• Some Residents Oppose Braves Spring Training Complex

    by Zach Murdock April 2016

    As Palm Beach County leaders consider whether to jump into the race to land the Atlanta Braves a spring training complex, residents near the proposed site there are already organizing opposition against the plan.

  • Soccer Franchise Investing in Stadium Improvements

    by Joe Paisley April 2016

    Now in their second season, the Colorado Springs Switchbacks continue to invest in their facility. After pumping $2.2 million into the city-owned venue last year, the United Soccer League franchise installed a 30-foot-long by four- foot-high video scoreboard atop the western stands this season.

  • Fans Floored as Arena Escalator Malfunctions in Philly

    by Paul Steinbach April 2016

    Millions of sports fans safely ride escalators to and from their seating levels in stadiums and arenas each year, but Saturday brought a reminder of what can go wrong with this mode of conveyances. After a Flyers win in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, an escalator loaded with fans suddenly sped up, causing several individuals to be hurled to the floor. At least one fan was witnessed leaping over the railing to avoid the pileup.

  • Mile High to Be Renamed After Marijuana Dispensary?

    by The Gazette April 2016

    Native Roots acknowledged the poor timing of announcing the news on April Fools' Day, but insisted that it is serious about the proposal.

  • How Venue Could Impact Shooting Stats at Final Four

    by Chris Korman April 2016

    The answers were as predictable as the question. Is shooting, especially from three-point range, more difficult in a football stadium-turned-basketball arena? "Everything was pretty much the same," North Carolina guard Nate Britt said after his team's practice Thursday at NRG Stadium. "I don't think the depth changes anything. A lot of people talk about the depth perception, the backdrop. But to us, practicing out there, it was the same as anywhere else." Or as Oklahoma's Jordan Woodard put it: "Court's still 94 feet, two goals."

  • HS Stadium Ahead of Schedule, Coach Approves

    by Marc Pendleton April 2016

    A relatively mild winter has enabled stadium construction to zoom at least one month ahead of schedule. Already in place is an artificial playing surface that is easy to spot looking north from the highway.

  • Chargers Seek Public Help for $1.8B Stadium

    by Scott M. Reid April 2016

    The Chargers are asking San Diego voters to approve a hotel tax increase to help fund a new downtown stadium and convention center complex. The hotel tax increase from 12.5 to 16.5 percent is part of a financing plan for the $1.8 billion project the Chargers want San Diego citizens to vote on in November. The Chargers' 10th - and likely final - attempt in the last 15 years to find a new home in San Diego calls for $1.15 billion of the project's financing to come from the hotel tax increase, with the remaining $650 million coming from the franchise and the NFL.

  • Bills Owners Can't Dodge Stadium Discussion

    by AB Staff March 2016

    Terry and Kim Pegula haven't uttered a peep since a recent News story made it clear that their fellow NFL owners want the Bills to start giving serious consideration to a new stadium.

  • Opinion: Follow School Process for ODU Stadium

    by The Virginian - Pilot March 2016

    Stephen Ballard has produced an impressive pitch for a new football stadium at Old Dominion University. It would seat 25,479 people, have plenty of the luxury amenities and seating big-time college football requires. And it could be open as soon as 2018. Renderings show a towering mix of shiny modern and traditional architecture situated on the same site as the 79-year-old Foreman Field.

  • Denver Broncos Plan to Build Mini Mile High Stadium

    by Stuart Goldman March 2016

    The Denver Broncos are planning to build a replica of their former home, Mile High Stadium, in the parking lot of Sports Authority Field at Mile High.