• Tallahassee Views of FSU's Jameis Winston Mixed

    by Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    Roughly a mile down Tennessee Street from where the Florida State football team was practicing for the College Football Playoff last Tuesday afternoon, Shannon Sullivan parked his silver sport-utility vehicle near a typically busy intersection and began pulling plastic tables and boxes of shirts out of the back.

  • AHL Team Doen't Buy Story of Opponents' Bus Trouble

    by Bill Ballou, TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF December 2014

    Christmas did not come early for the Sharks, but Christmas break did. Their game at Bridgeport, scheduled for 3 Sunday afternoon, was postponed due to travel issues for the host Sound Tigers.

  • Brady Outburst Triggers Talk About Obscenity in Sports

    by MIKE LOWE Staff Writer December 2014

    Tom Brady's sideline swearing has people complaining, wondering about profanity in sports. The New England Patriots trailed the Green Bay Packers, 26-21, in the final minutes of their game three weeks ago.

  • Columnist: Little Leaguers Experiencing Ugly Side of Fame

    by MARY MITCHELL December 2014

    Headlines that once declared the talented boys of Jackie Robinson West "champs," were calling them "cheats."

  • Georgetown Takes Calculated 'I Can't Breathe' Stand

    by David Daniels, THE WASHINGTON TIMES December 2014

    Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson III takes the teaching aspect of his job description seriously. His team had wrestled with emotions since it watched from the Bahamas on Nov. 24 as a St. Louis County grand jury refused to indict Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

  • Opinion: Athletes Can Take a Stand, Just Not Racism?

    by Deron Snyder, THE WASHINGTON TIMES December 2014

    A series of recent public service announcements about domestic violence and sexual assault features celebrities as well as current and former NFL players. But when players raise their hands in "Don't Shoot" fashion or wear T-shirts that read "I Can't Breathe,"

  • 14 Lacrosse Players Disciplined for 'Cracksgiving' Costumes

    by Beth Brogan BDN Staff December 2014

    Members of the Bowdoin College men's lacrosse team will be disciplined for dressing up as Native Americans at a November party known as "Cracksgiving" held in an off-campus house.

  • Columnist: Players Should Be Responsible for Actions

    by Dick Jerardi; Daily News Columnist December 2014

    One of the many things I have never understood is why exactly the head coach is responsible for everything his players have ever done, might contemplate doing or will eventually do.

  • Coaches Key in Developing Athletes' Mental Toughness

    by Larry Mahoney BDN Staff December 2014

    Coaches develop the mental toughness with their athletes by following a regime that includes building trust, developing individual goals, providing honesty and consistency, stressing focus, emphasizing accountability and giving guidelines.

  • Protesters, Players Show Support for Garner Family

    by Chris Strauss and Jeff Zillgitt, @chris_strauss, @JeffZillgitt, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    The loudest crowd Monday at the Barclays Center wasn't inside the building. As the crowd of 17,732 -- including Jay Z, Beyonce, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the evening's highly anticipated guests, the duke and duchess of Cambridge, Will and Kate -- headed into the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets, many found a vociferous but peaceful group of several thousand protesters awaiting them.