• Football Fervor Remains Strong in Texas

    by Josh Peter January 2017

    About 30 miles north of Dallas, a real estate investor named Mike Giles decided last year to go toe-to-toe with Texas football. Local officials here proposed building a $63 million high school football stadium. Giles, outraged by the costly plan, led a grass-roots effort to defeat the $220million bond measure that included the stadium. They went door-to-door to persuade fellow residents and visited more than 1,000 homes. They bought campaign-style signs that read, "It's OK to just say NO." They sought support from the local newspaper. Then, in May -- with Giles saying he sensed among residents support for his position -- came the vote. The stadium and bond measure passed with nearly two-thirds of the vote. It will be the third high school stadium in Texas built at a cost of more than $60 million, and its projected price tag has risen to $70million.

  • Raiders Propose $1 Rent Agreement for Vegas Stadium

    by The Bismarck Tribune January 2017

    A lease and use agreement presented to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority became a starting point for negotiations with the public entity that will own, but not operate, the yet-to-be-built facility.

  • Groups to Pursue Private Funding for HS Stadium Project

    by Marc Pendleton January 2017

    Tippecanoe High School and the Tipp Pride Association announced plans Friday to privately fund the renovation of City Park as a state-of the-art athletic complex.

  • UCF to Install End Zone Cabana Suites

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    The University of Central Florida is taking a recent trend in football stadiums, on-field cabanas or suites, to the next level by selling access to field-level suites just behind the end zones, offering an unobstructed view of the field.

  • Minor League Baseball Team Set for Upgrade

    by Marcus Hartman January 2017

    The Dayton Dragons are planning to unveil a new addition to Fifth Third Field this season. Fans visiting the ballpark will discover a new and improved "Dragons Lair" in left field that includes updates to the flooring, furniture and other amenities.

  • Marquette Names Construction Firm for Athletic Center

    by Alex Zank January 2017

    Marquette University has chosen Mortenson Construction to build a proposed athletic-performance research center because of the contractor's "wide-ranging experience" in putting up both athletic and health care centers.

  • Houston's Astrodome Just Won't Die

    by Brent Schrotenboer January 2017

    Just a few steps away from the site of Super Bowl 51, the 52-year-old Houston Astrodome is getting ready to earn another new nickname for itself: "The Dome That Will Never Die." Many still know it by its old nickname -- "The Eighth Wonder of the World." But it hasn't hosted an event since 2008, leading some to call for its destruction after voters rejected a $217 million bond proposal to help save it in 2013. "The Astrodome needs to be torn down for parking or green space in time for Super Bowl 2017," an anti-Astrodome group wrote on its Facebook page in May 2015.

  • Opinion: NFL Owners Exemplify Greed

    by Norman Chad January 2017

    Pop open the nearest window, and if you're lucky, you'll catch the stench of an NFL billionaire owner before he flees town, or fleeces the town.

  • Support for Stadium Project Depends on Location

    by Nancy Bowman January 2017

    Tipp City council Tuesday expressed support for proposed city participation in a school stadium construction project, if the facility would remain in the City Park. The Tipp City Exempted Village Schools Board of Education said it would make a decision at its Monday, Jan. 23, meeting on where a stadium project would be built.

  • Raiders File Paperwork to Relocate to Las Vegas

    by Spokesman Review January 2017

    Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak is part of an 11-member panel that was appointed by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval to study plans for a proposal backed by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson's company, Las Vegas Sands Corp., to build a domed stadium to lure the Raiders to town.