• With Bill Passed, Bucks Hope to Have Arena by 2017

    by Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY Sports July 2015

    Arguing the merits of a publicly funded professional sports arena is a worthy topic. Researchers, analysts, government officials and citizens have expressed concerns about the public helping finance arenas for billionaire and millionaire sports owners.

  • Old Dominion Arena Getting $1.85M in Hi-Def Displays

    by Ed Miller, The Virginian-Pilot July 2015

    The Constant Center is getting an electronic facelift. A new high-definition video scoreboard, new LED ribbon displays and digital signage will be installed in time for Old Dominion's men's and women's basketball seasons, the school announced Tuesday.

  • Columnist: In California, Stadiums Trump Education

    by Norman Chad, Spokesman Review (Spokane, WA) July 2015

    Only in California could there be a drought and a deluge at the same time. The state is running out of water to farm the land. But the state never runs out of land to farm new stadiums.

  • Key Pedestrian Bridge Could Miss Braves Stadium Open

    by Dan Klepal; Staff July 2015

    The 1,100-foot bridge, which is meant to help fans walking or riding a circulator bus to the games from remote parking areas, likely won't be completed until September 2017 --- five months later than county officials originally planned

  • Downtown Atlanta Is Where the Hawks Want to Build

    by Tammy Joyner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2015

    The Hawks want a new arena. That much was clear two hours after Tony Ressler took ownership. In his meeting with us AJC types, he said: "There's do-nothing. There's remodel. Or there's a new arena. Do-nothing is not an option."

  • Odds Improve for NFL's Return to Los Angeles

    by Scott M. Reid, Orange County Register (California) July 2015

    For the past six months, the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have been racing to catch up to St. Louis Rams billionaire owner Stan Kroenke's bid to build the world's most expensive stadium on the former site of Hollywood Park.

  • Utah Jazz Officials Looking to Extend Life of Arena

    by Aaron Falk The Salt Lake Tribune July 2015

    In an era in which quarter-century-old arenas are routinely shuttered and demolished in favor of newer, fancier digs, Jazz officials say their preference is to stay put at EnergySolutions Arena.

  • The AB Extra: July 24

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    Featured in this week's AB Extra is news about an accidental addition to the ACC Football Media Guide, a creative way to dry out the L.A. Angels' field and a gym especially for dogs. 

    A Cry for Help Buried in the ACC Media Guide
    Someone in the ACC is seemingly unhappy about something to do with its media guide. 

    The ACC Football Media Guide was released on Monday and on page 145 beneath Wake Forest's 2014 game results reads the phrase, "F--- this s---." 

    Different media sources have speculated as to why such a message would appear. Some say maybe it's a response to Wake Forest's less-than-stellar season. Another detailed his experiences with media guides, saying just reading them turned his "brain to mush" and he sympathized with whoever had to actually write one.

    It's not known who wrote the message in the media guide, but the ACC has since removed it and released a statement regarding it.

    “We sincerely apologize for the offensive error in the media guide. It has been appropriately updated," the ACC said.

    International Special Olympics Spend Night in LA Gym After Transportation Delays
    Special Olympians arriving in California on Tuesday for the 2015 World Summer Games had to make the best of a bad situation when transportation delays stopped them from getting to their host cities. This resulted in about 1,500 athletes having to sleep on the gymnasium floor at Loyola Marymount University for the night.

    Athletes from the Cayman Islands, Kenya, Norway, Mexico, Norway and Venezuela were those affected by the delays when they arrived in Los Angeles. Despite being tired from a long day of travel, Kenyan swim coach Collins Marigiri told Fox News, "It really wasn't bad... The athletes didn't have any problems."

    According to Marigiri, "They had food. They had water. They had a place to sleep. There were no medical issues."

    Some of the athletes played board games and took advantage of the opportunity to meet athletes from other countries. At one point, a conga line was formed. The Red Cross provided bedding for the athletes and all were able to leave for their host cities on Wednesday. 

    The Opening Ceremony for the Games takes place on Saturday. 

    Controversy Over New Lululemon Beer
    Yoga apparel company Lululemon has another PR snafu on their hands after announcing the release of a Lululemon branded beer with a cartoon totem pole on the can. 

    The company posted a picture of the beer can on Instagram last week and immediately drew backlash with some saying the cartoon was insensitive to Indigenous people. Some also questioned whether producing a beer was the right choice for a yoga company. 

    One Instagram user commented on the photo saying, “The ‘totem pole’ is cultural appropriation and incredibly offensive."

    The beer, called Curiosity Lager, is limited edition and only 88,000 cans will be produced in conjunction with the 2015 SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon in August in Vancouver. It will also be able to be purchased in some liquor stores across Canada.  

    L.A. Angels Use Helicopter to Dry Rain-Soaked Field
    For the first time since 1995, the Los Angeles Angels had a game rained out. The rain soaked the field, forcing the team to take some creative measures to get the field in playing condition for the next day. 

    The organization deployed a helicopter to fly over the field to dry it in time for the Angel's double header against the Boston Red Sox on Monday.

    Despite being a little over-the-top, the field was dry by the time the game needed to start and the teams began play at 2 pm PT. 

    A Gym for Dogs... With a Pool
    Dogs in Tucson, Arizona don't just have to hit the pavement anymore to get in their exercise. Now, they can become a member at A Loyal Companion, a rec center just for dogs, to get in their workout.

    They can hit the pool to get some cardio or climb on inflatables to improve strength and balance. If they need some down time, the dogs can get a massage or reiki treatments or if they're looking to learn, there are options to enroll in obedience classes or therapy dog training.

    Gym owner Kate Titus says A Loyal Companion is a great way for dogs to get exercise because many times, people don't walk fast enough for dogs to get enough of a cardio workout. She says her gym not only gives dogs a different way to exercise that's more complete, but it also allows for a nice bonding opportunity between dogs and their owners.

    Currently, A Loyal Companion has about 50 to 60 members and dues start at $29 per month.

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  • Study Shows Big Economic Benefits of United Center

    by Sun-Times Wire, Chicago Sun-Times July 2015

    If you went to an event at the United Center in 2014, the average price you paid for a ticket, about $98, was only a small part of your fiscal impact on the city and state, and benefit to the Near West Side.

  • Hawks Mull Arena Renovation, Construction Options

    by Katie Leslie & Tim Tucker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2015

    The Atlanta Hawks are exploring three options for upgrading their home court, including renovating Philips Arena or building on the Civic Center site, Mayor Kasim Reed said on Thursday. The team is also eyeing another location within city limits, Reed said, declining to give more specifics.