• Basketball Players Back JV Coach at Board Meeting

    by Stephanie Hacke November 2014

    More than a dozen Baldwin High School junior varsity basketball players stood together Wednesday night to support a coach they say has helped them more than just on the court.

  • Foes of Paterno Firing Play Role in Corbett Defeat

    by Angela Couloumbis; Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau November 2014

    Throughout the day yesterday, members of a group called Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship donned PSU gear and went to the polls to vote against Gov. Corbett.

  • Hiring College Coaches Has Become Cloak and Dagger

    by Nicole Auerbach, @NicoleAuerbach, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    Those involved in hirings and firings -- from coaching and athletics director standpoints -- have seen the etiquette involved in these processes change drastically in the last 15 years or so, and they can list many of the reasons why.

  • Fired Iowa Coach Had Undisclosed Relationship with AD

    by Wire Reports October 2014

    The relationship between senior associate athletics director Jane Meyer and coach Tracey Griesbaum has come under scrutiny following Griesbaum's firing in August over allegations of player mistreatment.

  • HS Volunteer Accused of Asking Teens to Skinny Dip

    by Nikie Mayo 864-622-1708 October 2014

    A volunteer who worked at Belton-Honea Path High School football games has been accused of encouraging teenage girls to skinny dip with him.

  • Columnist: Time for UNC's Williams to Take Some Heat

    by Mark Wiedmer October 2014

    Note to Tar Heel alums and fans the world over: When your problems have risen to No. 2 on SNL's Weekend Update list, you know you're in a heap of public relations trouble.

  • Nine Employees Facing Discipline in UNC Scandal

    by LAURA OLENIACZ; 919-419-6636 October 2014

    NC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said that nine people implicated in the investigation would either face termination or disciplinary action. As of Wednesday, the university was proceeding with four terminations.

  • Opinion: District Flunks Watermelon-Gate Logic Test

    by Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) October 2014

    The scene from a Charleston County School District investigation that cost too much time and Bud Walpole s job took place inside a closed-door Academic Magnet High School classroom last Thursday, according to a student involved. CCSD investigator: Did you fondle the watermelon? Academic Magnet High School football player: Did you just say ... fondle?

  • Public-Private Board to Oversee Park Near Vikings Stadium

    by ERIC ROPER; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) October 2014

    Cities across the country have turned to private entities to manage and oversee programming for urban parks, but the model would be a first-of-its-kind on a large scale in the Twin Cities.

  • Bus Driver Shortage Puts Custodians on Sports Trips

    by DONNA PERRY, Staff Writer October 2014

    Regional School Unit 9 has a shortage of bus drivers, but it is not the only school district needing help. The problem is statewide, David Leavitt, director of support services, said.