• Turning High School Video Boards into a Revenue Stream (Sponsored)

    by Jerry Sikkink, Daktronics Sports Marketing Manager April 2017

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    Video scoring systems are taking the nation by storm, and more and more high schools want to be a part of it. While this technology can seem like a big investment, many schools have installed an integrated audio and video system without paying out of pocket.

  • Turner Field Development Plans Draw Protests

    by J. Scott Trubey April 2017

    A group of residents near Turner Field have set up camp next to the stadium, saying they won't leave until Georgia State University and their development team sign a legal agreement to address gentrification and other issues that could result from redevelopment in the area.

  • Is SunTrust Park a Roadmap for Future MLB Ballparks?

    by Mark Wiedmer April 2017

    Atlanta Braves' new $662 million SunTrust Park is seen by no less than Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred as "a roadmap for clubs to get new stadiums built."

  • St. Louis Voters to Decide Whether to Fund MLS Stadium

    by Jim Salter April 2017

    Voters will decide Tuesday whether to designate $60 million from an existing business use tax for the construction of a 22,000-seat soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis.

  • Residents Fear Losin Space to College Baseball Stadium

    by Kyle Goon April 2017

    In more than two decades of living in his neighborhood, former college swimmer Gleed Toombes has watched the University of Utah creep closer and closer to his doorstep.

  • Florida House Bill Bars Stadiums from Public Land

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In an effort by Florida House leaders to limit public assistance to private companies, HB 77 was passed 82-33 in a vote Thursday. The proposed bill disallows sports franchises from building or renovating stadiums on publicly owned land.

  • UA, Tucson Partner for Baseball Stadium Maintenance

    by Joe Ferguson March 2017

    Under the 25-year agreement, the University of Arizona will take over the day-to-day management of the baseball stadium, which was once the spring training home of the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians.

  • LSU Looks to Open Beer Garden at Tiger Stadium

    by Jason Scott March 2017

    LSU is working on plans to bring beer sales to football games for the 2017 season, though nothing is official just yet.

  • Will Mercedes-Benz Stadium Roof Be Ready in Time?

    by Tim Tucker March 2017

    Issues with the complex roof already have delayed the opening twice and appear to threaten another delay.

  • Braves Show Off SunTrust Park Ahead of Opener

    by Tim Tucker March 2017

    The Braves opened SunTrust Park for a behind-the-scenes media tour Tuesday, three days before the ballpark will be opened to season-ticket holders for an exhibition game Friday against the New York Yankees.