• Selig Still Stumping for New Stadium for Oakland A's

    by Jorge L. Ortiz, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    In the eyes of outgoing Commissioner Bud Selig, the reformation of baseball's economic system -- which has allowed franchises such as the Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals to flourish -- stands as the biggest accomplishment of his 22-year stint. The construction of 22 major league ballparks during that time -- a tidy average of one a season -- ranks high on his list, too.

  • Crown-Removal Could Boost WVU Turf Project to $3.5M

    by Mike Casazza August 2014

    The 2014 season will be the last season for the artificial turf at Mountaineer Field. West Virginia has one last chance to add to the legacy of a surface that's so far seen a 36-11 record, three Big East champions, one perfect home record, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Brian Kelly, Gene Chizik, Pat White, Bruce Irvin, Tavon Austin, 70-63, 66-21 and 13-9. The turf's shelf life is eight to 10 years and the athletic department is prepared to spend somewhere between $1.8 million and $3.5 million on a replacement, the low end for installing just new turf, the high end for first removing the crown beneath the field and putting down the new green stuff. Considering how rare crowns are and how much coaches don't like them, WVU is preparing for the high end.

  • Office Building Owner Sues Cobb, Braves Over Rezoning

    by Dan Klepal; Staff August 2014

    Fairly Breezy LLC, which owns about two acres on Heritage Court, across from the Braves stadium site, filed suit in Cobb Superior Court earlier this month, saying the county ignored zoning law that requires applicants to be specific about their development plans.

  • TCF Neighbors Welcome Vikings Invasion, Cash Infusion

    by Rochelle Olson, Staff Writer, Star Tribune August 2014

    With the Minnesota Vikings' move to TCF Bank Stadium, the ever-bustling University of Minnesota area will be even louder and livelier this fall and winter.

  • Newspaper Probe Uncovers Issues in Braves Stadium Deal

    by Dan Klepal; Staff August 2014

    The Atlanta Braves were hoping for more than just a new stadium with their first pitch to Cobb County officials. The team's initial draft of a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Cobb asked for $442 million from the public for stadium project construction; revenue from mass transit stopping at the stadium site; tax dollars to move roads and build bridges; and a promise that the county would use its powers of eminent domain to help the team acquire land, if necessary.

  • Bird Expert to NFL: Do the Right Thing on Vikings Stadium

    by Guest column: Dr. George Fenwick August 2014

    Guest column: Sadly, Vikings new stadium is not for birds Things have been going pretty well lately for the National Football League. Revenues this past year were around $10 billion. Arguably, football is the most watched and followed sport in this country. But developments surrounding the planning of a new football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings offer a glimpse of an emerging unseemly indifference by the team's owners and the NFL to wildlife impacts that is disturbing to millions of people who care about the nonhuman species that share our planet.

  • Photos: Ohio College Adds Red Turf to Baseball Field

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    Colored synthetic turf fields at athletic facilities are nothing new. From Boise State's famed "smurf turf" blue to gray to black, we've seen fields in several colors other than green. But it's not everyday we see a baseball field go the colored turf route.

  • What a $130M Renovation Investment Bought the Bills

    by Jerry Zremski; News Washington Bureau Chief August 2014

    The money - $90 million of it from the state and county - aims to eliminate many of the 41-year-old stadium's more annoying and antiquated features.

  • Rooftop Owners Sue Chicago Over Wrigley Reno Plan

    by Brian Slodysko and Fran Spielman August 2014

    Owners of the rooftop clubs near Wrigley Field sued the city Thursday, seeking to block a city-backed plan that will allow the Cubs to expand the aging ballpark.

  • School Testing Renovated Stadium Site for Sinkholes

    by Donna Walker Correspondent August 2014

    Sinkholes under the Conestoga Valley athletic field, track and bleachers spurred the district to ask for a geophysical survey of the area currently being readied for CV's newly renovated athletic stadium.