• New Stadium for Bills Seen by NFL Owners as Priority

    by Vic Carucci October 2014

    NEW YORK - A new stadium always was a major priority for the NFL during the Buffalo Bills' courtship of a new owner, and it remains just as vital as Terry and Kim Pegula are on the verge of officially assuming control of the team. How important is it for the Bills to have a new home to replace Ralph Wilson Stadium?

  • One Business's Unpaid Taxes to Fund MiLB Field Overhaul

    by MATT MURPHY, Daily Mail staff October 2014

    Funding will come from $3.8 million in unforeseen business and occupation tax revenue the city received in June after an unnamed business was found to have not paid the tax for 10 years.

  • Eagles' Efforts to Ease Stadium Traffic Snarls Backfire

    by Samantha Melamed; Inquirer Staff Writer October 2014

    The Eagles held on to their lead over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, but out in the parking lot, fans were grumbling as they power-walked toward their cars in hopes of beating the traffic.

  • In Facility Design, Changing Course Needn't Be a Crisis

    by David Rose, Guest Contributor October 2014

    Perhaps you’re in the enviable position of having hired an architect, who recommended an owner’s representative, who in turn handled the hiring of a general contractor, and the four of you have planned and are constructing a great new building. Or, perhaps not. Maybe you hired an architect, fired that architect, and have since had to assemble and reassemble your planning team, player by player, at different times — and will still end up with a great new building.

  • Coming Monday: 2014 Facilities of Merit Winners

    by AB Editors October 2014

    For two weeks beginning Monday, the 10 winners of the 2014 Facilities of Merit awards will be announced on

  • Prep Football Game Suspended After Lighting Failure

    by NICK WILLIAMS; Tribune staff October 2014

    The lights at Newman Stadium stopped working with just more than eight minutes left during halftime. Reinhart said the failure might have been caused by a circuit breaker issue.

  • Nationals, Astros Working with City to Close Financing Gap

    by Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post October 2014

    Even if the county and teams can reduce a $24 million financing gap, the issue of the county obtaining land in West Palm Beach for the stadium remains in doubt.

  • Pro Hockey Arena First in U.S. to Use Recycled Water

    by Richard K. De Atley, Staff Writer October 2014

    Recycled water will be used for the ice rink at the Citizens Business Bank Arena for the 2014-15 season of the Ontario Reign hockey team, a first for a professional hockey arena in the United States, venue officials claim.

  • Several Upgrades Under Way at Broadmoor World Arena

    by Rich Laden, October 2014

    New signs inside and out, roomier entrances to interior gathering places and upgrades to bars and other facilities are underway at the Broadmoor World Arena.

  • Cities, Schools Pledge $500K Each to Fix Aging Ice Arena

    by Erin Adler, Star Tribune Staff Writer October 2014

    For nearly five years, the home of West St. Paul and Henry Sibley High School hockey has been skating on thin ice. Hockey enthusiasts and city officials have long debated what do about aging the West St. Paul ice arena, with its structural problems and outdated ice-cooling system.