With the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in the news - the Minnesota House and Senate passed a $975 million plan for a new fixed-roof stadium Thursday, which now awaits Gov. Mark Dayton's signature - TIME magazine on Wednesday posted its list of the country's 10 worst venues in all of professional sports. The list is bound to rile fans (especially those in California, a state whose facilities hold down four of the 10 spots). No big surprise that the Metrodome tops the list.

Here is the magazine's ranking of stadiums, along with a writer's comment about each one:

10. Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles: "Fisticuffs may fly at any time."

9. U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago: "If you don't like the poor view from the cheap seats, don't think you can get a reprieve by taking a walk around the park between innings. U.S. Cellular is one of the only ballparks in the country that doesn't allow patrons to leave the section they've paid for, even just to take a look at other parts of the stadium."

8. Fenway Park, Boston: "It would be remiss to not acknowledge the terrible sight lines and crumbling structure that greets guests."

7. Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis: "The sands of time for renovation are quickly evaporating, along with support for the $124 million renovation plan."

6. Candlestick Park, San Francisco: "Candlestick, as a structure, is about as inspiring as a shoebox."

5. O.Co Coliseum, Oakland: "The attempt to add more seats by building a massive upper deck in baseball's outfield was widely derided."

4. Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego: "Built in the late 1960s, Qualcomm's architects opted for a Brutalist-style arena. … The access ramps have been plunked down like giant Slinkys."

3. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay: "Catwalks? Check. Poor sight lines? Check. Rude service staff? Check. Mile walk from where your car is parked to the stadium? Check. The feeling you're trapped in a giant pinball machine populated by whizzing baseballs ready to plop into your $8 Bud Light? Check."

2. Nassau Coliseum, Long Island: "It's not called the Nassau Mausoleum for nothing."

1. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis: Why don't we just let this video speak for itself?

Eric D. Lussier Friday, 11 May 2012
I'll have to disagree a bit here. I'm trying to see all of the MLB stadiums and went to US Cellular last September. I make a point of walking around the entire stadium before I leave and I did this at US Cellular. I had no problem at all doing so.

And Fenway? What do you expect for a 100 year old stadium. I am a diehard Yankee fan but LOVE Fenway Park. EVERY baseball fan must sit on the Green Monster if they can and I have been blessed to do so.
Joe LongIsland Friday, 11 May 2012
Just want to point out, Nassau Coliseum is indeed ancient and in disrepair and needs to be replaced, but its telling you chose a joke rather than fact to tag it with. Fact is, its old, crumbling, and has tiny concourse and lacking in facilities. But it also has possibly the best sightlines of any arena and a low roof that makes it thunderous when the fans actually show up. So the jokes keep it in everyone's mind as a bad arena, but the positives still need some love every now and then.
The only way Joe Louis Arena in Detroit avoids this list is because the author has either never been there, never seen a picture of it, or perhaps never even heard of it.
Who was the author of the '10 worst stadiums'? To name the HHH Dome as the worst isn't fair. Did they talk to anyone who's gone to ball games, shows, skated around the concourses in the dead of winter, and find out how valuble the Dome has been to the people of Minnesota and the Midwest? It's had a good life, lots of good memories, two World Series, and so much more.
Snow making the roof fall in does not make it the number one worst stadium in the land! To bad Seattle's Sick Stadium isn't with us anymore, now that was the worst stadium in all the land.
The author does not like the Metrodome for Football? Hmmm... Go figure, that a lifetime Cheese-Head does not like the dome! Michael Popke's Experience

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