• Dolphins Use Psychologist to Evaluate Draft Prospects

    by Joe Schad April 2017

    In an effort to improve their chances of drafting a successful player, Miami has asked a Harvard-educated performance psychologist to interview more than 50 college prospects at the scouting combine in Indianapolis and the team's headquarters in Davie.

  • Bad Behavior, High Costs Contribute to Umpire Shortage

    by Jamie Sotonoff April 2017

    When Jeff Siegel was an 18-year-old baseball umpire in Morton Grove, a coach angry with a call he made started yelling at him. Then the coach grabbed Siegel by the arms and shoved him. Police were called to the ballfield, and the coach was arrested. The charges ultimately were dropped, and Siegel continued working as an umpire. "He had to go to court, and that was enough for me," Siegel said. "It made me stronger as an umpire."

  • Fired HS Baseball Coach Claims Age Discrimination

    by Kathianne Boniello and Laura Italiano March 2017

    Rich Smith, 74, began as an assistant coach for the high-school team back in 1967 and was promoted to head coach six years later. He is so well regarded that more than 13,600 people have signed an online petition urging his reinstatement, with many of them saying he fell victim to kids miffed over sitting out games.

  • College Coaches From All Sports Hitting Paydirt

    by Will Hobson March 2017

    In a phenomenon playing out across the country, salaries are soaring for coaches of lower-profile college sports largely subsidized by lucrative football and men's basketball, whose annual national tournament opened Tuesday.

  • Hiring Freeze Forces Military Fitness Center Closures

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    On Saturday, Fort Bragg temporarily closed the doors of the Blackjack, Funk and Hosking physical fitness centers (PFCs). The closings are a result of the federal hiring freeze that went into effect in January, shortly after the change in administration.

  • Florida State Parks Director Resigns

    by Jennifer Portman February 2017

    Florida State Parks Director Lisa Edgar has resigned from the post after less than two months on the job.

  • Like All College ADs, GT's Bobinski Judged by Hires

    by Ken Sugiura; Staff February 2017

    In his three years as athletic director at Georgia Tech, Mike Bobinski was not widely appreciated by the Yellow Jackets' fan base.

  • Former Tennessee Coach Tyndall Says He Will Sue NCAA

    by John Adams February 2017

    Donnie Tyndall said he is in the process of forming a legal team with the intent of suing the organization that gave him a 10-year show-cause penalty in April of 2016.

  • Fired N.C. State Coach Gottfried Gets to Finish Season

    by The Buffalo News February 2017

    Mark Gottfried's inability to attract more top players while playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference ultimately led his demise.

  • Lakers Shake-Up: Front Office Makes Way for Magic

    by USA TODAY Sports February 2017

    Jeanie Buss had been fed up for years. You could never tell by watching her in that familiar Staples Center courtside seat, the 55-year-old Los Angeles Lakers governor always smiling and entertaining her high-profile friends who would watch her beloved team lose almost every time. But behind the scenes, in those moments when she'd recount all the mistakes that her brother, Jim Buss, and longtime general manager, Mitch Kupchak, had made and wondered why her patience in them hadn't paid off, she was more and more ready to do this deed.