• House Democrats Question Youth Football Safety Efforts

    by Ben Nuckols October 2017

    After hearing from brain trauma researchers who said playing football at a young age is unsafe even for kids who don't suffer obvious injuries, members of Congress on Tuesday asked the nation's governing body for the sport's amateurs to detail efforts to make the game safer for children.

  • Helmet-Maker Vows Fight Against Hernandez Lawsuit

    by The Gazette October 2017

    Football helmet maker Riddell says it intends to vigorously defend its products and its reputation against concussion-related lawsuits...

  • Football Player, 14, in Induced Coma After Head Injury

    by Colin Warren-Hicks and Tammy Grubb October 2017

    Thys Oldenburg, 14, was injured upon being tackled during a junior varsity game Thursday against Hillside High School.

  • Fires Keep Exercisers Indoors, Fit Classes Raise Support

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    The Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness announced Thursday that it will cancel this year’s events — including the Twin Peaks Mile and the SF Bay Half Marathon — scheduled for October 14 and 15 in San Francisco due to poor air quality, widespread public health concerns and resource re-allocation as a result of wildfires in the area.

  • Moles, Skunks Force High School Football Move

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    A high school football team is being forced out of its home field by an inundation of varmints.

  • Opinion: PEDs to Blame for Surge in NFL Injuries

    by Doug Robinson October 2017

    The National Football League continues to tweak its rules in an effort to curb injuries, and yet the injuries keep coming...

  • Michigan Passes Concussion Protocol Update

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    As the concerns about head injuries continue to swirl around youth sports, legislatures are taking a look at concussion protocols at the state level.

  • Teens Propose Radical Concussion Protocol Bill

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    A pair of students in Naperville have written a bill that would set concussion protocol for high school athletes.

  • College Football Player's Death Listed as Natural Causes

    by Linda Hall October 2017

    College of Wooster football player Clayton Geib died of natural causes, according to his death certificate. Geib’s death certificate, filed with the Wayne County Health Department, contains additional information about contributing factors, which Wayne County Coroner Amy Jolliff interpreted when asked by The Daily Record.

  • Heat Stroke Death Raises Concerns for Community

    by Seth Soffian October 2017

    At some unknown interval after Riverdale High School football player Zachary Martin-Polsenberg collapsed at the end of an offseason practice on June 29 due to heat stroke, his head coach called 911.