• Cubs Sue 'Unofficial Mascot' Over YouTube Bar Brawl

    by The Associated Press July 2014

    The Chicago Cubs have filed a lawsuit against several people whom the team accuses of being behind a fake mascot that has been engaging in bad behavior near Wrigley Field, including getting into a bar fight that was captured on video and posted online.

  • Mississippi State, K-State Set Up Football Series via Twitter

    by Michael Gaio July 2014

    Mississippi State's Scott Stricklin and Kansas State's John Currie gave new meaning to social networking on Friday. In what might be a Twitter first, the two athletic directors agreed to a home-and-home football series using the social network.

  • Angry Minority Destroying Social Media

    by Dennis Van Milligen July 2014

    Popular AB contributor Chris Yandle, assistant AD for communications at the University of Miami, wrote a great post for our website in May about our collective love/hate relationship with social media.

  • Fundraising Website Launch Includes GSU Renderings

    by Doug Roberson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2014

    Georgia State debuted a website for its Panther Athletic Club, which included new renderings of facilities it hopes to build. The website,, had been under construction for six months.

  • Introducing Endurance Sports Events to Digital Media

    by Diane Mastrull; Inquirer Columnist July 2014

    As triathletes, one professionally in the past and the other because she's clearly a glutton for torture in her free time, Holden Comeau and Jayme Anne Goldberg have an informed perspective on endurance sports. And not just that they are brutal. The two noticed a costly deficiency: Events managers were not using online video advertising. That meant they were seriously limiting outreach to potential participants and sponsorship revenue, Comeau and Goldberg said.

  • Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

    by Chris Yandle June 2014

    Is social media making us anti-social? The answer is complicated.

  • Rec Facilities Survey Fails to Ask What Residents Want

    by SCOTT TAYLOR, SCOTT TAYLOR, Staff Writer June 2014

    A survey of fields, courts and gymnasiums is the first step toward figuring out what recreation facilities the city needs, Mayor Jonathan LaBonte told city councilors Monday.

  • How To Deal With Negativity on Social Media

    by Chris Yandle May 2014

    I hate that I’m addicted to Twitter. There, I said it. It’s already bad enough that there are moments (a lot of moments) that my wife will hide my iPhone so I can’t check Twitter.

  • Twitter Can Prove Toxic When Players, Fans Exchange

    by TYLER DUNNE Packer Plus writer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Packer Plus (Milwaukee, WI) May 2014

    The moment a kick is missed, a pass is dropped, a tackle is whiffed is only the beginning. A football stadium is a safe haven. Players don't hear foul language from the student section. They can mute wrath from afar. No, in 2014, blood boils when 21-, 22-year old athletes turn on their cellphone in the locker room. After sifting through all "keep your chin up" text messages from moms and girlfriends, many inevitably tap open their Twitter accounts.

  • New UMaine Basketball Coach Engages Via Social Media

    by Pete Warner BDN Staff May 2014

    Bob Walsh appears to be a bit of a philosopher. He actively seeks out ideas that might help him improve his own life or those of the people with whom he interacts, and he's eager to share those concepts. Walsh on Wednesday was named the new men's basketball coach at the University of Maine.