• Port Authority Set to Lease Land Near Soccer Stadium

    by Jessie Van Berkel January 2017

    On Tuesday, the Port's Credit Committee approved a plan to lease 15.6 acres from RK Midway, which owns much of the property, including the Midway Shopping Center, that makes up the 34.5-acre redevelopment area in the Snelling-Midway neighborhood.

  • Board Mulls Options for HS Stadium Project

    by Nancy Bowman January 2017

    Tipp City Exempted Village Schools has a concept plan and firmer numbers to go along with discussions about a possible stadium project. The board of education, which hopes to make a decision at its Jan. 23 meeting on where a stadium project would be built, received cost estimates for potential sites at City Park and next to Tippecanoe High School on Jan. 9.

  • Coliseum, LA Stadium Would Share Olympic Ceremonies

    by Scott M. Reid January 2017

    The opening and closing ceremonies for a 2024 Olympic Games in Los Angeles would be held at both the Coliseum and the $2.66 billion stadium in Inglewood, linking the city's rich Olympic history and the region's 21st century vision. With the decision to use both the Coliseum, one of the Olympic movement's most iconic venues, and the most expensive and technologically advanced stadium to be built, Los Angeles 2024 officials have tried to separate their bid from rivals Paris and Budapest by emphasizing - some would say flaunting - the area's wealth of existing world-class venues and its proximity to the center of the entertainment and technology universes.

  • Opinion: By Loses Chargers, San Diego Wins Financially

    by Nancy Armour January 2017

    Chargers owner Dean Spanos did the corporate equivalent of taking his ball and going home Thursday, bolting for Los Angeles because San Diego residents had balked at building his team a fancy new stadium. Imagine the nerve of those people! Refusing to spend millions for a stadium that, studies have shown, likely would end up costing taxpayers more than what is originally estimated while providing less in return. "As difficult as the news is for Charger fans, I know Dean Spanos and his family did everything they could to try to find a viable solution in San Diego," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

  • District to Install Synthetic Turf at Three Stadiums

    by Brian Whitehead January 2017

    Gus Martinez, Fullerton Union High's football coach, said he did a backflip when he heard the Fullerton Joint Union High School District recently approved the installation of artificial turf fields at its three football stadiums.

  • Sports Facilities Authority Chair Defends Use of Suites

    by Rochelle Olson January 2017

    The chairwoman of the government authority that manages U.S. Bank Stadium defended the use of two luxury suites for officials' friends and family before a panel of state lawmakers Wednesday, saying it's been common practice for years. In opening remarks to a House panel, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) Chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen said the authority accepts that standards have changed on the propriety of suite use by political appointees.

  • NFL's Chargers Announce Relocation

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Chargers owner Dean Spanos announced the long-awaited decision this morning: the team will relocate from San Diego to Los Angeles for the 2017 season. 

  • Opinion: Temple Football Stadium a Silly Proposition

    by A.J. Thomson January 2017

    Each year, we hear of the unconscionable state of textbooks and basic learning tools in our public schools, which have fewer librarians than the prison system. Our students in state-funded public schools in Philadelphia frequently must do without.

  • Baseball Park Renovation to Include Shipping Containers

    by Lisa Speckhard January 2017

    The latest architectural trend is coming to Madison, and it's going to combine two elements of childhood nostalgia: the Boxcar Children and baseball.

  • Ice Arena Closed After Carbon Monoxide Scare

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    Women’s hockey players from the University of Wisconsin and Lindenwood (Mo.) University suffered carbon monoxide poisoning during a game on Friday. The ice arena they were playing in has been closed until the issue can be resolved.