• Browns' Crowell Apologizes for Instagram Post

    by AB Staff July 2016

    Isaiah Crowell took another big step Tuesday by telephoning Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and apologizing for an Instagram post showing an illustration of a police officer having his throat slashed by a hooded figure.

  • Texas District to Offer Online Ticketing Portal

    by Len Hayward June 2016

    Standing in a line for tickets to an important high school football game is almost a rite of passage in Texas. Now purchasing those football tickets has become easier for fans and parents of Corpus Christi ISD teams, and will not require standing in line. The district launched an online portal for purchasing season tickets Tuesday, adding CCISD to the growing number of Texas districts using the technology. The portal also will be used to purchase individual game tickets, beginning Aug. 1 Fans can go to the athletic office on Saratoga Boulevard to purchase tickets but now have the option not to make that drive.

  • NFL's Twitter Hacked, Goodell Falsely Proclaimed Dead

    by Nancy Armour June 2016

    The best measure of a person is the reaction when he or she dies. In that case, Roger Goodell, you have some work to do. The NFL commissioner was only "dead" for a few minutes Tuesday, not long enough for the heartfelt tributes and praise to start pouring in. And maybe the dark humor shown over his "demise" -- his Wikipedia page was briefly changed and the cause of death listed as "deflated lungs" -- was because people knew he wasn't, in fact, dead.

  • Philly Is First City to Photograph Its Parks for Google

    by Aubrey Whelan; Staff Writer May 2016

    The job listing on Philadelphia's Parks and Recreation website said the position required the ability to lift heavy weights - and the willingness to walk, for miles, through every park in the city, day in and day out, for six months.

  • Opinion: A&M Assistant Coach's Twitter Rant Unbecoming

    by Nancy Armour May 2016

    Immaturity cost Texas A&M big. A flurry of tweets by an Aggies assistant so pointed, so personal -- so petty -- that it caused another player to decommit and a third to scratch Texas A&M off his list of possible schools

  • Mistaken Baseball Internship Posting Leads to Backlash

    by Todd D. Milewski May 2016

    An internship listing for the Madison Mallards summer collegiate baseball team went viral on Sunday, and the backlash was heavy against the club. It was all a mistake, according to the team. A Twitter user posted a screenshot of a posting for the Mallards' radio play-by-play role, highlighting that the position - which also includes media relations duties and acting as the team's traveling secretary - was an unpaid internship. Within hours, the post had generated social media outrage and at least one blog post criticizing the Mallards for not paying someone who's expected to work long hours from May to mid-August.

  • Tunsil Tumbles in Draft After Twitter Video Emerges

    by Lindsay H. Jones April 2016

    Three weeks ago, Laremy Tunsil was the likely No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Thursday, he suffered one of the biggest and most bizarre falls down the draft board in recent history, after a video of him wearing a gas mask and smoking a bong was posted on his verified Twitter account just before the start of the draft. The video -- and the entire Twitter account -- were quickly deleted, but the damage was done.

  • Detroit Pistons Keep Fans Updated with Real-Time Email

    by Stuart Goldman April 2016

    The NBA regular season is coming to a close this week, but Detroit Pistons fans are among those looking forward to the playoffs.

    And just as they have for most of the season, the Pistons will keep their fans updated during home playoff games thanks to real-time email, which updates fans with live scores and statistics.

  • Social Media's Role in Crisis Management

    by Vivian Marinelli February 2016

    It is difficult these days to find someone not on some form of social media — especially during sports and entertainment events. The 2014 World Cup final holds the record for the most tweets per second with 9,667. The game took more than three hours to complete, accumulating more than 100 million tweets.

  • Student-Athlete Given Five-Game Suspension for Tweet

    by Takara Scott-Johnston January 2016

    Hilbert (Wis.) High School basketball player April Gehl has been suspended for five basketball games for a tweet, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent.