• Council Vows to Put Sports Center to Public Vote

    by Monica Mendoza, - January 2015

    Voters in Colorado Springs will not be asked to change the city's charter to require a public vote on a City for Champions sports and events center.

  • Milwaukee Arena Plan Likely to Include Jock Tax

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel January 2015

    Gov. Scott Walker announced Tuesday morning that he plans to put into the state budget a financing plan that includes bonding to help build a multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee.

  • Columnist: Braves Have a Bridge to Sell

    by Lance Lamberton; for the AJC January 2015

    The Cobb County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to allocate $750,000 for engineering and design work for a pedestrian bridge over I-285 to connect the new Braves stadium with parking facilities at the Galleria and Cumberland Mall.

  • Opinion: Don't Repeat Pontiac Story in Buffalo

    by The Buffalo News January 2015

    If you thought dead malls were bad, try a dead stadium. Just ask Mona Hofmeister. She has been fighting for years to tear down vacant houses in her hometown of Pontiac, Mich.

  • UCF’s Stadium Beach Club as Goofy as It Is Unique

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include comments from UCF's assistant athletic director of communications, Andy Seeley.

    The University of Central Florida made news Monday with the announcement of its new “East Side Club,” a beach lounge that will be built in the middle of the school’s football stadium seating.

  • First Look: Coastal Carolina Installing Teal Turf

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    Coastal Carolina University's athletic department's official hashtag is #GoTeal. It appears they've followed their own advice when it came time to select a new playing surface for Brooks Stadium, home to the school's football and women's lacrosse programs.

  • Inside the Costly Task of Landing a Super Bowl

    by Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    It's a business -- competitive, costly and, it turns out, increasingly advantageous for the NFL. "You have to comply," Kennedy told USA TODAY Sports, "or make best efforts at complying with the specifications set forth."

  • Are New Arenas Needed in Milwaukee, Detroit?

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel January 2015

    With a painful municipal bankruptcy in its rearview mirror, the Motor City is hoping for a comeback. There's a lot to come back from.

  • Poll: Majority Want Bills Stadium in Buffalo

    by Jerry Zremski, News Washington Bureau Chief January 2015

    A majority of Erie County voters support a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills, and most want it to be built in downtown Buffalo, according to a Siena poll conducted for The Buffalo News and WGRZ-TV.

  • Does Downtown Stadium Mean Economic Boost?

    by Jay Rey News Staff Reporter January 2015

    If a new football stadium is built in downtown Buffalo, it would be hard not to become excited about a major sports and entertainment district.