• Nationwide Arena Owner Hasn't Made a Single Payment

    by Lucas Sullivan and Josh Jarman October 2014

    The city- and county-financed agency has not made a single payment on the loans that paid for the purchase. But public officials said last week that under the terms of the purchase deal, there is no risk of default.

  • Is Spring Training Stadium Plan Facing Last Out Tonight?

    by Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros could be down to their final out in their bid to build a new baseball stadium in Palm Beach County.

  • Arena Opener Signals New Era for Philly Team, Area

    by Frank Servalli, Daily News Staff Writer October 2014

    Anyone who has spent any length of time in downtown Allentown in their lifetime probably would not have believed the scene on Hamilton Street last night if not for witnessing it firsthand.

  • Coalition Ramps Up Fight Against Bucks Arena Subsidies

    by Don Walker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel October 2014

    Common Ground, a well-organized coalition of religious and community groups and nonprofits, is ratcheting up its opposition to using public money for a new multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee.

  • Mystery: Is P.I. Firm Targeting Braves Stadium Critics?

    by Brad Schrade, Dan Klepal; Staff October 2014

    A private investigative firm's request for more than 10,000 emails related to the Braves stadium deal has some citizens and Cobb commissioners wondering if the firm's mystery client is targeting them for speaking out against the project --- and Chairman Tim Lee's controversial handling of it during the past year.

  • Editorial: Using Ohio Stadium for More Than Football Wise

    by The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) October 2014

    Ohio Stadium is a tremendous asset for Ohio State University and central Ohio, so it makes little sense for it to sit vacant between summer commencement and football season.

  • FAU Stadium Traffic Study to Look at Soccer Game Snarl

    by Brian Biggane Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    Boca Raton police put out a traffic advisory at 4:11 p.m. Tuesday advising drivers to avoid Glades Road because congestion was expected before the 8 o'clock start of the U.S.-Honduras soccer game at FAU Stadium.

  • 'Indebted' Steve Kerr Shoots $1M Toward UA Renovation

    by Bruce Pascoe Arizona Daily Star October 2014

    Thirty one years after then-coach Lute Olson improbably offered him a scholarship to play basketball for the Arizona Wildcats, seeing intelligence and polish if not eye-popping skills during a workout by the skinny shooting guard, Steve Kerr paid it all back. And some.

  • UW-Milwaukee Stakes Claim to Potential Bucks Arena Site

    by Don Walker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel October 2014

    When local architect David Uihlein suggested last month that a proposed new sports and entertainment complex in Milwaukee be built largely on land now occupied by the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and the Milwaukee Theatre, one very prominent voice was missing from the discussion. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • 2014 Facilities of Merit: Crisler Center Renovation & Addition

    by AB Editors October 2014

    Crisler Center Renovation & Addition | University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Constructed in 1967, the University of Michigan’s Crisler Arena debuted upgrades in 2013 that impressed judges with their transformative effect. The like-new arena now has wider, brighter concourses to facilitate fan movement, modern fan seating options and amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure for optimal building function.