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Putterman Athletics
815 W. Van Buren St.
Suite 520
Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (773) 927-4120
Toll-free: (800) 621-0146
Fax: (773) 650-6046

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Putterman Athletics does it all and does it better when it comes to Gym Floor Cover Systems.  In fact, as the leader of Gym Floor Cover fabrication for over 40 years, the name Putterman has become synonymous with durability and quality.  Adding a FloorGard Gym Floor Cover will protect your flooring, reduce maintenance costs, and turn your gymnasium into a multi-use facility.

Putterman offers a full line of Gym Floor Covers and Gymnasium products to fit any facility and any budget.  They also offer a full line of manufactured athletic and industrial products.

Categories listed in:

  • FloorGard Premium
    Gym Floor Covers made from coated vinyl producing a higher quality product that is much more durable and comes with a longer warranty. Available in: 18oz, 21oz, 26oz with a variety of colors.
  • FloorGard
    The most common and economical Gym Floor Cover made from laminated vinyl. These covers contain more coating on the top for durability and less on the bottom for better floor grip. Available in: 22oz, 27oz, 32oz with a variety of colors.
  • TileGard
    The top layer is a carpet material, which transforms your gymnasium into a Concert Hall, Convention Center, or other multi-use venue. TileGard frees you from the threat of damage to your gym floor. It is the easiest cover to install and handle.
  • EnviroGard
    A carpet-like cover made from 100% recycled materials. EnviroGard is durable, attractive, easy to use, and performs acoustically like carpet.
  • SideGard
    Gym floor protection during the game. A durable, non-slip runner made from 100% recycled materials. SideGard is easy to clean, easy to store, and provides a cost-effective solution for your sidelines. Putterman also offers a logo option on SideGard.
  • Windscreen
    Putterman Athletics is the leading manufacturer of windscreen and privacy screen. Putterman’s featured windscreen and privacy screen product, Tenn-Air™ Pro, is durable and built to last.