• Ex-Notre Dame Coach Weis's Buyout Totals $18.97M

    by Laken Litman May 2017

    The final tab is in: Former Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis ended up receiving $18,967,960 from the university as a buyout for being fired in 2009. The amount of the final installment -- 2,054,742 for the 2015 calendar year -- was disclosed on Notre Dame's new federal tax return, which was released Monday. The filing did not mention this would be the end of Weis' payments the way the others did. Previous filings noted Weis was being paid through December 2015 as part of the termination agreement.

  • The Case for High School Strength Coach Hires

    by Paul Steinbach May 2017

    By the time student-athletes reach the collegiate level, most have gained some measure of elite status — even before a certified strength and conditioning coach has had a chance to assess their talents and influence their trajectory. But what about high school athletes? Physical maturity can vary greatly from ninth grade to 12th grade, or even within the same class of peers. Moreover, the difference in developmental rates between boys and girls ages 14 to 18 is pronounced, not to mention each gender's inherent physical differences.

  • Indiana Paid Search Firm $90K to Find Archie Miller

    by Zach Osterman May 2017

    Indiana University paid an Atlanta-based search firm at least $90,000 for its assistance during Indiana's hunt for a new men's basketball coach in March.

  • Richmond AD Resigns After Support Fades

    by John O'Connor May 2017

    Among some of the University of Richmond's most influential donors, confidence in athletics director Keith Gill eroded to the point that there was speculation he wouldn't return next school year. UR announced Gill's resignation Wednesday, after The Times-Dispatch reported that Gill would not return. Gill was named athletics director on Nov. 2, 2012, by Edward L. Ayers, then the school president. Gill, who began working at UR on Dec. 11, 2012, succeeded Jim Miller, who supervised Spiders athletics during 2000-2012. In a letter to athletics department staffers, Gill said his resignation is effective June 30.

  • Disney CEO Blames Cord-Cutters for ESPN Losses

    by Mike Snider May 2017

    Wall Street has been concerned about declining subscribers of ESPN, a jewel in Disney's portfolio and a key profit generator. ESPN is in nearly 88 million homes, down from more than 100 million homes six years ago.

  • Recreation Program in Jeopardy after Mass Resignation

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Every member of the Norton, Mass., parks and recreation commission has turned in their resignation after a budget override intended to augment the department’s resources failed to pass.

  • ESPN Layoffs Hit Staffers, On-Air Talent

    by Marisa Guthrie April 2017

    ESPN will shed 100 staffers, most of them on-air talent, as the network works to retrench in the wake of falling subscription revenue, increased rights fees and a more concerted focus on digital content.

  • Dolphins Use Psychologist to Evaluate Draft Prospects

    by Joe Schad April 2017

    In an effort to improve their chances of drafting a successful player, Miami has asked a Harvard-educated performance psychologist to interview more than 50 college prospects at the scouting combine in Indianapolis and the team's headquarters in Davie.

  • Bad Behavior, High Costs Contribute to Umpire Shortage

    by Jamie Sotonoff April 2017

    When Jeff Siegel was an 18-year-old baseball umpire in Morton Grove, a coach angry with a call he made started yelling at him. Then the coach grabbed Siegel by the arms and shoved him. Police were called to the ballfield, and the coach was arrested. The charges ultimately were dropped, and Siegel continued working as an umpire. "He had to go to court, and that was enough for me," Siegel said. "It made me stronger as an umpire."

  • Fired HS Baseball Coach Claims Age Discrimination

    by Kathianne Boniello and Laura Italiano March 2017

    Rich Smith, 74, began as an assistant coach for the high-school team back in 1967 and was promoted to head coach six years later. He is so well regarded that more than 13,600 people have signed an online petition urging his reinstatement, with many of them saying he fell victim to kids miffed over sitting out games.