• Blog: Contract at Your Own Risk

    by Ralph Agostinelli March 2014

    Online continuing education courses have become a regular part of my life thanks in part to the New Jersey legislature, which passed a law setting down ongoing professional competency requirements for professional engineers licensed there. Recently, I took a course on change orders — work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of a contract — the gist of which seemed to be, “How to make sure you [that is, engineers] don’t get hit with a claim for negligence because you didn’t design something properly.”

  • 'Extensive Cracking' Closes $60M High School Stadium

    by Michael Gaio February 2014

    Remember when Allen (Texas) High School's football stadium was making headlines for its price tag? The 18,000-seat stadium cost $60 million to build and opened in August of 2012. Today its making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  • Designing for Parking and Fan Traffic at Spectator Venues

    by Paul Steinbach February 2014

    When Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., hosts its first San Francisco 49ers football game later this year, it will represent a substantial upgrade over storied Candlestick Park in many ways. Boasting nearly twice the square footage of the Niners’ old home, Levi’s Stadium will offer more of just about everything except seats — from elevators and escalators to concessions points of sale and restrooms. It will also offer more parking — 21,000 spaces compared to 18,000.

  • Video: Down Goes the Metrodome

    by Michael Gaio February 2014

    The 32-year-old Metrodome is dying a slow and painful death. What was once home to more than 300 events a year, "The Dome" as Minnesotans called it, is on its way to becoming nothing more than a pile of rubble. The stadium is coming down in pieces as the Vikings build their new stadium on the same site.

  • Texas A&M Adding Largest Video Board Among Colleges

    by Michael Gaio February 2014

    Texas A&M is going all out with its makeover of Kyle Field. Already a revered stadium in college football with a capacity of 82,589, Texas A&M is spending $450 million to expand and improve the venue.

  • Photos: Niners Tout Levi's Stadium Progress

    by Michael Gaio February 2014

    The San Francisco 49ers are set to move into Levi's Stadium, their new $1.2 billion home, this fall. The stadium, which is being touted for its "light, airy and open" design and technological innovations such as stadium-wide WiFi, is really starting to take shape.

  • Looking Back: Atlanta's Olympic Legacy

    by AB Editors February 2014

    Legacy Lost? As the Atlanta Braves move forward with plans to build a new stadium, we take a look back at AB's July 1996 issue highlighting the Olympic Games in Atlanta and their expected long-term impact. 

    Read the article in its entirety here.



  • Petco Park Transformed to Host Tennis and It Looks Awesome

    by Michael Gaio January 2014

    Petco Park, typically the home of the San Diego Padres, will host tennis for the first time ever this weekend. The stadium has been transformed to host the Davis Cup in what is usually left-center field of one of baseball's most beautiful stadiums.

  • Man Dies in Baylor Stadium Construction Accident

    by Michael Gaio January 2014

    Baylor University is building a beautiful, on-campus football stadium that is set to open this fall. As a former employee in the Baylor athletic department, I know how excited the people there are about this new facility and how much it will mean to the Waco community.

  • Notre Dame Announces $400M Stadium Expansion

    by Michael Gaio January 2014

    The University of Notre Dame announced a plan Wednesday to expand the school's 84-year-old football stadium. The $400 million project will add between 3,000 or 4,000 premium seats and new academic buildings on three sides of the stadium. The view of "Touchdown Jesus" will remain unchanged.