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Bona US
24 Inverness Place E.
Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: (303) 371-1411
Toll-free: (800) 872-5515
Fax: (303) 371-6958

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Minimize risk in finishing for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, aerobics, or any hardwood sport floor with products designed to work as a team at each step of the process. Bona Sport systems consistently produce championship appearance and performance for high schools, colleges and professional arenas across North America.
For more information visit www.bona.com.

Categories listed in:

  • SuperSport HD
    The top sport finish for durability and appearance. A premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish. Specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors, providing a tough, high-build urethane finish.
  • SuperSport DTS
    Bona SuperSport™ DTS is a specially formulated waterborne sanding sealer for use with all Bona waterborne sport finishes. Bona SuperSport DTS seals the wood; develops a deep natural tone, vibrant look; abrades easily; and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface.
  • Sport Poly
    Premium quality, oil-modified polyurethane gloss developed specifically for the sport wood floor market. Provides an extremely tough, high build gloss finish with excellent chemical resistance to protect against perspiration and routine cleaning. Light amber color enhances natural color of the wood. Meets federal and most state clean air quality standards and is MFMA approved.
  • Courtlines® Paint
    Courtlines® is a high-solids, fast-drying, solvent-based graphic arts sport paint, manufactured specifically for use with both waterborne and oil-modified sport floor sealers and finishes. Available in fifteen vibrant primary colors, all Courtlines® paints are blendable to achieve an endless array of custom colors. A low viscosity formula with excellent flow and levelling.
  • FlexiSand DCS Buffer
    Engineered for performance, convenience, durability, unequaled power, superb balance and superior dust pick-up. The new low deck design combined with the adjustable illuminator light make working in hard-to reach places easier than ever before. In addition, the FlexiSand has a unique adjustable handle. The push button activated handle is easy to use and is adjustable to meet the needs of any user. When operated with one of Bona’s DCS® systems, the FlexiSand is virtually dust free, meaning healthier working conditions for you, and better finish results leading to complete satisfaction of your customers.
  • Diamond Abrasive Discs
    Bona Diamond Abrasives give you the assurance of a consistent scratch pattern across the entire floor leaving the best surface possible for optimal adhesion.