• MLB Commish Says New Park Must Be Priority for Rays

    by Roger Mooney, The Tampa Tribune March 2015

    PORT CHARLOTTE - New baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday morning the biggest issue facing the Tampa Bay Rays is the need for a new ballpark that would attract more fans and generate a bigger revenue stream.

  • Minnesota Nets MLS Expansion Team, Needs Stadium

    by Eric Roper, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) March 2015

    Within minutes of Wednesday's raucous public celebration of Major League Soccer's move into Minnesota, the league's commissioner said the expansion decision isn't final until a plan for a dedicated soccer stadium is secure.

  • If Stadium Lags, Where Will NFL Team Play in L.A.?

    by Steve Fryer, Staff Columnist, The Orange County Register March 2015

    If the Chargers and/or Raiders and/or Rams move to Los Angeles County for the 2016 season but a new stadium is not finished for part or all of that season, where would the and/ors play?

  • NFL in L.A.: Cities Working to Keep Teams from Moving

    by Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    Tumbleweeds might as well have rolled down the 405 freeway that runs through this city as far as the NFL was concerned for the last two decades. But suddenly the city that seemed an afterthought is being touted by the league as ... The gateway to Asia.

  • Dump Site Cleanup for Nats/Astros Park May Cost $10M

    by By Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer March 2015

    If Major League Baseball's newest spring training complex rises above an old city landfill in a few years, it wouldn't be the first baseball stadium ever built on a trash dump.

  • A Look at the Latest L.A. NFL Stadium Renderings

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

  • Arena Concourse Doubles as Resilient Running Track

    by Paul Steinbach March 2015

    There are upsides to top-loaded seating bowls: delineation of access and circulation between public and participants, as well as minimization of vomitories that are expensive to build and eat up valuable seating real estate. Designers at GEC Architecture in Edmonton, Alta., went the extra mile with the 240-meter circuitous concourse surrounding an international ice sheet and 3,000 seats at Winsport Athletic and Ice Complex, Olympic Park — the Calgary home of Hockey Canada.

  • Wrigley Rooftop Owners, Attorneys Debate Contracts

    by Mitch Dudek March 2015

    Adding a level of complexity to the case is a 20-year contract between rooftop owners and the Cubs that was signed in 2004 and provides the Cubs with 17 percent of rooftop revenue.

  • Clock Ticking on Milwaukee Arena; Financing Needed

    by Don Wallker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 2015

    Getting stadiums or arenas built never comes easy. That's become as true today in Milwaukee as it was with Miller Park nearly 20 years ago.

  • Braves, Falcons Granted Sales Tax Breaks

    by Greg Bluestein, Dan Klepal; Staff March 2015

    The two franchises will not have to pay sales taxes on construction materials for their respective facilities, saving each millions of dollars in addition to the hefty public subsidies they already are receiving.