• Hall of Fame Game Lawsuit Moves to California

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    The lawsuit against the National Football League and the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the cancellation of the Hall of Fame Game earlier this month was dropped in U.S. District Court in Ohio and filed in California.

  • Water Issues Aside, Rio Aquatic Stadium A Tech Wonder

    by AB Editors August 2016

    While the world has been transfixed and astonished by the failures of the maintenance staff at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, the technical achievement embodied by the stadium itself has gone relatively unnoticed. It is a truly innovative venue.

  • Cubs Employee Fired for Song Selection

    by Jason Scott August 2016

    A poor song selection by a Cubs employee has landed the club in an awkward public relations predicament.

  • Construction on Hartford Ballpark May Resume Soon

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    It appears the on-again, off-again minor-league baseball stadium project in Hartford, Conn., could soon be back on again.

  • Influencing a Recruit: 5 Keys to a Competitive Brand (Sponsored)

    by John Hamari, Facility Source August 2016

    This sponsored content was provided by Facility Source. What is sponsored content?

    One or two key recruits can change a program, and in this competitive "arms race" between universities, it is wise to try to gain every advantage afforded you. Creating a remarkable, well-designed space that represents your brand is one way to gain an advantage and engage a recruit. If done right, this advantage can not only sway recruits, but donors, players, fans and alumni. Adding one or two additional supporters in each of these key areas can give you an edge.

  • Research Center Examines Cities and Their Stadiums

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    In the wake of new stadium and arena projects in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Arlington, Texas, Georgia State University recently launched a research center that examines the interaction between sports teams and their cities.

  • 49ers Fans Hope to Emulate Dolphins Stadium Detail

    by Jason Scott July 2016

    The NFL’s Miami Dolphins are adding a canopy to their stadium, part of a $400 million renovation, leaving fans of a franchise on the opposite side of the country feeling envious. 

    Levi’s Stadium opened prior to the 2014 season, and it has a number of laudable features: 68,500 seats, solid Wifi connectivity and a view of the surrounding Silicon Valley area.

  • Fan Injured After Jumping From Wrigley Field Bleachers

    by Stuart Goldman July 2016

    A man was seriously injured Thursday night after he jumped from the bleachers over the right field wall at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

  • Applying Public-Private Principles to Community Sports Venues

    by Peter Knowles and Steve Kelly July 2016

    This article appeared in the June issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Baseball Team G.M. Defends Second Amendment Night

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    The general manager of a college wood-bat summer league team in Michigan is defending a recent gun safety and Second Amendment education night but has not decided whether to hold the promotion again next year.