• Turf Vandalism Presents Short- and Long-Term Challenges

    by Paul Steinbach December 2012

    There's something about a home sports field that brings out feelings of pride and protectionism - defending one's own turf, if you will - and not just during games.

  • ABC: Breathtaking Superdome Tour

    by Andrew Cohen November 2012

    My stepmother swears this really happened: A friend of hers moved years ago to New York City from Kansas, and when he emerged from the escalator at Penn Station onto 34th Street, his sweeping gaze up the majestic canyon of surrounding buildings was interrupted by a cabbie standing at the curb, who said to him, "Hold a lot of hay, wouldn't it?"

  • ABC: An Entertaining Look Inside UNO's Lakefront Arena

    by Paul Steinbach November 2012

    Prince, the diminutive pop icon, requires his dressing room to be completely black, so as to allow for the black-lighting of the neon-colored art that accompanies him on the road.

  • Designing Sound Systems to Meet Stadium Audio Challenges

    by Paul Steinbach November 2012

    The last time Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., underwent a major renovation, the look of the stadium - whose bared-scaffolding-and-bleacher simplicity often prompted TV color analyst John Madden to proclaim it a shrine to the NFL

  • Blog: Yankee Fans Are Voting with Their Feet

    by Andrew Cohen October 2012

    Over the years, as the ticket prices for many sporting events have skyrocketed and various surcharges, such as PSLs, have been tacked on, some of us have wondered when fans will say enough is enough, forcing prices downward. The answer, thus far, has been: Not for some time yet. A small percentage dump their season ticket packages, but there are always others out there (people as well as corporations, who in the sports context are people, my friend) who will gladly pay whatever it takes to make it through the turnstiles.

  • ABC 2012 Preconference Tours Feature Rebuilt New Orleans Facilities

    by Michael Popke October 2012

    Doug Thornton still has the agenda from a meeting he attended seven years ago - Oct. 11, 2005, to be exact. That was the date the senior vice president of SMG, which operates the state-owned, now-named Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans,

  • 2012 Facility of Merit Winner: JELD-WEN Field Renovation

    by Andrew Cohen October 2012

    A 1930s-era downtown stadium that was formerly shared with a Triple-A baseball team, JELD-WEN Field is now a state-of-the-art home for MLS soccer and the Portland Timbers. Stadiums rarely feature the kind of iconic element found here: A dynamic cantilevered steel canopy clad in cedar, which replaces the smaller original roof constructed of wood timbers. The canopy covers most of the new seats in the 19,000-seat stadium, and backs up to a promenade and open concourse with public views to the action inside. It touches the concourse level at only nine points, giving the impression that it floats above the seating area; to minimize the number of supports, the design team sloped the support columns so they could function to resist both gravity loads and lateral loads from wind and earthquakes. Steel plate girders and pipe trusses interconnected by a system of steel tie rods are visible only from above the canopy.

  • 2012 Facility of Merit Winner: BC Place Renovation

    by Andrew Cohen October 2012

    Dubbed a "chameleon" by one judge, Vancouver's BC Place had a complete makeover beginning with an aggressive re-branding of its public spaces and the addition of suites and club seats prior to serving as the site of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. This alone was enough to impress AB's judges, from the addition of vibrant colors throughout concourse portals, restrooms and concessions areas to the "phenomenal" implementation (as one judge exclaimed) of a color-coded signage and wayfinding system.

  • FIFA Program Certifies Synthetic Turf Performance

    by Paul Steinbach September 2012

    This month, a small fraternity of field inspectors will gather in Paris for an annual brush-up on the latest techniques in testing synthetic turf. The goal is to establish consistency among the entities entrusted by FIFA to conduct lab and field tests on synthetic turf product and the finished pitches that seek the world soccer governing body's stamp of approval. Using highly specialized instrumentation, FIFA-endorsed labs test everything from a fiber's melting point to a finished field's interaction with players' feet.

  • Aluminum Mesh, Polycarbonate Panels Dress Up Stadium Exterior

    by Andrew Cohen September 2012

    Soccer isn't under wraps in Houston these days, but the Dynamo's new home is.