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Buyers Guide: Aacer Flooring

Aacer Flooring
970 Ogden Road
Peshtigo, WI 54157

Phone: (715) 582-1181
Toll-free: (877) 582-1181
Fax: (715) 582-1182

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Aacer Sports Flooring, a MFMA Member Mill, is a leading manufacturer of high performance hardwood flooring and sub-floor systems for the sports and recreational industry.  Athletes of all ages and levels around the world practice and play on Aacer’s flooring.    
All wood is milled and graded to a high standard in Aacer’s 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Peshtigo, WI.  Aacer prides themselves on delivering product that is consistent and of superior quality ultimately allowing for easy installation.  Aacer’s sport floors continue to receive high marks for vibration reduction, shock absorption, flooring resiliency, moisture resistance and dead-spot elimination.  In addition to hardwood, Aacer also supplies synthetic flooring in a variety of textures, colors and gauges to fit your project needs and budget.

Categories listed in:

  • Gymnasiums
    Aacer, a MFMA Certified Mill, offers a comprehensive line of high-performance maple hardwood flooring systems. Aacer’s systems are safe and suitable for athletes of all ages and skills.
  • Stage/Dance & Aerobic
    On stage, Aacer’s northern hardwood flooring performs well and is beautiful. In addition to the stage setting, Aacer systems make for a comfortable dance & aerobic floor.
  • Collegiate Rec Centers
    High performance. Safety. Shock absorption. Resiliency. Dead-spot elimination. These are a few of the reasons Aacer is preferred for collegiate rec centers and practice courts.
  • Multipurpose Facilities/Running Tracks
    MP Sport™ is Aacer’s multisport, seamless urethane, pad-and-pour athletic floor system. Long life, low maintenance and design options make it perfect for multi-purpose and indoor track facilities.
  • Weight Rooms
    Aacer offers several synthetic products that are ideal for weight rooms and other high-activity, high-impact areas. Available in: rolls, interlocking and square edge tiles.
  • International
    Aacer Sports Flooring’s hardwood maple flooring can be found worldwide. Aacer is a member of FIBA, World Squash Federation and Badminton World Federation.