Experiencing weather between 70 and 80 degrees on Friday, some Philadelphia residents were not able to enjoy one city-owned pool. Three children were reportedly shocked by an electrical current running through the water, prompting O'Connor Pool to be shut down temporarily. 

Firefighters were dispatched to the location (2601 South Street) shortly after 1:15 p.m, with the responders cutting the electricity to the pool and notifying the Fire Marshal's Office and the Department of Licenses & Inspections. Additionally, officials from PECO, the largest electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania, and the Department of Parks and Recreation were present at the pool. The three children were rushed to the city's Children's Hospital, and while their exact conditions weren't known, their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. 

"We’re currently investigating the cause of the electrical current,” Philadelphia Fire Executive Chief Peter Crespo said. “Obviously, pools have filtration systems, pumps, and there is lighting surrounding the pool for nighttime activities and for security reasons.”

As the investigation got underway, the pool was closed was closed for the duration of the afternoon and there has been no word as to when the pool will welcome back the public.