• College Football Player's Death Listed as Natural Causes

    by Linda Hall October 2017

    College of Wooster football player Clayton Geib died of natural causes, according to his death certificate. Geib’s death certificate, filed with the Wayne County Health Department, contains additional information about contributing factors, which Wayne County Coroner Amy Jolliff interpreted when asked by The Daily Record.

  • Heat Stroke Death Raises Concerns for Community

    by Seth Soffian October 2017

    At some unknown interval after Riverdale High School football player Zachary Martin-Polsenberg collapsed at the end of an offseason practice on June 29 due to heat stroke, his head coach called 911.

  • Be Alert for Sports-Related Infections in Kids

    by Arizona Daily Star October 2017

    Organized sports provide a wide range of benefits for children and teens. But there's a risk of infections if certain safety measures aren't followed, a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns.

  • Nearly 250 NFL Players Diagnosed with Concussions Last Year

    by Jay Skurski September 2017

    Concussion protocol in the NFL can be a lonely place. "Rest and recovery" is the first stage, and involves staying away from the team until his signs and symptoms are gone...

  • Players Mixed on Testing for CTE in Living Patients

    by Adam Kurkjian September 2017

    When researchers at Boston 
University announced yesterday that they may have found a way to detect chronic traumatic encephalopathy...

  • Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Teen Athletes Report Having Concussion

    by Delthia Ricks September 2017

    Nearly 1 in 5 teenagers who participate in sports have been diagnosed at least once with a concussion, medical investigators reported Tuesday.

  • Coach, Principal, AD Reassigned Amid Hazing Scandal

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    In a public statement Friday, the Chandler Unified School District announced that three administrators have been reassigned from Hamilton High School as an investigation continues into allegations that the men had knowledge of incidents of hazing involving physical and sexual assault and failed to inform authorities.

  • Forced-Splits Investigation: Administrators Step Down

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    On Friday, Denver Public Schools superintendent Tom Boasberg released the findings of a legal investigation into the administration and cheerleading program at Denver East High School.

  • UConn to Study Impact of Heat on Athletes

    by Pat Eaton-Robb September 2017

    Douglas Casa acknowledges his new heat laboratory at the University of Connecticut's Korey Stringer Institute could be viewed by some as a torture chamber.

  • High-Intensity Training Poses Rhabdo Risk

    by Steve Dorfman September 2017

    To be sure, plenty of athletes and fitness enthusiasts follow a hard-core credo — especially when doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). But pushing oneself too hard can have dire consequences — even if you're in excellent shape.