• Opinion: NFL Should Pay Cheerleaders a Decent Wage

    by Ventura County Star (California) December 2014

    Even the most devoted pro football fans will admit that there is an extraordinary amount of down time at a game, especially if the fan is watching it in person without the distractions of the TV commercials that sponsors pay the National Football League $6 billion a season to air.

  • WVU to Move Swiftly to Replace NCAA-Bound Oliver Luck


    Oliver Luck, who sat in the athletic director's chair at WVU for four years and seven months, will be the NCAA's executive vice president for regulatory affairs. Luck begins his new position Jan. 15.

  • Harbaugh to Become Highest Paid College Coach?

    by news wire service reports December 2014

    Michigan is apparently making a serious run at San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to fill its open coaching position, reportedly offering Harbaugh $8 million per year to coach the Wolverines.

  • Ex-Coach Cleared of Allegation of Playing Injured Athlete

    by Chris Thomas, Knoxvielle News-Sentinel December 2014

    Former Powell football coach John Allen was placed on administrative suspension from coaching with pay on Oct. 17 amid allegations that he "unnecessarily" placed students at risk of injury.

  • Sayreville AD Suspended Amid Hazing Investigation

    by Emily Attwood December 2014

    The Board of Education voted on Tuesday night to suspend the Sayreville High School athletic director amid an investigation into the hazing scandal involving its football program. The football team's season came to an abrupt and early end in October following allegations of harassment, bullying and sexual assault. 

    The board voted 8-0 to suspend athletic director John Kohutanycz with pay, effective December 17. The school's football coach, George Najjar, has been suspended since October, though four assistant coaches suspended at that time have been reinstated. 

    At Tuesday night's meeting, the board also approved the hiring of one of those assistant football coaches, Michael Novak, as the school's new strength coach, a position Najjar held until his suspension. The move was a controversial one among board members, some of whom felt that Novak should not have been considered for the position because of his connection to the football hazing investigation. Said one board member in a written statement, "I voted no on appointing Michael Novak as strength and conditioning coach because I don't believe that any of the football coaches should be returning to any coaching position at this time."

    Seven players have been charged as part of the ongoing investigation, though no coaches or administrators have faced charged.


  • Canadian Bridge Staffing Improves Bills Game Commute

    by Robert J. McCarthy News STAFF Reporter December 2014

    Canadian fans returning home from Sunday's Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium experienced their smoothest trip all season across the Peace Bridge, prompting fist bumps and high-fives from officials long seeking better efforts from customs officials in Fort Erie, Ont.

  • AD Reassigned as Iowa Braces for Her Partner's Lawsuit

    by Emily Attwood December 2014

    Pending a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by her partner, an athletic administrator for the University of Iowa has been reassigned. Jane Meyer, a senior associate athletic director, has been reassigned to the school’s facilities management office, where she will assist with construction contract quality and compliance. 

  • Coaches' Market: UT Gives $640K Raise to 11-13 Jones

    by John Adams December 2014

    Football coach Butch Jones has a record of 11-13 after two seasons at Tennessee. So UT athletic director Dave Hart gave him a $640,000 raise to $3.6 million a year.

  • Superintendent: Coach 'Simply Not Re-Applying' for Job

    by Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) December 2014

    Portland Superintendent of Schools Emmanuel Caulk on Wednesday responded to what he called "unfounded speculation and innuendo" surrounding the sudden departure of former Deering High School football coach Matthew Riddell.

  • Woman Charged with Looting Athletic Scholarship Fund

    by PATRICK VARINE December 2014

    A Murrysville woman is accused of making 24 transactions from two bank accounts between November 2013 and July.