• HS Freshman Dies After Football Workout

    by Jason Scott July 2017

    High school football teams around the country are beginning offseason workouts, and inevitably some of those workouts take tragic turns.

  • Rhabdomyolysis More Common as Workouts Intensify

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Rhabdomyolysis, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition that can be a side effect of extreme exercise, is not a new discovery. Hundreds of documented cases appear among those in demanding professions, such as firefighters and the armed forces. Occasionally, college athletes are diagnosed after a grueling workout.

  • States Mandate Face Masks in High School Softball

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    The Missouri State High School Activities Association has updated the softball manual for the 2017 season with a new mandate that all pitchers wear a protective mask during play.

  • Montana Governor Signs Youth Concussion Bill

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Montana Governor Steve Bullock on Monday signed into law House Bill 487, which was approved by the state Legislature earlier this year, in an effort to expand the protection of young athletes.

  • MSU Doctor Accused of Child Exploitation to Plead Guilty

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar has signed a deal agreeing to plead guilty to three federal charges relating to child pornography.

    Here is a short timeline of events leading up to the deal:

  • Coach Charged with Assault Tested Positive for HIV

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    A former teacher’s aide and track coach was arrested Friday in Charles County, Md., on two counts of sexual assault and three charges of producing child pornography.

  • Tuberculosis Diagnosis at Vallejo 24 Hour Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Patrons of a 24 Hour Fitness in Vallejo, Calif., were notified Thursday in a letter from the Solano County Health Department of a potential exposure to tuberculosis.

  • Tennessee Pioneers Safety Rating for Youth Leagues

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    This week, Vanderbilt University in Nashville partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to develop the nation’s first statewide safety rating for youth sports.

  • Big East Hosts Inaugural Mental Health Summit

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    On June 15-16, the Big East Conference, in partnership with the NCAA, held its inaugural Mental Health Summit at Georgetown University.

  • $9M Claims Announced in NFL Concussion Settlement

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    The first two claims have been announced in the NFL’s billion-dollar concussion settlement, totaling $9 million in benefits, according to ESPN.