on leave and could face harsher punishment after hitting an official during a heated moment of a game.

  • Post-Game Brawl Leads to Team Suspensions

    by Takara Scott-Johnston December 2015

    The Louisiana High School Athletics Association is investigating a fight that broke out after a game between two of the region’s top high school basketball teams.

  • Columnist Suffers Broken Leg After Court Storming

    by Takara Scott-Johnston December 2015

    A Des Moines Register reporter was caught in the action as Iowa State fans stormed the court after beating in-state rival Iowa in Ames Thursday night. According to the Des Moines Register, Randy Peterson suffered a compound fracture to his tibia and fibula after possibly tangling legs with another attendee during the chaos.