Residents in Connecticut are being warned about an increasingly familiar youth sports scam. 

Police in Vernon, Conn., cautioned area residents that an out-of-state business has been calling local businesses claiming that it is raising funds on behalf of Rockville Athletics, though it hasn’t been authorized to do so. 

According to the Fairfield Daily News, police said that business did not have permission from the school district to raise the funds and the school had not received any of the funds that had been collected. 

Police said that several local businesses had already sent checks to the business. The solicitor also recently mailed the school a small number of low-quality printed t-shirts with the school logo and advertisements for the donors.

The school had not requested the t-shirts nor did it give permission for them to be printed on behalf of Vernon Public Schools.

“Police are warning residents and businesses to use caution when responding to solicitation requests,” investigators noted. “Before donating, police recommend you take steps to ensure the solicitor is authorized to collect on behalf of the organization. Only make checks out to the organization you are donating to and mail them to an official address.”

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.