• Arena Football Team Lets Fans Call Shots

    by Joseph Coles February 2017

    As the 16 players on the field take a break in between plays at their first practice together, the nearly 20 observers in the stands — comprising mainly team executives and media members — are glued to their phones. This isn't just another case of people looking for something to keep them entertained during breaks in play, because what people are tapping on their phones right now will have an actual, tangible impact on the game unfolding in front of them. Since the beginning of sport, fans have analyzed the games, studied the rosters, and second-guessed the coaches, but fans had no control over the game.

  • Fans React to Chargers' Move

    by Michael J. Williams and Laurie Lucas January 2017

    Unlike many fans who feel deserted by their beloved team, Kevin Serrano said he will remain a season-ticket holder, while missing the camaraderie of Loge 24, where he enjoyed so many Sundays with his mother, family and friends.

  • Brown Could Be Fined for Facebook Live Video

    by The Buffalo News January 2017

    Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had strong words for Antonio Brown, calling him "foolish," "selfish" and "inconsiderate" and threatened swift punishment for his star receiver after a postgame video from the locker room in Kansas City was broadcast on Facebook.

  • Planet Fitness Anti-Bullying Initiative $1M Success

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    In 2016, Planet Fitness raised more than $1 million for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and STOMP Out Bullying through the success of their November membership sale. Proceeds went toward tolerance training and encouraging body-positivity imaging inside fitness venues.

  • Opinion: Fans Pay Price for Resting NBA Stars

    by Mark Whicker January 2017

    Vin Scully told us this would happen. "I really think that I will live to see the day in which a player makes so much money that he hires someone to play the games for him," he said nine years ago. He thought he was joking.

  • Outside Pressure Mounted for Minnesota to Fire Claeys

    by Mary Lynn Smith January 2017

    Activists calling for the termination of Gophers football coach Tracy Claeys rally outside the university's Morrill Hall.

  • Still Unclear How Protestors Got into U.S. Bank Stadium

    by Rochelle Olson January 2017

    The high-flying protesters who flouted U.S. Bank Stadium security at the last Minnesota Vikings game of the season got out of jail without charges Monday, while those responsible for protecting the $1.1 billion structure had little to say about how the trio pulled off the stunt.

  • More Men’s Teams Suspended for Online Commentary

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    The Princeton men’s swimming and diving team and the men’s soccer team at Washington University in St. Louis have joined the ranks of men’s teams facing suspension after reports were made alleging their participation in public comments and actions of a sexist or racist nature.

  • Va. Tech AD Admits Role in Wakey Leaks Scandal

    by Spokesman Review December 2016

    Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock has confirmed that a former assistant coach-turned-broadcaster at Wake Forest provided a former Hokies assistant with "some game plan information" in 2014.

  • Wake QB's Dad: Did Leaks Put My Son in Danger?

    by Josh Peter December 2016

    "It's just insane," Robert Wolford told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. "It did put John potentially in danger of getting hurt. He's not a big quarterback, and there's no question he's been battered all three years there."