• 'Battle of the Fans' Seeks Top High School Cheering Section

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor January 2012

    Who says school spirit is dead? Not students at the five Michigan high schools that have made it to the finals of that state's inaugural "Battle of the Fans." Developed by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, the contest seeks to recognize the top student cheering section in the state. Organized by MHSAA staff and its 16-member Student Advisory Council, it will reward the section that best exemplifies the positive and festive atmosphere created when students show enthusiasm, unity and sportsmanship while rooting for their school's basketball teams.

  • Politics Pollute Inaugural Youth Olympic Games

    by Michael Popke August 2010

    Iran was accused of putting politics before sports at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore on Sunday after withdrawing from a taekwondo final against Israel. The Iranian delegation told the Games' internal news service that Mohammad Soleimani did not compete because of injury, while Israel called the withdrawal politically motivated. "My understanding is that he was taken to [a] hospital and unable to compete," International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams told the Associated Press.

  • Debate Brews at Syracuse Over the Practice of Retiring Numbers

    by Paul Steinbach February 2009

    The debate over whether retiring a number is considered historic preservation or lost legacy heats up at Syracruse University.

  • NFL Already Late In Announcing Fan Code of Conduct

    by Paul Steinbach August 2008

    When the NFL announced a league-wide fan code of conduct, it was already playing catch-up.

  • Abusive Student Sections Drawing Attention from Outside the Arena

    by Paul Steinbach April 2008

    Abusive student sections are drawing attention from outside the arena.

  • Mass. Lawmakers Propose Sportsmanship Bill

    by Michael Popke March 2008

    Massachusetts lawmakers hope a proposed bill will help student-athletes behave better on and off the field.

  • Founder of Discusses Hazing

    by Paul Steinbach February 2008

    Founder of the tongue-in-cheek web site,, speaks seriously about hazing.

  • Boys' Soccer Probation Leads to Behavior-Modification Push

    by Michael Popke September 2007

    Utah puts boys' soccer on probation and seeks to improve the behavior of all participants.

  • 'Lady' Interrupted

    by Paul Steinbach July 2007


  • Behavior Modification; Click and Save

    by Michael Popke July 2007

    Reviews of The Death of Sportsmanship And How To Revive It; online training program for lifeguards