• Fitness Clubs Under Scrutiny for Payment Practices

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    The Minnesota-based Life Time Fitness health club, a subsidiary of the Healthy Way of Life Company, has agreed to pay $976,458 in back wages and liquidated damages after a federal investigation found club practices to be in violation of minimum wage requirements outlined by the Fair Labor Standards Act. An announcement Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Labor said the amount will be paid out to 16,000 employees in 26 states.

  • Park Director's Sudden Dismissal Raises Questions

    by Alicia Yager November 2016

    Board Member Ken Resch penned a letter to the Asbury Mayor and City Council members Thursday expressing his surprise and frustration over the dismissal of Asbury Park and Recreation Director Jason Thieme.

  • U. of Wisconsin Athletics Hires Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    by Paul Steinbach November 2016

    This article appeared in the November | December issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Opinion: Strong's Early-Season Success Unsustained

    by George Schroeder November 2016

    As we consider the end of Charlie Strong's star-crossed tenure at Texas, flash back to a moment when the possibilities seemed wide open. Way back on Sept. 4, Texas edged Notre Dame in what seemed at the time to be an important pivot point for the program. The Longhorns beat the Irish in double overtime, in prime time, a Sunday window all to themselves to showcase a freshman quarterback running a potent new offense, a program finally headed back toward relevance. Afterward, Strong crowd-surfed atop his celebrating players. When he finally left the field, he stopped for a quick chat and a hug from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

  • Opinion: Officiating Should Be Full-Time Job

    by V. Carucci November 2016

    I used to oppose the idea of the NFL hiring full-time officials. I don't anymore. The league has no choice but to take the most drastic measures possible to bring some level of credibility back to an aspect of its game that is rapidly trending toward a joke.

  • Ex-UT Coach Tyndall Hired as D-League Assistant

    by Phil Kaplan November 2016

    The NCAA in April hit Tyndall with a 10-year show cause penalty for violations committed at Southern Miss, including acting unethically and failing to promote an atmosphere for compliance.

  • 'Clerical' Error Delayed Pay for Vikings Stadium Vendors

    by Rochelle Olson November 2016

    Although Philadelphia-based Aramark operates venues throughout the country, all has not gone smoothly for the opening of the $1.1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium.

  • Five Steps to a Cleaner Health Club

    by Rob Bishop October 2016

    This article appeared in the September issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Florida Names Scott Stricklin Athletic Director

    by Jason Scott September 2016

    Scott Stricklin has been selected to be the next athletic director at the University of Florida, university president Dr. Kent Fuchs announced on Tuesday.

  • How HS Basketball Coach Hiring Turned into a Debacle

    by Larry Rubama September 2016

    Last month, Mike Holland received a phone call from the human resources department at Portsmouth Public Schools to confirm that he was the new boys basketball coach at Churchland High. But it was no routine hire. I write about new coaches all the time, and Holland’s hiring was the culmination of the most bizarre process I have ever covered. What should have been an easy turnover of coaches turned into a fiasco that lasted nearly five months and made Portsmouth Public Schools look bad. It all began when coach Lawrence Glover unexpectedly resigned during the 2015-16 season for family reasons.