• Former Spring Training Ballpark to Become Waterpark

    by Sun Sentinel May 2014

    - Schlitterbahn Waterparks plans to turn a past field of dreams into rivers of fun. More than twice the size of Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach, the planned water park features an interconnected system of rivers and rides that visitors can enjoy without ever getting out of their inner tubes.

  • Cobb May Borrow More for Braves Stadium than Reported

    by Dan Klepal, Brad Schrade; Staff May 2014

    Cobb County commissioners will be asked Tuesday to authorize borrowing of close to $400 million for the new Atlanta Braves stadium --- an amount that is higher than the public has been previously told.

  • Economics Profs Debate Public Investment in Stadiums

    by Tom Sabulis; Staff May 2014

    Do public subsidies for sports stadiums generate net regional economic benefit?

  • VCU Backs Up Basketball Success with Arena Upgrades

    by TIM PEARRELL May 2014

    VCU plans to add luxury suites in two corners and a center-hung scoreboard, and install a new sound system and an LED ribbon board, to the Siegel Center in time for next basketball season.

  • Linc's $90M Facelift Focuses on the Fan Experience

    by LES BOWEN; Daily News Staff Writer May 2014

    Among people who work in the business side of the NFL, "enhancing the fan experience" has become a major buzz phrase the past few years. As overwhelmingly popular as the league is, there are long-term worries about the way TV, tablet and smartphone technology have given people who stay home and don't pay thousands of dollars for season tickets a clearer, more nuanced view of the game than is available to fans shivering their money away in the upper deck.

  • 'Not Safe' $60M Prep Football Stadium Closed for Season

    by Julieta Chiquillo The Dallas Morning News May 2014

    Officials for a Texas school district said that design flaws appear to have contributed to problems with cracking of concrete at the Allen district’s new $60 million stadium, prompting them to close the stadium for the next football season.

  • 11 Facts About Minnesota and Its Super Bowl Stadium

    by Michael Gaio May 2014

    The NFL announced Tuesday that Minnesota won its bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl. Minnesota beat out New Orleans and Indianapolis, cities that were also vying to host the big game. Although it is more than four years away, here are 11 things you should know about the Super Bowl's future host.

  • NFL: Bills Viable in Buffalo Market — with New Stadium

    by Tim Graham; News Sports Reporter May 2014

    Jerry Jones' previous comments notwithstanding, many NFL owners want to see the Buffalo Bills stay in Western New York.

  • Minnesota Stadium Investment Rewarded with Super Bowl

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports May 2014

    It was a little more than two years ago when a plane bearing a Minnesota Vikings logo was spotted on a Los Angeles airport runway, stoking fears about relocation as the decade-long push for a new stadium appeared poised to stall again in the Minnesota Legislature.

  • NFL Teams Put Greater Emphasis on Green Stadiums

    by Michael Gaio May 2014

    Once upon a time, a professional football stadium was a place to take in a sporting event. Not anymore. Today's stadiums must be a multi-purpose entertainment palaces complete with luxury suites, club seats, loge boxes, VIP levels and more food and beverage options than a Manhattan city block. A stadium must be, as the Minnesota Vikings' website says, "an epicenter of excitement, opportunity and pride."