• Other NFL Players Fill Kaepernick's Protest Void

    by Jarrett Bell August 2017

    The protests of Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett and Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch served notice that the NFL can't distance itself from the nation's social turmoil by refusing to give Kaepernick an opportunity.

  • Gym’s Police and Military Ban Sparks Online Controversy

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    EAV Barbell Club in East Atlanta Village has been the recipient of hate mail and death threats since owner Jim Chambers posted an image of his hand-written gym policy to Instagram.

  • Opinion: Softball Team's Behavior Merited Punishment

    by Michael Williams August 2017

    When I learned that the unbeaten Atlee Little League softball team was suspended from the Junior League World Series over a social media post, my first thought was...

  • Haircuts Lead to Accusations for Girls' Soccer Team

    by Maddie Koss August 2017

    Madison 56ers coach Molly Duffy says an opposing coach suggested she had boys playing on her team after players cut their hair short to emulate some of their favorite soccer players.

  • Softball Team Nixed from Series Over Snapchat Pic

    by Andy Berg August 2017

    An undefeated record meant nothing for a little league softball team that fell short in the sportsmanship game.

    Atlee Little League softball was headed to the Junior League World Series until they were disqualified after a few members of the team posted a Snapchat photo of themselves giving the middle finger to their competitors – Kirkland American Little League from Washington.  

    According to a report from Huffington Post, the Little League International Tournament Committee made their decision just hours before Atlee was supposed to take the field in the world series.

    Little League spokesman Kevin Fountain said the picture violated the organization’s policies, “regarding unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate use of social media, and the high standard that Little League International holds for all its participants.”

    Kirkland, the team Atlee beat to advance, will take Atlee’s place in the Junior World Series. 

    Chris Mardigian, head coach for Atlee, told RVA Sports Network that the girls in the photo were responding to harassment they’d endured from Kirkland during the tournament they’d been playing in. A Kirkland baserunner was ejected for stealing signals from the Atlee team and giving them to their batter.

    A Kirkland coach was also ejected from the game, the Times-Dispatch reported.

  • Opinion: League Overreacted to Youth Team's Post

    by Paul Woody August 2017

    Teenagers say and do inappropriate things. It's unavoidable. What matters is how adults react.

  • Clemson Football Boasts Most Twitter Followers

    by Scott Keepfer July 2017

    Early this past Thursday, the Clemson football Twitter account - @ClemsonFB - notched its 709,725th follower, surpassing the University of Michigan and making the account the most followed in college football.

  • Fans React to the ‘Largest Little Caesar in the World’

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    On Tuesday, the Detroit Red Wings posted aerial photos to the team Twitter and Facebook pages showing the progress of a 243-foot-tall Little Caesars logo being painted on the roof of the new arena — making it the “largest Little Caesar in the world,” according to the post.

  • Philips Arena Amenities Target Easily Bored Millennials

    by Steve Hummer July 2017

    The $190 million Philips Arena renovation will include all sorts of shiny objects that have nothing to do with the Hawks

  • NFL Hall of Famer Sapp to Donate Brain to Research

    by The Salt Lake Tribune June 2017

    Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp announced on social media Tuesday that his brain will go to the Concussion Legacy Foundation after his death.