• Cell Tower Could Help Finance HS Football Stadium

    by Paul Leach May 2016

    A cell tower may be the ticket to the giving East Ridge High School a new football stadium. County commissioners and school board members are expected to hash out this possibility at a facility planning meeting Tuesday evening at schools central office on Hickory Valley Road.

  • ODU Defends Decision to Reject Stadium Proposal

    by Harry Minium May 2016

    Stephen Ballard submitted his proposal under the Virginia Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act, which encourages the private sector to bid for government contracts. The PPEA, as the act is known, is designed to reduce the time and cost of building new facilities. Under the conventional process, government asks for bids for the design of a project, then after completing design, asks for bids for construction. The PPEA combines it all into one process.

  • Seattle City Council Votes Down Avenue to New Arena

    by Stuart Goldman May 2016

    The Seattle City Council recently rejected giving up part of a street in the city’s industrial district that would have allowed a developer to build a new arena there.

  • 49ers File for Arbitration in Levi’s Stadium Rent Dispute

    by Stuart Goldman May 2016

    The San Francisco 49ers filed for arbitration Tuesday in their ongoing dispute with the city of Santa Clara, Calif., over rent payments at Levi’s Stadium.

  • Vikings, Wells Fargo Hope to Skirt Stadium Signage Trial

    by Rochelle Olson May 2016

    The Minnesota Vikings and Wells Fargo both want a judge to rule on their behalf before a federal trial on whether the bank's rooftop signs in Minneapolis "photo-bomb" the image of the new U.S. Bank Stadium.

  • VCU Could Revive Richmond Baseball Stadium Talks

    by Michael Paul Williams May 2016

    Only the foolish would embrace optimism in the face of so many failures to build a stadium to replace The Diamond. But this latest proposal, lean as it is on details, has a new player with the look of a game-changer: Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • Proposed Stadium Concerns State Park Group

    by Kate Ramunni May 2016

    The prospect of an athletic stadium nearly across the street from Sleeping Giant State Park has raised concerns of the Sleeping Giant Park Association. Representatives from the association voiced those concerns last week at the start of the public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Quinnipiac University's application for the reconstruction of two existing fields and the construction of stadium seating, as well as locker facilities, around the fields.

  • WVU Coliseum Closed for Possible Asbestos

    by Pittsburgh Tribune Review May 2016

    West Virginia University Environmental Health and Safety director John Principe said the WVU Coliseum was closed Friday after workers found possible asbestos. Principe said the material is being assessed, and he hoped to have the results by the end of the day Saturday.

  • Miami Shows New Stadium Doesn't Always Yield Results

    by Christopher O'Donnell May 2016

    The $640 million Marlins Park was supposed to usher in a new era for the Marlins, boosting attendances and revenues to make the team more competitive. But after an initial burst of interest, the team's attendances remain one of the lowest in Major League Baseball and the stadium serves as an expensive lesson to team like the Tampa Bay Rays that a new ballpark is not a panacea for every problem.

  • Neyland Upgrade Could Include Downsized Capacity

    by Mike Strange May 2016

    The renovation will come with a terrific cost. Not all of it is necessarily payable in dollars. Some day when the ribbon is cut, the new-look Neyland Stadium will likely have shrunk. As in fewer seats.